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April 03, 2014


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Thank you!

Hi everyone, I have written task 1 from Cambridge 6 plz comment on it. I always struggle with table chart.

The table shows average distance in miles travelled per person per year in England in terms of modes of transport over a period of 15 years.

It is noticeable that,British people travelled more miles by car than any other form of transport over a shown period on the chart, whereas fewer miles travelled on a bicycle,long distance bus and taxi overall.

The number of people who travelled by car increased dramatically from 3,199 miles to 4,806 miles per person per year between 1985 and 2000 , a rise of around 1,607 miles in 15 year. By contrast,the number of people who travelled by local bus dropped significantly from 429 miles to 274 miles per person per year in 2000.

On average , all modes of transport saw an dramatic increase around 1700 miles travelled per person per year between 1985 and 2000, whereas people who walked and ride on a bicycle saw a drop in miles per person per year from 255 miles and 51 miles in 1985 to 237, and 41 miles in 2000 respectively. The figures for people who travelled by train went up from 289 miles to 366 miles per person per year at the same time.

plz ignore it 237, in 2nd last line.

Hi everyone
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Hi simon

Thank you for your fantastic lesson!
You can say that again. To some extent, I think that describing diagrams or maps is easier than graphs.

Here's another question for you. As an examiner, what kind of situation would you suggest your student to apply for the score rechecking?
I haven't tried it yet because I know the fee for rechecking is costly so that it's hard to decide whether it is worth.
Additionally, how big is the possibility for changing the original score?

Thank you!

Hi Simon

This is something irrelevant to IELTS but still, I think I should let you know that I came across this sort of rip-off of your blog: http://www.ielts-house.com/index.aspx?siteid=83&pageid=1086, when I was searching for IELTS materials online.

Basically, I found a few posts on this website under the "IELTS portal" tab and they were exactly the same as your recent content but with absolutely no reference or whatsoever. I'm afraid they might have been doing it for quite a while and quite deliberately. Because for the post themed "IELTS Writing Task 2: strong or balanced opinion", which you posted on 18 Dec 2013, the rip-off webpage had a date of "2/12/2012" for it.

I have no idea how such an issue, as I consider it, should be dealt with, but I'm just letting you know in the first place.


Hi rr,

I tried to write the overview

Overall, total distances for all modes rose dramatically from 1985 to 2000. It is also noticeable that each person travelled more miles by cars than by any other form of transport in both years.

Also, look at your last line. You wrote the figure for people, while the table represents average distance, not people.
So we can write, the figures for train went up dramatically from 289 miles to 366 miles.

Any comment about that?

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How to improve my English skills?actually it's my dream to be a good speaker in English


A review is very rarely successful. Due to the cost, I only advise a review in one situation.

If you do a test and you get a score in Speaking that is one whole band lower than what you received in a previous test, and you are certain that you performed as well (not just 0.5).

Because content is judged in the writing test, it is much easier to get a lower score because you are penalised for not answering the question fully. Therefore, at least in theory, it is more difficult to advise a review in writing without seeing the actual paper. However the same principle could be used - if you receive a whole band less then you might consider it.

Looking for someone to practice Speaking.

Hi everyone, I'm doing IELTS practice and I love the speaking part most. I would like to find someone who can practice with me in an argumentitive way. I think we can develop more idea in this way.
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Dear Mr.Simon,

I'm very Happy to share hear my IELTS results in 1st attempt. I got band 7.0 in each component. Thank you simon for your valuable guidance. I strongly recommend this site for guidance to ielts. Pick up guyz...
Dr.Thivijan- Sri lanka

Hi I am preparing for IELTS and I have problem using academic words and in my writing and speaking I face lack of vocabulary could you please help and post some academic words for band 7 both essay and task 1 writing


If you have been reading Simon's blog, he rarely uses 'academic' words in IELTS, especially in speaking. I certainly don't advise it. We are really looking for natural collocations and yes, we do want some higher level words, but we wouldn't call them 'academic'.

Dear IELTS test takers,

I'd like to offer my enthusiasm and time for those who really want to practice 'IELTS speaking tests'.
Please let me know or call me as it would be much easier, factual and time-saving for us to do practice in real IELTS test environment. Fingers crossed for all of us.

Arslan Saeed
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how can I get 6 or 6.5 ? I have now 5.5 in each band.pls suggest me in all four components.

Hi Simon,

Just sharing this article I read on the BBC website, I found it very relevant to the Writing Task 1, and some vocaburaries and sentences can even be used for the Writing Task 2.


Totally agree with your idea about reading articles/watching videos from outside sources to improve our english, I really enjoy the videos on TED. You're a good teacher.

Kind Regards, Mei

Dear all,

I have some questions as followings:

1. Can I use British when I mention about people from the UK?
2. When I would like to write about the percentage of people using an item, if I can use "Use rate" or "Usage rate"?

If anyone know the answer, please give me help.

Thank you guys so much!

It's true! I focused too much on tables, graphs, etc. during review, but when the exam came, I was given a map to describe. Although I was able to finish both tasks, I didn't reached the required band score.

Sir Simon,
plz write report from book 9 test 4



I appreciate your enthusiasm! You do make me laugh.

Yeah,unluckily it also happened with me.I didn't prepare for diagram,thought I won't get them,but unfotunately I got diagram question :(

Hi Simon, I can't figure out the difference between map and diagram essay. Could you please give a comprehensive explanation about that matter, for example, the task you've written about "school building". What is this writting considered to be, map or diagram essay?


I agree with you - I consider a map to be a type of diagram. Some people would refer to the "school building" question as a map question, while others would call it a diagram. I don't think it matters.

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