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May 28, 2014


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In conclusion,it has been proven that celebrities are known for their dazzling life style and for their good conduct as well. It is believed that famous people would now act as excellent role models in the foreseeable future

All things considered, while some people gained their popularity through negative influences, there are others whose achievments have made them well-known and an inspiration to other people. In my view, I believe that the good acts of celebrities have made them more famous than those who set as bad examples to the society.

to sum up, not all celebrities are famous for their wealth and glamour; there's also a category of famous people who achieved success through hard continued work. These are the ones who can really set a good example for youger generations.

In a nutshell, we can say that all celebrates set examples for the people in the society. But the difference lies in the pattern of influence they have on us. Somebody influences positively whereas somebody do the same negatively. It is our responsibility to determine who are to follow.

To sum up, although some celebrities are famous for their glamour and lead teenagers and young people to a dark future, some of them have achievements and lead our teenagers to a bright future.

In Summary, many celebrities are acting as positive role models though some of famous people show off their glamorous life. I believe young people can learn numerous from celebrities success stories.

In a conclusion, there is no doubt that young people follow their idols but in the end its individual choice who they want to see as a real hero,who got inherently or who worked hard.

To sum up, although some celebrities have only become famed for their wealth and glamorous,some of them are still a great example of hard-working,which can be a good role models for adolescents.

In conclusion, whereas there are many celebrities are famous for their glamour and wealth, others are famous for their achievement, adolescents should follow those have real accomplishment rather than those have not contributed positively to the society.

To conclude, I agree with the idea that some celebrities have gained fame because of their wealth or charming life style, but there are many famous people who are popular only because of their hard work or extraordinary performance and that provides a good role model for the younger generation.

To put it in a nut shell, though some celebrities are famous for wrong reasons, there are a good number of artists or musicians who set an example for today's youth that only hard work and perseverance can bring in real success.

In conclusion, Celebrities are getting media coverage and popularity just because of their sex appeal, wealth and unusual lifestyle.While many of them proved themselves successfully as a real hero in their practical and personal life also.

In conclusion, I am convinced that there are still many celebrities inspiring young generation in positive ways. And their stories should be spread in order to encourage youths to pursue their goals by hard working and learning.

In conclusion, although there are personalities who show that fame can easily come by a glitzy lifestyles, most celebrities proved that they are known for their hard work and characters.

An IELTS advice: "Always read twice your writing before submitting"

So, please delete the "s" at the end of "lifestyles".

In conclusion, as these example to identify this topic, I totally stand at the side that is there are still have some positive sides to inspire and encourage children to their future and attitudes of this world.

In conclusion, while some celebrities have negative influence on young people, I do believe that there are more famous people set positive role models for them based on their achievements.

In short, recent unreal celebrities who show bad example for future generations should be banned on the public in particular tv reality shows etc. Instead of their glamous lifestyle such us how to spend money, the good example of how to save money for college starting from secondary school should be advertised.

To sum up, young people should choose the right role models among the celebrities who have been working hard to build a successful career instead of naughty, rich people.

To conclude, I personally believe that those actors who keep the fame for their wealth and other things instead of hardwork are not suitable for teenager's role model. This is not only harmful for their present but it can seriously effects on their future

To summarize, the celebrities have various negative effects such as: they set a bad example for youngsters or they can change the lifestyle of young people and positive effect to the youth, however, there are still the positive effects such as helping young people to improve their skills in life. From my perspective, instead of watching the celebrities TV show, youngsters should spend more time on doing outdoor activities.
I am Vietnamese and only 15 years old .This is the first time i have written so please help me to find out the mistakes in my written. Thank you so much!

In conclusion, although some celebrities might influence youngsters negatively, the positive messages delivered by others should not be ignored.

To sum up, although some celebrities are famous for their glamour and lead teenagers and young people to a dark future, some of them have achievements and lead our teenagers to a bright future.

In a conclusion,although some celebrities might have inspired the youngsters through their fame and glamour,yet there are good examples as well.So the children should learn to struggle and hard work for bright and prosperous future.

My conclusion is as follows:

In conclusion, though a couple of celebrities are only chasing for glamour and wealth, there are still other exemplary figures working hard for their success and deserves to be followed by students.

PS. Hi Simon, I want to know that how bad is it not to write a conclusion in Task 2? Thank you.

To conclude, people become famous for different reasons and young people should be encouraged to learn from those real role models.

In conclusion, although there are celebrities who gain popularity in undeserving ways, I still believe that there are more renowned people who rightfully deserve to be in that position because of sheer hard work.

In conclusion, I strongly believe there are so many celebrities who affect positively on the young. Young people also should know how to choose their own good role model and learn from the good side.

Don't use nutshell in the conclusion.It reduces your band for sure

My Question is : applied themselves to do something or applied themselves to doing sth, which one is correct?

In a nutshell i would like to assert that some people are achieving celebrity status with their family name and fame.But in my opinion true celebrities are one who works hard to become succesfull and also who does something good to society.

Thanks @Sunny

Hi Simon had a doubt regarding conclusion.
Is it true if we use nutshell in conclusion our band score will be reduced?

Although, there are s lot of evidence of being famous without distinctive achievement these may not long last. Eventually real heroes are always dignified for generation after generation and following by them our future generation will be on the right track.

In conclusion, although it is hard to argue that there are still people who are famous for their notorious behavior, the majority of celebrities nowadays demonstrate healthy personal images, which the public can learn from.

In conclusion, although I accept that the youth is easily effected by some negative examples of celebrities, I believe that other famous persons are still positive models.

In conclusion, although I accept that the youth is easily affected by some negative examples of celebrities, I believe that other famous persons are still positive models.

In conclusion, although I accept that the youth is easily affected by some negative examples of celebrities, I believe that other famous people are still positive models.

In conclusion, there are lots of bad and good influences for young people. Young people's parents need to control their kid, so they are able to access diligent people who are working well by themselves. If they could follow better example as mention positive way, so they will get a successful their life.

to sum up although some celebrities are famous for their glamours, there are still categories of famous people who are known for their hard work through out years of practice and these people can be a good inspiration for young people.

Hi Simon, here is my conclusion:

In conclusion, although there are some famous people best known for nothing but their fortunes and extravagant lifestyles, hard-working and true talents remain the primary way to become famous. Those who are famous for their career success could be a great inspiration for youngsters.

Papa swetha for sure u will get less band not in conclusion,but use in speaking for good band

Dear Simon,

Here is my conclusion. Please have a look.

In conclusion, it seems to me that there are many celebrities those who are very famous act as positive role models for young generation but little bit celebrities set a bad example for children.

In conclusion, although certain celebrities tend to portray the image of glitter and glamour, there are others who can provide a source of inspiration for our youth. These are famous personalities who are a symbol of humbleness, hard work, dedication and application.

dear Simmons
because the topic say that Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements . So It seem that the second body paragraph doesnt make sense I dont get it plz explain for me . Thank you so much

Hi Simon! This is my first time to experience your blog, hope you take time to read my conclusion and tell me how it stand a chance.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that famous people who only embody the luxury of life set a bad influence to the young. In contrary to that, those who manages to progressively achieve their popularity symbolize how life is sweeter with perseverance and correct values.

In conclusion, I must say that there are both the examples good and bad, it totally depends on young people to whom they should follow.

In conclusion, generally, the impressions left by the celebrities are to affect and manipulate people's behaviour and coping of influential figures in society, rather than the way, how they became famous. Therefore, I personally, refute the assumption of " any glamorous celebrity without achievements, is a bad idol".

In conclusion,it can be said that although some celebs influencing youngsters negatively however,the positive message delivered by many should not be neglected.
(please simon guide me if my conclusion does not make any sense???)

In concludion, there are certain celebrites who are more sensitive to their status symbol to actual achievements. These individuals are definately not the ones for young people to follow. Those ones who like Jackie Chan who worked for his achievements determinately are the positive role models for young people.

In conclusion, there are still people celebrated today for there genuine hard work and achievements and the media should try and talk more of such people other than those who are celebrated because of the acquired riches and fame.

To conclude, children need to learn straigh way to achive their goals and aims. So that, they have to know, such as famaus actors,sport stars, artists how are they acquired fame and ambitious. It would be god occasion for developing children.

In conclusion, there are some celebrities that aren’t good role models to young people because these types of famous people just spend their money and they are solely worried to promote their appearance, whereas others work diligently in order to achieve their goals in their lives. These are considered as a perfect example to inspire children.

In conclusion, I think few strangers may be famous for a short time having beauty with a simple effort, but overall most who worked hard are succeed to set a position in society to be icon permanently

In conclusion, although there are some bad apples that have gained their status from sources that might mislead the future generation, there are more public figures whom have won their fame fair and square with outstanding credentials and achievements. I believe they will outshine the others in the long run and will continue to serve as exemplars that inspires our children.

hi simon
i can't find your simple conclusion of this essay.
where can i find it?
please tell me.

In a nutshell, I believe that some of the celebrities are famous for their glamor but there are people who did a great job in their respective fields and can be considered as a perfect example to inspire the young generation.

In conclusion, the world will always have two kinds of celebrities. But it is up to the young generation to choose their icon wisely based on their background. I beleive hard work will be the right path to success.

personally, celebrities are making negative impacts on the young generation. They should think twice before doing something and try to be a good sample to the young.

In conclusion, There may be some celebrities who got recognition for their wealth and glamour, but there are more celebrities who achieved success from their good behavior and hard work where youth can take them as their role models to be successful in their lives.

From those examples, we can summarize that I agree that some famous celebrities gain their fame from wealth rather than their works, which indeed poses a negative example to children. However, we still can pay attention to those who gain their achievement by their diligence and inspire our children that hard-working makes your talents and abilities fully develop.

In conclusion, there are celebrities who gain their fame by their glamorous lifestyles or wrong attitude, which can have negative impact to the young people. However, other good roles model of celebrities have shown young people to understand great effort and determination are necessary to be successful.

In conclusion ,while i accept that there are some famous people widely known for thier glamour and lifestyle,I strongly believe that there remain countless people who endure hardship and hardworking to accomplish thier target and achive success and young peole should view the latter as a role model rather than the former.

In conclusion, I accept the fact that some celebrities are famous for their glamors lifestyle set a bad example for teenagers while there are famous people demonstrated there skills, hard work and determination set a role model for younger generation , it lies in ones individual intellect to consider the positive aspects which define them in future.

In conclusion, I believe that there are celebrities who influence the youngest negatively however, some celebrities inspire children in a positive way.

In these days celebrities are more fame their glamorous and their lifestyles is really so different.I agree that these celebrities set bad example to young people and i believe that celebrities are act positive work.
On the other hand,famous people glamorous their service and their attitude.Now a days lots of people achieve their fame inherited their family.Their lifestyles is easy and comfortable but they can not understand the worst of time.Most of the time they like to go pub,nightclub and party and waste their time.This type of famous i think ignorable.In example in my country Rashel Shah got more popularity day by day but he got success only through his parents.His business is increased every day.
Other hand lots of people get fame their own ability,talent and their work.I trust talent is one kind of success who famed one day.This sort of people really fell happy because they understand the meaning of success.Famous people all time get royalty from another typical people.In my point of view a set of people has got fame their youngest age.I think it is really bad impact to their life.Lots of actress,player,musician they got famed middle of their age.In circumstances they got hurry up reality of the world.Aiming easily fill up and see the world .Self dependent is greatest weapon i think so.
In summarize,celebrities are famous who achieve their goals of their ability.

In conclusion,celebrities have both negative and positive impact in our society.

In summary, people become popular for standard life style and work they did. But those people who achieve success and popularity by their deed not by glamorous lifestyle remains for long term. Those celebrities are taken as a role model by young generation. on the other hand, glamorous celebrities are famous for short term and set the bad impression in long run.

At the last, I would like to infer that celebrities who gained their success in a very short span of time, could have a detrimental effects on young people. Hence, I would like to put my pen down by saying the "A word is enough for a wise man".

In conclusion, being a famous celebrity because of their achievemens,determination and hardwork,inculcates a positive outlook to young people. They will be the living inspiration of today's young minds.

To recapitulate,in my point of view, 'every coin has two sides' same way,some celebrities use bad ways to get success and make wrong inspiration for innocent youngsters whereas other encourage for hard work and right way to get success

In conclusion, despite the fact that celebrities in this era,reach their fame through glamour or the money they have, there are some, who can be real good role model for their hardwork and effort to be succesfull.

In conclusion, not all famous celebrities become known only for their extravagant lifestyle and living. There are still some showbiz personalities who work to inspire and set as a role model for today's younger generation.

To recapitulate briefly, celebrities could inspire others having the ambitions, the real dreaming and coming over difficult situations to get great achievement.

After considering all the facts, celebrities could be a good example for young generation that they can look up to, as long as they choose the correct one.

Please share what you feel abut below essay:

Celebrities are often more known for their beauty and wealth than the actual accomplishments. People follows celebrities and more interested to know about their lavish life style and personal life. They argue that it's also form of entertainment and there is no harm of it to society. However, others believes that it set wrong example where celebrities becomes famous because of glamour and wealth; then their work.

Celebrities mostly belong to entertainment industry and many believes that its absolutely fine for people and media to follow this celebrities for their glamour, dress collections and life style. For instance, many people watch or read about this celebrities, just for entertainment and fun.

However, we can denies the fact that celebrities are the role models for many young girls and boys. This young people wants to follow the same path, as that of their celebrities, which often has become famous not because of any impressive work or achievement. This set a wrong path for many youth and thus effecting the whole society in general. Celebrities should be known for their work and accomplishments. Media should also be sensitive here and make sure that they are not giving much attention just to glamour. Celebrities has to be best in their field of work and thus will influence young people in positive way.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that celebrities, who are much known for their beauty and wealth are definitely setting a wrong precedence. It's influencing the youth in a bad way.

to sum up I would say celebrities could be positive as well as negative roll models for young generation, so why not be the one to lead your followers the true and accurate way of achievement to their goals.

From my perspective, the younger generation should not be blinded by the beauty, glamor and materialistic lifestyle of celebrities, which are all superficial. I believe it would be better to look into a celebrity's attitude towards work and the desire to improve or the lack thereof.

to conclude, not all of the celebrities are setting bad examples for our young generation to follow.in fact, some of them inspired them to follow their dreams by hard work and determination.

To sum up, it seems to be a preconceived idea that all celebrated people having achieved glamour and wealth are bad examples for the youth. The general public should have a look at their achievements as well as talents before drawing a conclusion.

To conclude, one should get inspire from famous people's acheivements rather than their wealth and beauty to become successful person in the society.

In conclusion,young adults are easily influenced by the model of celebrities in certain ways, and there have had already good samples of successful famous actors of artists who obviously affect to adults in positive ways . Beside that, some aureole of celebrities may lead to misunderstanding of young people about success.

In conclusion, i strongly believe that some celebrities give negative guidance to the children, while some other famous stars are best known for their hard work and positive image.

In conclusion, while some celebrity show negative influenced for children. I believe that certain celebrity can inspire others to be successful person.

Actors, musicians and sports stars become famous idols because they have worked hard and applied themselves to develop real skills and abilities.

develop or developing??

In conclusion, I agree with the idea that some celebrities who become famous because of their fortunes or charming life style can be bad models for youngsters, but there are many famous people with hard-working and true talents who insprise for the younger generation in positive way.

To sum up, few of celebrities' lifestyle can be more glamorous or ostentatious and can affect young people badly. However, the vast majority of celebrities can be a good model for our children's achievements.

In conclusion, in today's generation the fame of celebreties doesn't lie on their palms. Some are due to wealth and glamour lifestyle. Therefore, the real self actualization in life can be achieved through hard work, patience and perseverance in everything you do. Without these you cannot reach the real success in life.

To sum up,we are easy to catch the good things at the famous, but not very simple to recognise the limited sides, even themselves.

I think in this essay we really do not need to write conclusion for the sake of last paragraph contains conclusion.

To sum up, it is true that celebrates can give us positive and negative attitude in our person life. I think it is up to what you want to do and it will present in your lifestyle.

In conclusion, good models for young adults do displayed by successful celebrities despite some of them are famous for their inherited wealth than achievement.

In conclusion, although those celebrities who become famous because of their fortune may lead youths astray, simultaneously, there are a large proportion of famous people who are unrelenting in pursuing their dreams, which will definitely make a terrific role model among children.

Finally, children shold not affected by wrong fame which may lead them to dogmatic personality. In addition , it may unbalance their approach to successful life.

To sum up, it is undeniable that many famous people gives more importance to their fashion-style than their accomplishments. However, some celebrities inspire our society to be better human-beings through their performance.

after pondering the whole situation I reached to the conclusion that nowadays youngsters get accord to imitate famous celebrities. they forgot hard work and believe in wealthy life style and they also get habitual to procrastination.

In conclusion, although the negative influences of several celebrities on children are undeniable, it appears to me that there are still positive cases from which the young can learn.

Hello, I think, IELTS is all about drama; because, when I tried in Australia for several time to achive 6 in each band, unfortunately, I could not meet the writing part. Finally, I'v decided to sit in my own country. Surprisingly, I achieved in one go L8, W6, S7.5 & R 6.5... In my opinon, IELTS writing part is not marked or justified properly and same goes with the speaking part. Anyone can explain why is so difference??

u r right

All in all, celebrities should know that whatever they do, it influence their followers, either it is charity work or material possession. After then only they can be seen as a good good role model for upcoming generation.

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