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July 27, 2014


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Oh God...my dearest teacher u always make me say something..
Would you please also help to identify the FACTORS which may prevent someone from doing that HARD WORK. Because u always have a very Deep insight into your students problems.
I know many people...eps. people with Low intelligence think that they know the secret , and they dont work and dont worry either, or just worry for other things.
Sir I will appreciate your insightful advice or 'thoughtfulness 'about this Matter.

wow!!! your awesome Simon. Thanks for your wonderful advice. Looking at the diagram I realized that, I am in worry cycle and will certainly follow the above guidance of success cycle.

Is there anyone else who feels that Simon will write part 1 writing report about this topic

For example. This two diagrams illustrate how diffetent students approach to english study

I love your post, it's absolutely wonderful piece of advice. Thank you so much.

Hmm I Think I am in worry cycle, that's why I do not feel any improvement... I will get out this cycle soon...Thanks, teacher...

The great teacher gives the great lessons...

Massive thanks and the best wishes to you and your family.

you indeed have a deep understanding of what it is like to study English for non-English native

Simon....You are wonderful.....I really mean it....

I just found your website address and I wish I found it earlier as my exam is due in less than a month....

you are the best teacher . . . your posts I might say is the best teacher....

I feel that I don't need to worry about finding a good tutor anymore because I have found the best one.....

I will not give up if I do not get the result i want.... because I know how to practise and prepare for IELTS

Hi Simon,
I am a private English teacher teaching abroad. I have 2 students who wish to take the IELTS exam to emigrate.
Whilst here in Liverpool I have been researching the methods of actually teaching IELTS by visiting the University of Liverpool, LSE and the central library coming away with larger headaches each time.
Rather than buying books which may not be suitable could you advise me what you consider to be the ideal source material to learn how to actually teach IELTS.
I fully appreciate that there is a large amount of material on the internet and at Cambridge Universities site but I need to understand the techniques to allow students, who are not even intermediary, to focus on the exam.
Naturally I am teaching the normal forms of English but it seems there is nothing provided as an on-line course to help me. Could you (or do you) provide this?
I need a teachers guide for all the 9 levels and a students guide for each level. I really don't fancy printing loads of papers sorry.
I am currently enrolled to take a 150 hour on-line TEFL course with TEFL-UK in Manchester.


Dear Simon,

thank you that you reposted this,i am new here and didnt see iy before,it is true.
reposting is useful for people like me new here,thanks for your effort,help,prescious time to help us,you feel us and we all apreciate that.
please i want to ask you ,as i am new here and lot if others like me what is your advice to prepare for IElTS how?what are the materials?do yoy advice us to enroll in courses or we can do it by our selves?in fact we need plan made by you for those who want to prepare by themselves because of their circumstances ?

i hope you see my very important question and reply me here or as advice like today's advice

many thanks,

Thank Simon

thanks simon.i had some new powers

Simon. Do u do ielts course online? In speaking and writing only. Thanx

Hi Simon and everyone!
This is really my cup of tea, however, I never worry about exams.
but this is the best way to motivate those IELTS s' students who worry,and it is great for them to follow the first step which you mentioned.

As all we know,if you want to succed there is no substitute for hard working.

wish you all the best

Hi simon, I am happy to see your site, I am just wondering about my reading , I just did few paper I am unable to reach my score, please help in this regard, which I can follow, is there any book please let me know, thank u

think scientifically or spiritually?that's the way all the hard jobs in the universe should on.

Excellent advice for students who desire to take sufficiently result on time.

hi Simon I need your help.please suggest me to get ielts score 6.5..

Hello Simon,
I want to many advice from you to improvement according to four skills, ielts band score near 6.

Hi simon,
I am really belong to second graph. I need to concentrate on first one.Thank you verymuch to help me to change my mind.

It is really an useful advice, thank to simon a lots for awake up my mind, an essential and base way to study english :)

Dear Simon,

I hope you enjoyed your holidays.
I recently did my IELTS exam in Valencia, 19th July (GT) and my results were not bad :

Listening 6.5 - Reading 5.5- Writing 7.5 - Speaking 6

The writing was indeed the best one¡¡ I tried to follow all your guidelines and they really worked very well¡¡¡ I also bought your ebook about the IELTS topics and it was really helpful. Thanks a lot for your significant contribution to that result¡¡

Well, after working really hard for a while, especially the speaking and the writing part I felt really disappointed with the Speaking result because I really expected to achieve a 7. I am aware that the Examiners are doing a great work but I am just trying to understand why I couldn't finally achieved a 7 when I felt very comfortable with the topic about consumerism and the rest of the questions related to this common topic.
I don't know what to do. Maybe I could apply for an enquiry about this specific part of the exam or maybe it is not advisable to do it because it won't change the final band score result.
Would you please give me your piece of advice? I know you were an Examiner and you can really give me a great point of view.

I would really appreciate your help.

hi simon ,iam really tensed about how to achieve 7 bands even i can not sleep well in worries please guide me what i have to do?

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