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June 27, 2014


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To Simon

I am from Thailand and i am going to take an exam tomorrow .
What are possible topic picked up for speaking part2 ?
And how can i predict the question on writing task2 ? Would it be possible to be simiar to / the same as previous topics that onces were used during May to early June ?

my exam is tomorrow in the uk. im so stressed. wish me luck

Last year I went to my home country to celebrate Christmas with my family. This brought as all together. We were about 15 people around the table including my 3 sisters and their husbands, my 4 nieces, my parents, my husband, my daughter and me. Each of us helped organised this event. For example, girls did the cooking, whereas the boys took care of the ornaments. We all had a great time together and enjoyed each other company. The most special moment was when we offered and received gifts, especially children were on the tenterhooks to open their presents. This event made me appreciate my family even more and I promised myself to try and spend more time with them henceforth.

Good Luck!

thx Daisy

good luck hibba

recently, I celebrated my brother's birthday. it was a small gathering including my parents and husband. all of us bought a present for him beside a birthday cake showing that he got 33. my mother did her best by cooking his favorite meal called Kebab . we were all happy that we had a chance to be next to each other and fortunate enough to show our fondness, love, and caring toward each other by having nice chats, making each other laugh and snaping photos. the moments which may not be repeated later in life

I try to adapt one of your topic, so here's my speaking:
I'm going to describe my brother''s birthday that i attended just lask week. We went for a meal in a local restaurant to celebrate his biirthday. There were about 10 of us, family members, and some of his close friends, most of them were people i've known since childhood because i and my brother used to play together. We met at restaurant and ordered some food, while we ate, everyone chatted, my brother has a good sense of humour so the conversations were really funny. I and my family prepared a special gift for my brother, it's actually my dad's ideal. We gave him a watch, 1989 Citizen, which was his favorite brand. 1989 was his birth year and the time was set to 4.30am which was the time that he was born on 3rd March. It was great to get together with faimily and friends. I had some intersting conversations, it was good oppoturnity to catch up with what my childhood friends had been up to. It was nice to wind down after hard week, the food was delicious and we went home feeling full after a fantastic meal.

Last month the 3rd was an amazing day,when me and my family celebrated my cousin's wedding in her house.Different from Europe countries, we Vietnamese families are often celebrate at home, not in the church. Well, wedding day is a particular occation, it's obviously should be prepared thoroughly. My cousin was very happy when hundred of people came to her party to gave her special gifts as well as their wishes for her marriage. I was there to help her with my family, we decorated all the tables and sorted the flowers.I love being with people in such special occations.We ate together,we cheered, we laughed and even did selfie together because we were so in high spirits! It was so nice and memorable to me and my fa mily.

As for me, a celebration that i never forget is the 2011 Tet holiday, a traditional one organized every three first days of the first month of the new lunar year. All my family members are present at that occasion.We all together prepared for the Tet like cleaning, decorating the house,making many dishes and the like. This occasion was special and joyful for me because of following reasons. First, all family members from different places came back home and enjoyed the Tet together. Second, that was the first Tet after I got married. So it was special and more interesting because my family have a new member. Also, it was the first time I could enjoy the Tet with my life partner. For those reasons, the sweet and happy memory of that Tet holiday is unforgettable.

I am going to talk about a family celebrate that i can remember now.It was last three months ago.It was my birthday party and celebrated in my home.My whole family members and my relatives and lots of friends attended in my home.In that time we arranged many things for enjoying.We danced with each other and sang song.I served the total food system.I got lots of gifts.First of all i have cut my cake and given a piece every one .In that cake my name was written.Secondly i served some soft drinks .To sum up i want to so i had never been to that situation a and i will remember forever .

Dear Simon,
I have a question about listening part.
Should I take note of everything I have listened and then answer the questions base on those notes? or should I just read the questions and wait for the answer while listening.
Thank you so much for your very productive lessons

Two years ago,my sister came home from sydney,australia.It was days before Christmas. Our family was so amazed to see her,because she didn't inform us that she will be coming home.
I was the one who organized a christmas party. The employees who works for my parents were also invited.My parents attended the party,our siblings,cousins,and also some friends.We prepared gifts for the children and games for the adults.There were cash prizes and special gifts to anyone who will win.We all danced and sang while drinking wine.We enjoyed the party a lot,most especially because we were all together.The family was complete during Christmas Eve.

Describe a family celebration that you remember. You should say

- what you were celebrating
- who was present
- what you and your family did to make the celebration special
- and why you enjoyed the occasion.
Last month, my family hold a birthday party for my daddy. Well, this is a great family celebration. This party included 5 people: my dad, my mom, younger sister and younger brother and me. In this special day, my mom made a birthday cake for 48 years old, decorated our house, prepared a big present and made delicious dishes. This is a remarkable memory I can't forget.

I would like to talk about New year party of 2014,in every part of the worlds people celebrate new year with lot of fun i along with my families and some relatives just plan to gather together for the celebration of new year.we conduct party on our own house. To make our party special i manage music system and other member of my family prepared different variety of disc like nepalese,indian,and chinese cusine.I really enjoyed the party because after many couples of year we all were together talking and sharing our felling,thought and just enjoing the moment beside that we also listened different songs, danced and sang till mid night.It was my memorial moment in my life which provide me lot of fun, entertainment so it was my best new year ever...

In Iran, in our country, each year we celebrate the new year, we called noruze. For celebrating this especial event all the family gathering together and sit around the table which is prepared with 7 things, that names started with s we called sin in persian, like sib, started with s you called apple and so on. Another thing is that we always wear the new clothes in order to change ourselves like year, we all are happy, and mothers cook the special food with rice, vegetables and fish which we called sabzipolobamahi, and also, in 2 week before the norouz, we planted the seeds like wheat and watered these until they grow up enough, it's a symbol of lives, in the past it was a way to recognise which seeds are better for plant

Well I would like to talk about the Lunar New Year holiday for the year of horse in 2014. It was special because this was the first time my whole family gathered in my parents' house to wellcome the Lunar New Year. All of us total up to 10 people included my parents, my nuclear family and my brother's family. Each of us in charge of particular things to prepare for the celebration. The children cleaned up the house, me and my sister in law were in charge of shopping and cooking traditional foods. My brother decorated the house with a peach. On the LNY eve, we hanged out to the downtown to watch dragon parade and then came back home and drank some champagne. It was so wonderful time as we fell the close knit atmosphere and left all the concerns behind.

Ok, then . i think could start off by answering the question what i was celebrating. i guess, i would have to choose it was my parents 50th wedding aniversary.
Going on my next point which is who was present and what i need to emphasize here is that there were quite alot of people who are my family, my relatives and my friends.
Drawing attention to the matter of what i and my family did to make the celebration special , and what i would like to make clear is that because my parents were so busy that is the reason why this was the first time, my parents had been celebrated their wedding aniversary . My siblings and i secretly planned a surprise party for them. On that day, while they still went to the office as a rule, at home we prepared everything such as decorating the house with colourful balloons,buying foods, inviting guests. in the afternoon, when they came back home from their offices, they were so amazed. Everybody gave them gifts with bestwishes. They were so emotional, then they just managed to make a short speech thanking everyone for coming and then we partied into the night.
Finally, if there's time, i could deal with the last question of why i enjoyed this occasion because it made my parents make merry.

Although there are a lot of special family celebrations I can remember. One that I have to mention is the event that took place on August 2013.

I picked this particular event because we used a stone to kill two birds. That is we celebrated two occasions on one day. My parents 40th wedding anniversary and dad 71st birthday.

All children, grand children and well wishers attended this joyous event. My dad's house was parked full with a lot of people who came around to wish them well.

To make it a special occasion we all went to church in the morning to give a special thanksgiving and immediately after the church service we went to visit the motherless babies home to celebrate with them. I had a wonderful time with my family and especially with the children at the motherless homes.

Hello I took the IELTS speaking test yesterday, and here are some questions I was asked.

1.Can u describe a gadget that ever made you angry.(Tv set,watshing mashing)
2.How you felt.
3.And what you later did.

Well, I used to be angry with my smart phone. It was bought by my boyfriend for my graduation celebration. Its brand is Sony Ericsion. It has a wide screen, is white and nice looking. But I am used to a traditional phone, I mean, a phone with keyboard, thus I was not very interested with a smartphone.

At first, this phone operated well. Then, it became slower and slower. Sometimes it even stops functioning suddenly, which made me very frustrated. I often have to wait for it to function, for example when I search my contacts and press call button, i had to wait! I really thought that the phone was my major cause of frustration during that time.

Well, as it was a present, a quite expensive one. So I tried to get used to it and accept its low speed. Then one day, my boyfriend was pick-pocketed whike he was carrying the phone for me. I felt a little regret but now I'm ok with a new simple phone with buttons.

Hi there Im taking my general ielts exam on aug. 2 can somebdy help me .... please post some question on writing and speaking last july ielts bexam general thank you... from canada

I am going to talk about the last celebration family that I was there

This is my older brotherโ€™s birthday .it took place at our home 3 months ago . he was 27 years old .there are our relatives and my parents ..al of them got present for my brother and give them to him after putting out candles on the birthday cake .we all sang songs like happy birthday song and playing some interesting games together and we also taking photos for us to remind us these wonderful moments in the future and I enjoyed because I met and talked with all members of my family and taking photos with them ..it was really wonderful birthday party and my brother was happy too

thank you for all post that have helped me much in my exam


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