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June 28, 2014


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thank you, Simon!
These advices are quite useful and I'll keep following them.

Hi Simon,

1. Can we use words like I or We during personal examples in Task-2 ?
2. Can we use imaginary stories and imaginary facts e.g. to write about a study of facts & figures (although they are actually not real) ?

No problem Do Quoc.


I'll answer those questions in tomorrow's lesson Hwarraich.

Hi Simon,

It is a great piece of advice. But when we give examples, can we make it up? For instance, giving a false example about a certain fact or figure.

By the way, when we prepare for the speaking test, it is better to write the whole sentence and passage or just ideas?

Hi Simon,
I prepared IELTS with your helpful website and I achieved. Here is my score:
Especially in speaking test, the examiner asked me about taking photos.Hopefully I saw exactly the same question on this website, this incerased my speaking score :)

Thanks Simon


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