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July 26, 2014


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Hi, teacher and friends...
I've just joined here, so I'd be glad if anoyone willingly can help me how to use this website...

Hello Simon !
Please help me figure out the right answer .
What is the difference between "be subject to" and "be subjected to "?

Hi Simon,
I've recieved my result for the exam in 12th of july. It is just enough for me to pass for university admission. I've found your website very useful and interesting. Thank you so much for your effort to teach English to everyone.

Thanks again

Hi Kamala,

There isn't a particular way that I advise people to use the site. Just have a look around and see what you find.


Hi Mary,

Here's a good explanation:



Congratulations Tuan! Good luck at university!

Hi teacher,
Thank you...

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