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May 17, 2014


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Thank you so much dear Simon.

thanks so much.

Thank you for your website which is very useful

Thank you Simon
I really appreciate your reply

Thank you Simon very much.
some one can help me for speaking,my skype name
is swati.dani3.

Hi Simon, I had a speaking test on Monday. My normal speaking scores were around 7 to 7.5 in previous tests. However, in the latest speaking test, everything went smoothly and well except for part 2, I finished everything fluently in one minute but the examiner indicated me to keep going. I have never had been reminded to continue by an examiner before, I'm afraid that I would not get at least band 7 in this test. Everything else was fine.


Part of fluency is the ability to speak for long periods (two minutes), so your goal should always be to reach the two minute mark. There is no score for 'content' so examiners do not care if you 'finish everything' or not. In fact, examiners are not really listening to your story very much at all - they are listening for the marking criteria which is fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.

Don't worry, you will probably still achieve a 7 or higher, but it might prevent an even higher score.

Hi Simon,
In order to score high score in Lexical Resources criteria in IELTS Speaking, a wide range of vocabulary or collocations. My question is how many phrase or academic vocabulary should be used in part 2 Speaking to get band 7 or 8 (in this lesson as you mentioned there are about 11 collocations academic words, will it be sufficient enough?)

Hi Simon, I've taken a mock speaking test today and the examiner told me that You should use hand gestures to express your feelings while speaking. Is it necessary and does it help you to get a higher band score ?

Sometimes I am confused in my introduction so I want to know how I can give my introduction step by step.........................how I start my introduction-my name is,I am,my self etc give me some tip for impressive start

Some people think that secondary school children should study international news as one of the school subjects. Other people think that it is a waste of valuable school time. What do you think? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

The potential of global media to shape the interest of today’s youth is considerable. While some commentators argue that news has no place in school subject, other analysts defend that this can have a knocked on effect on students. In this essay I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this issue and denote that to some extent, both view points are equally justified.

On one hand, international news can bring a positive impact in various ways. Firstly, incessant exposure to global news can aid with the students intellectual skills. They will be far more knowledgeable and open minded in terms of social, economic and other national issues.In school debate, for instance,the contradicting way of exchanging ideas on how international foreign exchange rate can affect a national economy can help them to have a sophisticated understanding regarding the issue. In addition, it can also improve their language skills and increases their word vocabulary. And finally, it will the students to be well informed and enables them to be part of any discussion pertaining to world news.

On the other hand, bringing world news as a curriculum has a detrimental effect to students. The media’s coverage of civil war and unrest can affect the students view of life. They can be negatively affected and emotionally imbalance that can lead to stress. In some reasons, this can cause truancy and decrease interest in learning. Thinking that a decrease in demand of nursing abroad, for instance can bring them to lose hope in studying hard. If this were the case, then there are justifiabl reason why news should not be included in the school curriculum.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons that the international news can provide to secondary students. Therefore, school administrator should take a greater measure on how to maximize its benefits and minimize its drawbacks. (306 words)


Hi simon
Please provide more vocabulary words and please help me to improve my speaking and reading ...please sir help me .thankyou

Thank you so much

Hi Simon
I took the oral exam on Tuesday.
I think I spoke fluently enough and I hope I'll score 7.

Nevertheless the examiner asked me about indoor games and I spoke about video games. Should have I spoken about table-tennis or so on?
Will I be penalised a lot for that?

Thank you

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