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April 16, 2014


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Thanks simon, very good starting, please complete them :)

Thank you,useful example!

I am facing great difficulty in answering the Reading passage how i can on target and overcome my problems. As i have applied all the tips and tricks available to reading. Please guide me.


I think that the best way to have something to write when you have no idea about what assignment tells

Thx a lot Simon ur very helpful

Simon, I think this way is the best way to help us.
Thank you.

This entry has diminished my concern about this issue, very helpful. Thank you very much.

Nice selection of words, it seems that you're good in English writing. @fatima

hey guys i am not following IELTS and not studying also but i would like to improvce my knowledge by chatting and talking with those people that who know English very well if you have an idea lets chat

Hi Simon

This is another piece of great advice, thank you!

Can I ask you a question about relatively abstract concepts in IELTS Writing Task 2? I recently came across the following question:

Some people say that the purpose of education is to prepare useful society members. Others say the purpose of education is to help people achieve personal ambitions. To what extent do you agree?

I interpreted the expression of “preparing useful society members” as equipping people with the necessary skills for the sake of employment. As to “personal ambitions”, I talked more about allowing people to learn what they truly like. Since I sort of narrowed the definitions, I guess in both cases, I should have used “for example” before I started to argue this way?


This was a recent test question. The way you understood it is exactly the way a native would understand it so there is no need to put 'for example'.

Well if I would comment then it will be like below..

Some educationist believe that the need of education is to prepare such members who will lead a positive change in society meanwhile there is also a group who belief that education helps individuals in achieving their destiny and aims.

Thanks. It is very useful.I try writing an essay stared by an example.

Hi simon
I have difficulty with this question.

These days children play the sports in serious way.
They should not play the sports for only fun.
Is it positive or negative development?

Sir can solve this?

@Arslan Saeed Thank you and I hope that's true, I am trying to use academic words on a daily basis -not only in essays- to enhance this skill.

There have been two arguments that government should take some decision about residents'lifestyle or people should have their own decisions however it seems a bit difficult . Theseday some adults have craz of fast driving which leads major accidents. The government imposes some rules which adults have to follow like driving on restricted speed.

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Dear Simon,

I see in your paragraph you are using a smoking example to support the idea. My question is that will this reduce the TR in any way? Because you only talked part of the story by one example......

Appreciate if you can answer my question a little bit.

Yours faithfully,
Rui Tian

Hi simon..
I need your help in this particular writing
"Do u think allocation in budget to space reasrch and development is justified when huge population of india is under poverty line..???
Give your view

I m not good in speaking...
I want to practice with someone on skype...is there anybody

Hi simon,

you have discussed positive side of issue,but at the same time government interruption also hazard to freedom of individual' lifestyle.

can you please explain the balanced view of this question?

I think it is difficult for many candidates to extend sentence as long as possible. In other word, we can just write one or two sentences to express our idea rather than many sentence with abundant vocabulary and complex structure. Regarding to ban smoking, for example, I will write that "In my country, smoking is banned in all restaurants and pubs." but "smoking is now banned in all restaurants, and it is prohibited for people to smoke in workshops, bars and pubs."

Hi, everyone ,I don't understand this sentence
"there have been several campaigns to highlight the health risks of smoking.

"campaigns" means "race" ?

campaign: a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim.

As It seems so difficult question,I tried to write another view for my practice.Kindly advice me if you notice something.

On the other hand, It is also true that a lot of movements to change a life habit has been done on citizen's own initiative.In my city, for instance, the activity called the "green curtain" is becoming popular recently.It is that as growing a green vine on the balcony to cover the window can be expect the room temperature would drop 3 degree.
As a result, it can contribute to the environment by saving the electricity or the absorption of carbon dioxide by the plants.It's start from a NGO and was drawing attention from those who have a highly interest for environmental problem.

To conclude, I could say both government and citizen can take the lead in improve our quality of life and either will do as long as the decision is proper.

Hi Simon

Thanks for all the tips on the site. I worked hard and prepared using the tips and on my second attempt got the 7 i was looking for in writing, remaining three areas were always above 7. Thanks also to http://arf-ielts.wix.com/ieltsassist for assisting by checking my essays for me, recommended for everyone.

Governments should not completely involve in people lifestyle as it take the freedom to live but can work on making people lifestyle better by having some control on their activities. For example, alcohol consumption is very high in some countries and due to which the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Also consuming alcohol is a health risk and many families are getting destroyed due to its addiction. Governments can handle this situation by making sure that liquor is sold only in authorized shops and in bars which acquired licence. Also the government should keep a watch on illegal liquor shops where cheap quality liquor is sold which has an impact on one's health. Governments can impose strict rules on alcohol consumption and stringent punishments should be implemented who doesn't obey the rules. Drunk and drive should be considered as a serious offence and strict action should be taken. By following these measures government can control people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently,i take ielts exam but i got 4.5.i am very nervous.plz, tell me how i will increase my scor

Please,......................any one healp me for my progess.

I am very weak listeing,writing,.any one help me plz?

Hi simon,
Are you favouring both arguemets in this question? any good example in favour of second point?(people should make their own decision)

hi sir
please do providecertain reading tips to improve my skill

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