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April 25, 2014


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Hi Simon,
Is it true that the order of ielts exam has changed?
I've heard first component is writing then reading and listening is at the end ???

Dear simon,

Very useful tips! I will certainly practise it for my Speaking part 1 :)Your online lessons are always useful! They help me to improve my skills for tackling the writing and speaking test from 6.0 to 7.0!! I'll keep on trying to get all band 7 in one sitting in order to meet my conditional offer. :)

I found it difficult to talk about a person in part 2 and 3 of the speaking test. In my last attempt I got a question like this: describe an intelligent person you know. I could hardly recall a story or an incident to talk about. It was even more challenging in part 3 as I have to express my view on whether intelligent = successful and some topics related to intelligence and society.

It seems that I easily got stuck with topics about people. Could you give me some advice?
Thank you very much.

Hi Simon, thanks for your useful samples!
I've read some comments that we should not say "you know" in speaking, is it right or wrong?
Many thanks.

Speaking Exam

few of the questions from part 1:

is culture has some relation to time management?

who cook food at your home

do you like to cook food??why ??why ?? n why??

children like to cook food or not?if not why if yes why ...

few questions on daily routine...do people get bore by same routine?? why and just why??

cue card:
Time when you was busy

speaking part 3:

why time management is necessary?? why and so on

is traditional people's daily routine depend on time ? why and difference from the modern people??

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Dear All,

Here are my sample answers to today’s questions.
These are actually not the things I would say in the real test, but I just pretended to be a student in Taiwan. Hope you guys can find them useful to build your own answers.

1. I’m from Kaohsiung, which is a metropolitan city located in the southern part of Taiwan.

2. Yes, I think the nicest thing about Kaohsiung is its people. Everyone is so friendly to each other and you can really enjoy the atmosphere of a warm city.

3. Probably not for the moment. I have my family and best friends over there and I wish to contribute to my hometown after I obtain my master’s degree in the UK.

4. Yes, I guess so. Kaohsiung has lots of nice schools with modern facilities. Young people can also enjoy the different cultural attractions, such as museums, theaters, as well as public libraries.



Are the examniner going to tell us the subject of the talk because in the question 1, I think many will answer with their home country. I don't know if there is any problem with such answer.


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Thank you Simon for your wonderful tips and lessons. I've got 8.0 overall (L:9, R:9, W:7, S:7.5) and that's my first time taking the test! So thanks a lot and I recommend this site to anyone who is preparing for the IELTS test.

Hi Simon
hi Martin

is it OK to say:-

I'm for Istanbul but currently I live in Ankara..???

Hi Mustafa,

You should say "I'm from Istanbul and currently living in Ankara" or "I'm from Istanbul and have been living in Ankara for XX years."

Hello Simon.

I want to ask u a question about speaking test part 2.
My friend have been asked in IELTS exam on 12nd of April: "which drug do u use everyday?"
-which drug is it?
-why u use it?
-how it affects?

if i'd have been asked this question, i couldn't answer. And i'd like to answer that: "i don't use any drug everyday.. blah-blah". i'm afraid i would not get a satisfied score.
Can u answer this question? Or, do u have any related question that u answered, can u share?
Thanks in advance, Simon.

Well, these answers are very short and there is no redundant language at all. I would not say that such style is appropriate if one aims to get more than 6.

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Correction !!

Hi guys I have exam on 10 of May
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Hi Ilya,

You can't get a high score from part 1 - it's supposed to be easy. If you want to get a score of 7 or higher, it will depend on your answers in parts 2 and 3.

Hi Ilya,

As Simon said, you won't get band 7+ by only answering Part1 questions perfectly.

Part1 is supposed to be easy and serves as a warm-up, so you should just relax and give short and precise answers. This is also the chance to get used to the examiner, and hopefully you can build enough confidence for the rest of the exam.

Good luck!


intelligent person you know? i meet a lot of people in my life but last 4 years i study in college. Rahul is my best friends. he is very intelligent person. He is monitored of the class.rahul always get a maximum marks in exam and final year of bcom he's a topper of my college and one of the foreign company offers jobs to him he accept offer then he go usa now a days he's a very successful businessman. He achieved his goal. Two months ago he meet me in india at one business seminar at my surat city.in this seminar he give a presentation related with business. Rahul share some tips with business worker how you get success in business then after that everybody appreciate him.after presentations people get good knowledge and everyone like this presentation. this seminar proffered how he intelligent.

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Iran, Yes . Order of the test has changed.
Writing , followed by reading and then listening in the end.

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