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May 13, 2014


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i know simon probably you wont reply because of your work committments.but i am really disappointed.i want 7.5 in each module..i managed to get 7.5 in writing.but got 7 in speaking..i appeared again and got same score.so for now , my writing score is consistent.and i always get 7 in speaking.please give me tips.please.how can i get 7.5 in speaking:( want to increase my 0.5 band

hi doctor
how you managed to get this score. my last attempt on 5 April I got 6 in wr. and 8 in sp.

Hi hibba please give me suggestion for speaking

hi ,

Are there anyone who wants to develop his/her speaking skills can contact me on Skype.
skype : thytronic

Thanks in advance...

Dear Simon
Is there any problem if I write "T","F","NG" instead of "True","False","Not Given" in the answer sheet? for example if the correct answer is "Not Given" and I write "NG" in the answer sheet, is it considered as a correct answer?
The same thing is about "Yes","No","Not Given" questions.

dear simon,

i've learned your tips carefully and found this is amazing. thank you for sharing it with us.

Hi Simon,
thank u sooooooooooooo much for these audio format tips.
u r a great teacher.

Thank you Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

hibba , how did you manage to get 8 in speaking? please tell me

thanks maha..could you please tell me , in which component i should work on..to get it raised from 7 to 7.5 in speaking.

you need to speak confidently and use a good tone, try to organize your ideas.
take ur time to think and then you will produce a good response.

please could you tell me how you get over 7 in wr


Well, people say speak fluently( but clearly) and confidently in order to get a good score and I quite agree with that , but I m not a fluent speaker , in -spite of that I got 7.5 twice in my exam because:

1. Throughout my exam teachers seemed quite interested to listen what I was saying and that increased my interest and I was speaking like we speak to our friends. BUT

2. During speaking I tried to include few sentences with some good vocabulary and I could feel that made teachers ask me more questions in depth and I think that rose my grade from 7 to 7.5.

I think task response, developing your ideas in detail - possibly with some examples AND frequent error free sentences is the only key to achieve 7 or more in Writing.

thx Maha I appreciate ur response but it seemed to me that producing an error free sentence is impossible bec. of the grammar mistakes then reapition that make my writing unclear do you advice me to get any special books ? by the way can I know where are you from?

hibba you need to organize your essay into 4 paragraphs.try to learn some good vocabulary and incorporate it into daily sentences and practice is the key to success..try to follow ryanenglish you tube channel..he will let you know how to start and end the essay..if u need further help lemme know

thx doctor

DEAR HIBBA , we can't spot our errors, so a good teacher's help is MANDATORY for that. I emailed Simon and he suggested me to have mr. Pete Walton's help. He pointed out all those mistakes which I wasn't aware of. It has certainly made a Huge difference in my writing! And I hope that I would be able to perform Much better in my next exam. Mr. Pete is a very very helpful and kind teacher!
Hibba I would suggest that Ryan's essays are good too and its a good idea to read as many essays as we can to gather good topic vocabulary on different topics. But stick to Simon's techniques as they are so easy to follow. I'm from Newcastle -By The Way.

Thank you very much.I am just the one who can't see the flick.:-)
That's reeeeealy helps a lot.

Hello dear Simon:
I listen ten ticks , it is not restrictively focused on Listening, I got 7 in reading, 6.5 in writing, 6.5 in speaking but 5 in listening. I nearly understand well BBC, but why I cannot pass this 5 or 5.5 in listening?

Dear Simon,

You are a real angel on Earth, aren't you?? You inspired me with great points when I felt really desperate to fin a solution to my technique problems preparing the IELTS exam. I don't know if I will reach a 6 band score or not but I'm really enjoying my time and learning a lot¡¡ Thank you so much¡¡

That's nice to hear. Thanks Francine :)

dear simon sir.
can you suggest me how can i increase my ielts score.i need 7.5 over all with minimum seven in each module.i sat in ielts exam for four times..at first i scored 6.5 and then with 7 over all.now i have practiced ielts cambridge books number of times that i dont feel like it would be of any help further.the problem is with listning and reading.when i practise listning tests at home i usually score 35 plus but in ielts i get 6.5 and ones 7.5..in reading i used to get 6.5 but last time i scored R7 S7 W7 L6.5..the situation of repeating ielts again and agin with no remarkable improvement has shattered me.your precious suggestion would be highly appreciated.thanks

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