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May 12, 2014


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Hi simon
I have a question about what the best way of using your e-book is. I bought it last week. I need to get at least 7 in my writing.
I was wondering if you could kindly advise me.
Thank you very much indeed.

Hi, everybody! wish me much! My speaking test is today.

Hi Naznin,
I bought simon ebook last week.I was completly unaware that the book contain only a bullet points ,ideas not a full essays about any topic.you know, we had the ideas the concept of ielts essays but the problem is how to organize,plan the basic structure of the essay is the difficult task.i need 7 in each module but with this forum we can help each other. rauf

Hi Simon,
I have been practicing again for my ielts examination. But I've just practice again recently after giving birth. What I would like to ask u is how to remember voca and use good phrases in the exam. Plz help me, thanks a lot.
God bless u, simon!

Thanks for sharing information it is very useful for study

Hi Simon,
hope r well in health n mind.
is it possible to solve and explain reading passage 2,test 3 of Cambridge 8 (page 70) please. I understood some of them but not all, bit unclear to me. please please

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