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June 22, 2014


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amazing answer!!

I think there is a gramitical error ("your") in the following sentence.

"Please let me know if your require any further information."

If I am wrong, please correct me.

Wow... Absolutely detailed letter.
Thank you so much sir,

I learn many new things from your answer.
Thanks a lot.

Waiting for thr another task, to be given by you.

Hi simon,
I am urgently want your help I wrote Ielts exam but I answered my task2 as a discussion question notarguments one as it is needed and I mentioned I completely agree on one of both views although I mentioned two views in the essay body and stated my position in intro in body and in conclusion...please advise about penalised band

Hlo simon, I want to know that is it true that we can write more than 250 words in task 2 .Please answer sir.

Hi Simon,
I have been looking at your blog since couple of days, and I find your approach to preparation very interesting compared to others that I have come across.You tell us the kind of things I would tell myself after many hours of prep.Your insights surely save a lot of time.I am just curious how much you scored in your IELTS test. I am sure you must have tested yourself.

I had taken it 5 years back and need to take it again and get 8 in all. My scores were 8, 8.5 6 and 6.5 in listening, speaking, academic reading and writing respectively.


Well spotted!


Your story is very confusing, but the only thing we want is a clearly expressed opinion. Many candidates worry endlessly about this idea of 'discussion versus argument' - the only thing you have to do is answer the question. If it asks you if you agree, give you opinion and then support it. If it says discuss both sides, spend a paragraph on each side and then say which one you find more convincing.

Ritu LIdhar

There is no maximum word limit in IELTS but in general, if you are writing over 300 words then you are probably using poor referencing and imprecise vocabulary. Aim for around 270 to 280.


As Simon is a native speaker he probably hasn't done an actual IELTS test (if you have, tell us your scores!). I've done many practice listening and reading tests and I can tell you that they are not easy, even for us natives.

Thanks Ritu but my problem that I wrote an ielts exam in 21 june I thought the question is discussion although it was an opinion question so I wrote as discussion one and I stated that I completely agree in one part of the question and dicussed both views. However, I should talk about one view as a result if my completely agreed i think if I mentioned I partially agree, it would be more sense.
Please advise how I would be penalised
Because of that


The problem you are describing is not a discussion or argument issue, it's simply a lack of a consistent opinion. If you examined the positives of two sides of an issue in a balanced way and then you totally agree with one side without refuting the other then in theory the opinion may lack consistency. It's impossible to say how this could affect your score without seeing the essay but the 7 band in task response asks for a clear and consistent opinion and therefore this box may not reach a 7.

Well noticed Khairul. I'd call it a 'typo' (typing mistake) rather than a grammatical error ;) I'll change it in a moment.


I think sjm has answered the other questions just as well as I could. Thanks again sjm.

Hi Sjm,
As I posted before, I had taken it 5 years back and need to take it again and get 8 in all. My scores were 8, 8.5 6 and 6.5 in listening, speaking, academic reading and writing respectively.


Hi Simon,

I wrote down some 7 band vocabulary please let me know if it right stuff.

make an insurance claim
inherited from my grandfather
made of gold
worth a considerable
great sentimental value
left the watch
washed out to sea
took out comprehensive travel insurance
lost items are covered


170 words? Did I count it right?

Should there be a space between "Yours faithfully" and the name?


Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing this letter to make an insurance claim regarding my wristwatch.
The wristwatch was very valuable to me because my parents had gifted to me due to my graduation, it was made from gold and made it in Swiss.

Let explain the situation to you, my family & I had been on vacation last week to Italy, we had decided to have a tour inside the island by a boat, while I had fun with the kids, my wristwatch has fell into the water. So, I could not find it because the water was so deep.

I have enrolled in travel insurance to get a reimbursement for any valuable items might be lost, therefore , I would be grateful if you could appraise my lost item and expedite the process claim.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further inquiries or questions.

Yours Faithfully,

Khaled ٍSaid

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