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April 30, 2014


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Simple and concise, yet marvelous.

Hi Simon
Thank you for sharing this article
Really appreciated

Dear Simon
Thanks a lot for this great essay...
Just to understand, what is the importance of using "in order"...

I agree that money is necessary in order for people to meet their basic needs.

can we just write:-
I agree that money is necessary for people to meet their basic needs.

with regards

Hi Simon,

A Big Thanks for sharing another lovely essay, a comprehensive and well- thought out piece of writing on the topic!

Simon I wanted to ask a question just out of personal interest, it's not about the essay . Having friendly colleagues and a good manager can certainly make a great difference , but is it not something that we only come to know after joining the job??

Perfect essay. Thank you.

Hi Simon
Lots of thanks
I have a question for you. How long it would take for you, as a native speaker to write an essay like this.
Do you think 40 minutes is enough?

Hi sir,

I am about to take the IELTS test soon. I would like to enquire about the format for academic writing task 1. Would I be anticipating to describe a diagram or would it be on letter writing?

I would also like to ask if I am suppose to give a counter argument or an acknowledgment in my academic writing task 2. Additionally, for questions that write 'to what extent' and ' do you agree or disagree?', do I need to give the extent or do I just argue solely based on whether I agree or disagree; that's to say whether I agree or disagree to a small or large extent.
Lastly, I have great problems developing an argument. Do you have any advice on a certain flow of thoughts I should adopt when I am trying to write the paragraphs?

Sorry Simon
Are both forms correct?

"...money is necessary in order for people to meet their basic needs."
"...money is necessary for people in order to meet their basic needs."

Thanks Simon

Does and body have ideas for that hard question?!!

Celebrities are being seen according to their wealth and glamour and not according to their achievements. This might affect young people.
To what extent do u agree or disagree?

Hi Simon,
I am new to this website.It's really useful for people like me who wants to get require band.I have started to read from the beginning.I need small clarification that I am writing GENERAL TRAINING not Academic.Is that ok to prepare the same essay questions from your website.I know only LISTENING and SPEAKING are same for both general and academic.I can take all your tips and essay plan but is there any difference in difficulty of Writing part 2(ESSAY) questions? because people said GENERAL is easier than ACADEMIC.Please advice that can i practice essays from your website.

hi, i am new to this website. its really helpful for me as me beginner, i m facing problems in using strong verbs without using passive voice. i m trying hard still my instructor thinks my writing is very poor,,,,

Hi Simon,

Im wondering if " in order for people" is common?



You don't really need the words "in order" (and yes Aria, you could put "in order" in the other position that you suggested).


Well spotted 'A' - this occurred to me when I was writing. However, it's not something that would worry the examiner, because there are ways to understand the point that do make it relevant (maybe I'm moving to another job within the same company, or one in which a friend works, or one that I've visited, or a company that impressed me at the interview stage...).


Koei, just study the lessons here on the site. I've addressed all of those issues, so I'm sure you'll find the answers.


Raj, task 2 is basically the same for academic and general. You can definitely use these lessons to prepare for either.

hi sir,
Thnak you for sharing this wonderful essay..could you please update something more about task one.(accademic)

Simon please rate my essay, if possible. Thanks.

There are many different attributes of a job that motivate a person to choose one. In addition to the remuneration being offered, many people may consider job satisfaction, career growth opportunity and work life balance as other important factors when selecting a workplace.

Job satisfaction plays a key role in determining the workplace preference of an individual. If a person does not feel satisfied with his job then no amount of money is huge enough to drive an individual to work. For example, a highly paid, talented drawing artist selling pieces of art in a museum, may not derive the same amount of job satisfaction as compared to working at a place where he can get to create his own art. It is evident that salary is not a major consideration in selecting a job.

An optimum work life balance is conducive to good health and a quality lifestyle. A job, not matter how highly paying it is, if requires someone to do overtime and spend weekends inundated with work, then it has a high probability of having an adverse impact on his family life and physical well-being. This kind of a lifestyle is hard to sustain over the long run as it accompanies with itself several ill-effects of a lopsided focus on work by neglecting one’s social and personal life. In addition, availability of career growth opportunities can be a primary factor in one’s choice of a job. Lack of career growth can be very crippling for one’s professional progress in life.

In summation, salary is not the most important factor in selecting a job. Aspects like job satisfaction, work life balance and ample opportunities of career growth also play a significant role in making a choice of one’s job.

Hi Simon,

Is it correct to put a comma before 'and'? e.g. in your essay you put a comma before and - see snippet below:

For example, we all need money to pay for housing, food, bills, health care, and education

Hi there,

I'm new to this blog. It's a great website which contain awesome ideas & plans for the different sections of the ielts test. I really enjoy the topics & the comments which alert us about cumulative mistakes we do at the real test, they are really helpful.thanks a bundle

I'm grateful for your explanation Simon. Yes, I agree ,it does make sense and it sounds relevant anyway- just asked the question to clear a doubt in my mind. Thanks once again

For Simon: Comments on Harry's essay, would you mind to read & tell me whether I'm right or not?:

it's a great essay overall, but:

he began with statements in the introduction trying to enumerate different aspects of the jobs to consider during hiring or whatever, but he didn't say which one is the most important when choosing one as the head question asks.therefore, I think he postponed his opinion to the end or he missed to give his opinion clearly at the beginning. Also, in the introduction I think we should start with general statement, then we shouldn't use articles a lot. So, instead of the first statement, I think it would be better to say for example: There are many different aspects of jobs that motivate persons to choose one.

In the 1st body paragraph, I think he was talking about job satisfaction not choosing jobs, because there is missed link at the end of the paragraph to the essay topic. he was comparing artist working in a museum and those working for their own regarding job satisfaction, but he didn't tell us why each of them chose his workplace; is it the money they earn or the job satisfaction?.
I think it would be better for him to add another explanation before ending the paragraph with the ramification that salary is not the major consideration.

The 2nd one contain too long sentences to follow & has some phrases to ask you about like: lifestyle quality instead of a quality lifestyle, is it better ( how rewarding it is) or (how highly paying it is).
the 2nd sentence grammatically is it correct?especially (if requires & overtime).

In the conclusion, he repeated the statement or what he agrees for, but I think it shouldn't be written like statement.

in the first paragraph, it is understood that the writer disagree with the idea "When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration". in the second paragraph, the writer mentioned about the benefits of a good salary. my question is, do we have to fully agree or disagree with the topic?

Question: Some people think that too much money has been spent looking after and repairing old buildings, so we should knock down old buildings and build modern ones instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Please give me some comments on this following introduction:
"It is sometimes argued that it would be better to design new architecture instead of using budget for repairs and maintenance old buildings. I completely disagree with this idea."

Dear all,
Please help me edit my essay or at least give me some comments.

Thank in advance!

In a realism society today, there is a major of young generation who has been considering money as a greatest target in their life, and other ones are less necessary. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this state, because a job with a dream income is always expected but it is not all of life.
Firstly, it cannot deny that a high salary level which always gets our attentions at first, but those who choose jobs based on this should rethink when it compared to other important factors. Does anyone accept to get a job with a great amount of money per month without finding out the excitement at work, being forced to work with not favorite job? If feeling satisfied with this, it also means that those are likely to give up on wonderful things ahead such as chances of exposing to a dynamic and professional environment, discovering themselves through challenges, or simply making their childhood dreams become true. As a result, they probably feel frustrated and exhausted, or even regret for their option.
Secondly, those who are trapped in the attraction of materials may be harm for themselves and society. Due to the power of money, they could commit illegal business, less interact with close ones, gradually become isolated. For instance, in many case, they even cheat on their close friends and families in order to maximizing business profits, or involve with criminal activities causing threats against the whole society. One more reason argues for my opinion is that there are still many successful ones, who were ready to refuse the short-advantages ahead, but keep concentrated on pursuing their own dreams, taking risks and reaching the top of success at last.
In brief, all arguments discussed above are just one aspect of this social issue. Choose or does not that depends on each individual thought, but to me, I make sure that I am not in side with the money’s choose.

Hi Simon,
I m really confused about the task response and ideas on a topic.

"Some people believe that being straight forward and to the point is more helpful and a positive approach to avoid any problems or confusions ,while others think that we should try to find alternate ways to make our point. Discuss both views and suggest some solutions."

Dear Simon,
I am Confused!!!!
Thanks for the easy but this make me more confused regarding agree/disagree type question.
In the above post you have advised to make it clear in the introduction that, onside or both side of the topic would be described. Similarly, in the following post.
Although,you have supported one side in the introduction, explained both side in the body paragraphs of the above essay.
Besides, my IELTs coaching tutor advised me to give my supporting argument first (in the 2nd paragraph) but all of your essay found reverse order.
sir, please provide me with your valuable opinion regarding this issue.

Can anyone please help to comment on my essay? Thanks in advance.

There are many aspects which will affect people to make the decision when choosing job position. Some people believe that money is the most important aspect, while others think others are more important to workers. From my point of view, there are other considerations which are equally important as salary.

Money is necessary to support our daily life, like house, food, traffic and education. We can not live with decent if without enough budget for basic life, especially when you have kids to raise, besides the daily expense, what you also need to do is saving money for their further education. In addition, if you have enough money, you can go out for travel which will broad your horizon and enhance your knowledge. That's helpful for your career, may be will help to make more money in your work.

On the other hand, there are other things which are also essential for workers, like working environment, career development and etc. For example, if you are granted with high salary, but you are required to work far away from your family, it will hurt your relationship with your family, and make your feel depressed if it last long time. Career development is also key point for some people, we do hope we can learn new skills and have bright future in one organization or else we will feel boring and losing passion working there.

In conclusion, money is a very important factor when choosing a job, while I do not believe that money outweighs all other motivators.

Dear Simon,

for the opinion question, can I start with this kind of introduction?:

There are several other reasons that just as important as money when choosing a career. In my opinion, passion, working environment and family should certainly be considered when to start a career.

Dear Simon,

here's my first essay for Task 2. It would be great if you can comment it! Thank you :)
I've found easier write this Task than the first one! :)

"In my opinion as a worker, when I choose a job I don’t consider only the salary. 
I am not completely agree with the sentence, because in my experience I used to consider other aspects, for example if the job is located in the other side of the city, or if it is near home and, nevertheless, if it’s suitable with my studies and past experiences.

Given that, I think that consider where the job is located is even important as the salary, because we can plan our daily journey, how much could be the travelcard and if we need to use the tube or only the buses. This can affect our choice depending on how much is the salary.

I also would want to think about other aspects. When we search a job we use to think even what kind of lifestyle we would have after: could we pay the rent of our house, the bills, the food and other needs? Could we enjoy the city, the nightlife and our friends? I know lots of people that think about only these aspects, that of course are important, but I also think that they don’t help to choose the right job for you. I believe that a job must develop your experience in that particular field, so for this reason I don’t think the salary is the main consideration during an interview. If I have studied art and fashion, I probably don’t choose a job that doesn’t reflect my artistic inclination.

In conclusion, I consider the salary important when I search a job, but I do think that personal past experiences, past studies and the location are more important in this case." (282 words)

I've tried to follow your advices :)


Hi Simmon,

I have read several of your essays and there's been something that caught my eye. I've noticed that you barely use a conclusion sentence for your body paragrahps in task 2. Why is that?

Yet, as far as I am concerned, a conclusion sentence that summrises the paragraph is essential. Could you tell me if this is right? What's your opinion on the matter? Is is true that missing the conclusion paragraph sentence will bring your mark down as well as happens when not writing an overall paragraph in task 1?

Please, reply to my question. I'd really appreciate some advice on this from an ex-examiner!
Thanks in advance.

Some believe that pay scale is the critical parameter while selecting new job offer. While it can surely leads to better life style and higher designation in company; I believe it may not be only necessary factor to consider while accepting new job.

There are several advantages of getting more salary in any job or field. One of them is that it provides better personal life styles where person can afford luxurious vacation, better education for children, expensive cars and branded clothes etc. Secondly, in most cases, high salary correlates to higher designation in company’s hierarchy which has better future prospects and professional growth opportunities. For example, a project manager in an organization will get more salary than his team members.

On other hand, there are other several factors which play an important role in selecting a job. One of them is job security and company stability. Many job seekers may prefer a company having very high reputation and following Industry level standards for HR policies including health benefits. Second factor is work environment. People would not prefer to work at hazardous office premises. Thirdly, individual’s aspiration and interests do matter. For example, soldiers at border choose the profession because of their love and passion towards motherland and similarly people working at NGO feel satisfaction by contribution towards society. Fourth one is family constraint. A person may not relocate to Metro city or other country due family requirements even higher salary is offered.

In summary, I do agree salary is one of the factors while choosing a job but not the only factor. Many a times, other non-monetary factors do overweigh salary.

--Posted by Soham ; Approm. 272 words; kindly provide review on the essay. My writing is weak and I am trying to improve.

There is no sophisticated word in this essay and it scores 9 band, could you analyze the reason why it gets such a high mark?


Hi Le Zhang,

I think you might have the wrong idea about what a "sophisticated word" is. Can you give me some examples of what you mean? Your answer can help me to explain what many people are doing wrong.

Hi Simon, can you give me some advice on this essay below? I'm going to take the real test this June. thanks
it is said that, people now consider salary as a priority when they choose their career. While I agree that salary in one vital factor of a job, there are others that are equally important.
on the one hand, money plays an important role in our life. that is why salary is seen as the first choice when choosing a job. We all need money to cover all the basic needs, for instance, food, electricity, water, gas. a good salary not only provide all the needs but also a better quality of life by bringing us everything we dream of like better cars, bigger houses. Moreover, life is much easier with a high stable income. We usually feel satisfied and comfortable if we are not living in the lack for finacial support. Therefore, with all the points mentioned, it is fairly to say that salary should be primarily considered when choosing a job.
on the other hand, there are various aspects against this argument. Many other factors are also contributing to a right decision. the feeling of satisfaction of a job does not come only from the salary, it comes from many aspects, for example, ambition, friendly environment, supportive leaders. These factors not only affect our life but also our working progress. An uncomfortable working environment could lead to depression. Working without ambition makes our life heavier and tasteless. Moreover, if we do not feel happy about our jobs, we will not do our jobs with best effort and we will not get promoted into higher positions.
in conclusion, a good job includes many different factors. i highly recommend that salary should be considered carefully and, however, other factors cannot be excluded.

"Dear Simon,
I am Confused!!!!
Thanks for the easy but this make me more confused regarding agree/disagree type question.
In the above post you have advised to make it clear in the introduction that, onside or both side of the topic would be described. Similarly, in the following post.
Although,you have supported one side in the introduction, explained both side in the body paragraphs of the above essay.
Besides, my IELTs coaching tutor advised me to give my supporting argument first (in the 2nd paragraph) but all of your essay found reverse order.
sir, please provide me with your valuable opinion regarding this issue."

Simon, I have the same concern as hers. Could you please explain it for me? I'm very appreciated.

thank you for posting.

Hi Tu Oanh,

The essay above is a bit special because of the word "most" in the question. I made it clear that I disagree with the idea that money is the "most" important factor - I think it is important, but other factors are equally important. This view allowed me to write about both sides.

You might be able to write your essay in a similar way if you see a word like "most" in the question.

I hope this makes sense!

In this essay- it is diagreed, even then both sides are developed. Here I think the word because I believe- allows us to write both sides of the arguement.

There is a hot discussion about whether salary is the most important consideration when making a job decision. To me, salary is one of the considerations but not the most critical one.

There are various factors we need consider before we accept a job offer. Firstly, the opportunities of individual growth determine whether an employee can have a successful career or not. It's especially crucial when choosing the first job. Secondly, the company culture is also a very important factor and we need fully understand what the cultures are and how can we adapt to them. An employee will feel unhappy and depressed when he or she is not able to accept the company cultures. Finally, the work environment and relations with colleagues must be considered too. A good work environment and relationships with team members create a harmonious and pleasant work atmosphere which allows employees to work efficiently and happily. On the contrary, a bad environment and relationship often make employees feel anxious and tired.

An employee might encounter couples of difficulties and negative outcomes if he or she only takes consideration of salary when selecting a job. For example, one of my friends accepted a high salary job in a internet company, and he was delighted at the beginning. After couples of months work, he complained a lot about the over works at the weekend and heavy work pressures. In addition, he felt it was hard for him to adapt to the company culture and he could not feel any freedom within company. As a result, he had to resign from the company in less than a year.

In conclusion, there are couples of factors including salary which are very critical to think about carefully to make a best job choice, and I do argue that we should not take salary as the first priority factor.

Hi Simon,
I am not expert to comment your work but i think this essay must be on partially agree side. The intro could be like this...

Many people choose their jobs based on the size of the salary offered. While i agree with the idea that money is the key consideration when deciding on a career, i also believe that other factors are equally important.

Hi Praba,

The only problem I see is this: if money is the key consideration, it means that other factors must be less important. If all factors are equally important, none of them are the key consideration. This is why I wrote that I disagree. I hope this makes sense.

Could you please give me feedback on my essay? I would appreciate your help.

The amount of the monthly wage plays a significant role in pursuing any career. While, there are non-financial factors that are important in choosing one’s job, I believe that the amount of the salary is the most important factor.

I agree that there are non-financial reasons that need to be taken into consideration when choosing job. These factors surely affect people decision on choosing their job. Some employees search for comfortable workplace, where they can find themselves and feel happy of what they are doing. Accommodating managers or supervisors are also important for some people when it comes to selecting job. On the motivating environment, people think they can do personal achievements and contribute positively to societies and people.

By contrast, world becomes more materialistic than ever before and therefore most people put the amount of income as first priority. I personally think that money should be taken into account before anything else because money will make you feel happy eventually. A lot of people search for a job from which they receive a good amount of money to be able to meet their basic needs. For example, they want to be assured to be able to pay for the bills, housing, food, education, and so on. They are also looking forward to living a comfortable and luxurious life. They might find it easy to travel abroad to enjoy their vacations if they can save money from their salaries.

In sum, it is true that factors unrelated to money affect people’s decision on determining their job, I believe that the amount of monthly pay is the most influencing factor and should come first among other factors.

Hi, Simon
i wonder whether this essay is really 9 band because I learned from a teacher that if I want to get more than 6 band,I should use relative pronoun, but when I red this essay, there is a poor sentence. sorry for tackling your essay, but how and who gave you band 9?

Hi criticism,

I'm an ex-IELTS examiner, so I gave myself that score :)

Using a relative pronoun is not the secret to getting above band 6. I hope you read more of my lessons and decide to trust me.

With regard to this question, if i argued that some other factors were more important than salary rather than equally important, how would i say in the two main body paragraphs?

I try to put it like this below:
the body paragraph1: work condition is more important,and give the first reason
the body paragraph2: work condition is more important,and give the second reason

Is that right? i think the question about"the best or the most important" is vitally difficult and confusing. Thank you for your help, Simon.

It is true that majority of people consider money factor as a priority when choosing a job while the remain has other considerations that outweigh importance of salary in the choice of profession.

On the one side, people's concern is understandable about money offered in return of their labour and qualities. Therefore, they certainly look for a job with higher salary that is worth their effort and capabilities. Furthermore, basic human needs such as housing, food, bills, health care and education require sufficient amount of money to be covered. Additionally, besides urgent needs people are in pursuit of having better life with some luxury needs like bigger and smarter house, car, travelling and certainly, with rich of entertainment. So, these compelling unlimited desires give them incentive choosing a career based on money earned that other non-financial factors which are equally important.

Nevertheless, for some people an array of factors take precedence over salary while choosing a job such as friendly environment and mutual respect among colleagues. In other words, these people's first concern is to appreciate a job in an organization which suffers strict hierarchical model or mobbing. Secondly, some people's feeling of job satisfaction comes from their achievement, the conditions are given to them for proving themselves and improve their both personal and technical qualities relevant to the job. Finally, some people choose a career because they want to help others and contribute something positive to society.

In short, salary is one of the most important considerations while choosing a career, however, other motivators should not be ignored.

hi simon,

Thanks for sharing the essay..its really appreciable.......

Hi everyone
I am ielts learner and i found that this blog is very helpful for knowing for ielts examination.

Maybe you can tell me a bit more about the top resume reviews? Because I can’t decide it myself. Can I really trust them? Maybe I should study resume and write it myself. I am just a new guy here. I have written a resume about a five years ago so I don’t know the modern trends. I have read a couple of articles and seems to be extremely difficult.

Dear Simon,
Good day,
Could you give me a big favour in checking my intro to this topic, like my logic is correct?
Because I use a liitle different way and thinking to write it.

My example of this intro is following shown:
It is sometimes argued that wages are the top priority for the process of getting an ideal job. Although I accept this point of view, I believe that there are more factors that should be further considered.

Thank you so much.
hope you have a lovely day

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