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May 22, 2014


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how you replace types for platforms?


I just searched wikipedia for videogames and found these.Hope it helps

mobile phone games = cellphone games
console games = video games
online games = web based games
handheld game = handheld video games

hi minibluebag:
i meant the word 'platforms'


Maybe User interfaces, features, systems or operating systems?

Good question Hibba! Actually I had the same question in my mind when I red the word " platforms" . But then I thought the safest option for me is not to use this word , because if I did I m afraid I would end up creating some funny sentence.

hi, Simon. few minutes ago I got my 10 may results and the overall band is 7. thanx for all your insane tips.

sorry, I meant precious tips, not insane

Hi guys,

Sorry to post a speaking question here, but it has confused me for quite a long time.
I totally have no idea whether we should answer the part 2 speaking questions in order or not. for example, a question ask me what i learnt from the person, I think this would be better if I leave it at the end of the test.

Hi Simon,
I have no words to express my gratitude, I got 7.5 in all bands and your e-book and your website were the only source for my study, last year I got L6S6W5R5.5 and now 7.5 in all bands because of you. Now I can be registered midwife in New Zealand. please just read simon's tips and websites, I only used your lessons. I really appreciate your help and support.
Best Wishes


The 'questions' under the Part 2 Speaking Topic are there to give you ideas but are not assessed in any way by the examiner, so if you want to address them out of order it's fine. Actually, don't worry too much about answering those questions - try to use that information to tell a coherent story. Remember: Fluency, Coherence, Vocabulary, Errors, Pronunciation, and two minutes of speaking.

Hi Sjm & Simon
Today I got my Ielts Result.

I was expecting higher in writing:-((

Hello Simon and Sjm,

With your experience, do you think the examiners would mark the score base on reading Task 1? I meant would he/she read all the Task 1+2 and then make a decision? or just read the Task 1 first and she/he more or less know where we are and decide? I believe most students including myself spend lots of time on Task 2 and write it first, while task 1 is just simply compare the numbers...and because of that, most of us (myself) forgot to check grammar error, spelling error..etc...and this give the Examiners a bad impression and therefore low score?

Hi, Simon

In the last exam, the question is like (millions) people in a town, but my question is the numeber of people is 5 million. should i use 5 millions or 5 million in my question?

Hi, Simon
I got a question here. I heard about that in English, for the number you should write them for words if the number is 10 or below. For example, we should write 'ten' rather than '10' in English writing. Is that true? Because I see you seldom spell the numbers in your blogs. Hope for your answer.

wish to learn more from this blog

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