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May 18, 2014


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No, I haven't practiced it yet.

1-As afar as I remember, I was driving on my way to home when a deadly gas leaked in Bhopal'S Union Carbide Compony.
2-One of my first memories was skinning during my last holiday trip to Kashmir.
3-What really struck me about Hyderabad Museum was that it was having facilities even for handicapped visitors.
4-The experience of playing chess made me keen to get invilved in more indoor games.
Note-What I noticed here is that all these phrases can be used to talk about something happened in past.

Hi Simon,
I've followed your site since 3 months ago. I also have gone through almost of your lessons. I just want to say thank you a million for your effort. That's amazing!
Your approach is easy to follow. It's also make me be confident with test in December. Also, you are enthusiastic, helpful, generous and many kind words to talk about you. I think i will talk about you if topic speaking is "describe the foreigner you want to meet best" :))

You are the best greatness IELTS Teacher Simon.

* I’m going to describe the first time that I had a summer job as a waitress in a restaurant when I was a teenager. That was my first summer job and also the last one. and it was great to share that experience with my friends.
* The positive experience wasn’t confined to one particular thing. As far as I remember, I enjoyed the whole summer job experience, from leaving my parents and to working in another small town nearby beach for the first time. I was excited about this job, it was introduced by one of my relatives who knew the owner. and the owner was kind to me, they teach me how to wait tables, like how to take orders, how to bring it to the table, how to fill up glasses and how to take checks. sometimes we also help them wash dishes.
* I went there with my cousin which made the experience more enjoyable. she is the same age as me. we are close friends. we always stick together as much as we can since we were born.
* What really struck me about this job was that it was interesting but exhausting and challenging at the same time. it was my first step from school to the real working world. I learned how hard it is to earn money, and how exciting I can earn money with my own hands. The experience made me keen to experience different job at different city that I like in the future.

-As far as I remember, I traveled Ba Na Hills on my summer vacation with my close friends. This is the first time I have ever been to this place without my family.
-One of my first memories was to transfer by cable car and move to high mountains. Morover, we enjoyed cool weather and special food.
-What really struck me about attractive place was one of the longest cables in the world.
-The experience of traveling Ba Na Hills me keen to spend time visiting French Villages and Fantasy Park.

Thanks Irene. That's very nice of you!

Do any one is going to take exam on may 26th in bangalore

Hi simon
Thanks for your advices about ielts.
I have question about reading techniques. Cambridge ielts 8 test 3 reading passage 2. It is difficult. What kind of techniques are used to answer the questions.
I have only 10 days to exam.

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