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July 20, 2014


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I'm really looking forward to that Simon. I am also an IELTS trainer and I wish to see the class size and the way you keep your student's interest alive. Most of my students get bored mid-way in the lectures.

Here's a tip Ching - reduce the 'lectures' and increase the 'action' in the room. Students who are constantly doing things definitely get bored less often.

we are waiting for your "live" video lessons to have the other approach to the IELTS exam. I think everybody will love it too. please make it as soon as possible. thank you!

Sorry for off topic, please I need an advice from sjm and other ielts trainers. I found my speaking is kind of monotone and very slow. The slow speed speaking is kind if habit that i kept since i was young even with my mother tongue. When I do writing it aint be a problem, but it severly affects my speaking and the reaction of listeners. They felt boring and sleepy no matter how I try to avoid monotone due to slow speed. How can I speed up...

I' m sure all student will be so excited to hear that. Thank you and thumbs up for that.

Brian - I m afraid I have the same problem , I m a slow speaker even in my native language.In fact, I love being quiet !! People who speak fast, they annoy me.
But I have noticed it that I loose my words especially when my "ultra sensitive sixth sense "makes me feel something strange. ( it happened twice in exam when I could have said a lot, but I chose to say nothing or just little)
Anyway, if u learn something about this problem, plz do share on Simon's site. Brian are you a very sensitive person ?

Thank you! Although I passed the IELTS exam, I still learning from this website everyday. I do looking forward to your courses. Thank you, Simon!

yes, definitely we courage you do so.

Dear Simon,
Thank you for all the lessons you have brought us and I really learned a lot from you!

But I have a question about general writing:
In this lesson,
Can I ending a formal with surname letter with "Yours faithfully,"?


I'll be the biggest fan for this live lesson haha. Good luck on your work! Hope you remember me :)!

I don't have enough vocabulary to appreciate you. Just I want to tell you, thanks a lot .


Here are a few comments:

1. Speed in IELTS is not a major problem, as long as you are not unnaturally slow. Many natives speak quite slowly as well.
2. A 'monotone' voice, however, is a problem in IELTS. The sound of the voice needs to 'match' what you are saying to some extent, because this is a feature of English speech.
3. To begin a new speech habit, you need to start pushing your limits and move outside your comfort zone. I would immediately begin 'shadow talking' for around 10 to 30 minutes per day. This means find a video clip where a native is talking at native speed and with native intonation, and copy them as closely as you can. Over time you will find your mouth will begin to get more comfortable with an increased speed, and your voice will begin to increase its range as well.
4. If you are serious about making a real change, then see an acting coach who is a native English speaker. They will be able to push you to be more expressive and give you exercises designed to add native-like features to your speech.

This is not easy. I have done this type of training for a number of years and it can have dramatic effects but it needs time, commitment and a strong willingness to change.


The answer is yes, you can, however it's always good to know the technical rule.

انا بانتظار الدروس بالفديو

I'm waiting ;)

Maha- Thanks for comments I am not that senstive person I had several times making a pause because of thinking what to say rather than felling something strange. So i think it is not about mynfeeling problem.

SJM- always thank you for the sincere advice, I had several ielts speaking courses and they also couldnt correct me though they pointed out the problems. I was also thinking for musical kind of practice which focus on how to deliver my speech and it is where i have problem. Thank you from today i will starts shadow speaking first. I hope to improve ..

reminded me of
acheive the aim
move outside your comfort zone
serious about
shadow talking
Over time
dramatic effects
strong willingness

Good luck!Looking forward taking video lessons:)

Dear Simon,
I am having a problem that frustrates me a lot. I think I have a wrongly-oriented task 2 response and a word of wrong spelling. Which band score may I receive?

Thanks guys, I'll do my best to get the video course started in September!

Great new! Good to hear that Mr Simon, thanks to your site, I passed IELTS requested. I am in Vietnam, I visit your site everyday with one simple aim still want to get higher score for better career.

Cool, that would be wonderful!
Is there any chance you would come and teach (even a few lessons) in Glasgow?

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