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May 16, 2014


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Thank you so much Simon for sharing your experience and giving us an oppurtunity to learn some good phrases and vocabulary. I enjoyed reading it.

hi simon
is it Houses of parliament or House?
what do you mean by struck me ,how we can paraphrase it?

Hibba - 1. good question about " Houses or house" ..

2. I think Struck me is a way to say : surprised me (it took me by a surprise) , astonished me ( felt/ noticed something unique / different about it) something like that..

This model answer could be fix in other question like trip .. or holidays u spend... these kind of quesions..
thanks simon

Is that ok if i jus prepare your model answers . And also try to fit in different question..
i am trying to pirate all the phrases which you have told us through your quality essays.

thx AK

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Exactly right hibba (or Wikipedia!). We say "Houses of Parliament" because there are two "houses".

No problem Hibba

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your great advice! I am following it. I am writing to you with a favor. Can you give more explanation about using colon, semi-colon in writing 2? I am pretty sure that most of us(students) have problems with that...

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your help in this website. My teachers told me that I should avoid using repeating words in task 2. for example, they said I used too many 'young people' in one paragraph, instead i shall use 'youngster' or 'youth' to replace them.
Is this idea correct?
Thank you in advance!

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Don't use colons or semi colons. Natives only rarely use them, and there is no benefit for you trying to use them. When I see them in the test, they are almost always used in the wrong place.


Repetition is a problem for two reasons. It can show limitations in vocabulary, and it can show poor referencing, which is not using pronouns such as 'they' and 'them' to refer back to what you wrote.

'Young people' is one of the most poorly substituted phrases in IELTS, with unnatural phrases like 'youth' and 'new/next generation'. My advice is that, when you write 'young people' and you want to write it again, first ask, 'can I just use 'they' or 'them'? If you can't then use something natural like 'teenagers' or 'children'.

Hello Simon,

First of all, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience and most of all- your amazing advice on IELTS. This is the best IELTS preparation website so far. Thank you again.
Secondly, I would like to ask you a big favor regarding Task 2 writing Academic please.
In introduction, can I write....."its is said/believed that....., this essay will discuss both views on..." or this type of introduction "this essay will discuss..." is only used when the question ask "discuss both views"? (for example last week question: "nowadays many celebrities are famous....", instead of writing introduction like yours sample, can I start by saying: "it is believed that.....this essay will discuss both views on famous celeb with no achievement impact on juveniles ..."?
Cheer Simon, Thanks a million.


All essays discuss things, whether 'both sides' 'why you agree/disagree' or providing causes/solutions etc., so it's fine to use the word 'discuss'. Saying 'this essay will discuss' is what we would call 'quite formal', so if you want to achieve a very high score, you would need to continue that 'style' for the rest of the essay, which, generally, is difficult to do. There is certainly NO advantage of using a formal style in IELTS, so I would advise you use a more simple, clear and natural approach like Simon's introductions.

Remember, IELTS is not as 'prescriptive' as most people believe. This means that there are really no rules about how to write an essay except for the descriptors on the IELTS website. You can achieve a 9 even with no introduction at all.

Good morning Sjm,

Thank you for your reply and advice, I really appreciate it. I need IELTS at least 7 individually , sadly both attempts i've made was either of them went wrong. Say first exam I got all I needed except on Listening. Second exam unfortunately I got only 6.5 in writing:((

17th may
speaking question
a time that you shared something with some one?

writing (academic)

Many machines of today can do the works easily that were considered in the past as hard and difficult.This is because of automatically controlled machines.
Whether its positive effects outweighs its negatives.

Line Graph, about the variation in the number of four different types of fish around the world from 1982 to 2007

hello guys i'm going to take ielts exam on oct.18, 2014 can you kindly please help me what are the techniques and strategies to pass the exam. thank you so much.

thanks this website i learn so mant things from it

HI Simon
I'm Zai from Thailand.

This is my first time to write down the anwer. ;)

The positive experience when I was a teenager was high school farewell trip. It was the last and only one trip I went with my high school friends. My school arranged it for the first time, so, we were astonished about the trip. We went to travel upcountry by bus, paid respect to buddha and playing on the beach together. We had memorable farewell activities and we all were crying because it was sad that we had to leave each other to different university. However, the event was so deeply touching and unforgetable.

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