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April 10, 2014


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It is a class of 10-year-olds (or "10-year-old children").

Is the "s" at the end of word old correct?

Hi Simon,
I am going to take the IELTS exam this Saturday...It is the first time for me and I am a little bit anxious about this... But everyone has to face what they are afraid of. So maybe I should just be confident and brave and try my best :)
I just found your website recently, like a week ago. But I've already read all the essays on it and it truly helped me with my writing. Thank you.
I found that you've been doing this for almost five years. I never did anything for such a long time:(
But I hope one day I'll become a good teacher just like you. Even though I currently can't afford to study in the UK, I still hope that I will go to Manchester some day and meet the person who gave me so much support and help.
Thanks again.

Best regards.

Huizhu :)

It's correct, Aria. We have 's' for plural because in the sentence, '10-year-old' functions as a noun.
Btw, i've never seen any mistakes in any Simon's lessons. Thank you Simon for great things you've done for us.

I found this site is very helpful and I'm gong to kill ielts exam after few days so if anyone interestedto talk with me so they are welcome
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Hi Simon!
Thank you for your all posting:)
It is very hepful for studying ielts on my own.
I am struggling with writing and reading part of ielts although I need to 6 score in each part, but I got only 5.5 on those sections.
I am so trying to hard work now and my test will be in 2 weeks later.
If you guys give any advise for me, anything would be very useful!
Thank you all!

Hi Simon,
I love your lessons because its logical and easy to understand. appreciated


Please can you tell me how can i write the introduction of this prompt
A graph shows the number of male and female of different age groups employed in eurpeon country in year 2013 . The figure is given in people per thousand

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