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July 06, 2014


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I remember this. sometimes I lose mark because of it

Hello Simon !
Is it correct to write " anything's missing" in informal writing ? instead of "anything is missing"

or , "david's going"

answer to up-stair

Definitely you should write essay without any abbreviation.
So the correct is "anything is missing"
"david is going" something like that:)

Hope will help you

Mr. Simon, how can I have your ebook, the idea for ielts, while I have no paypal account. I have tried using a MasterCard but it is failed

Hi Simon,

When I do the listening test, the noun in the script is plural but the correct answer is singular and vice versa. That is very confusing.

Are there any rules for singular/plural nouns?

Hello Mr. Simon
I'd like to study IELTS to prepare myself to the exam. I need to months to register to it.
Cloud you tell me how i will prepare myself to it in four skills.

Oh, I often make these mistakes. Now I know it and never forget. Thanks!

Hi! Should we follow formal writing format when it comes to the IELTS test?

Hi everyone !

thousand of thumbs up Simon.
You've mentioned such a vital point
Thanks a ton

Thousands of thumb up or thousand of thumbs up?

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