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July 15, 2014


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Dear Simon
1. For " fill in the blanks using no more than two or three words from the passage" , can we use synonyms or should it be the exact word from the passage ?

2. For listening part, can we write all our answers using only CAPITAL LETTERS ? ( as it may help to avoid many mistakes)

Thank you.

I personally enjoy watching documentaries of any kind. This way I improve my 'ear', as you always say, and I also learn interesting new things about different subjects. I'm glad I found out about your website. This was about 6 months ago, and I've been following your lessons daily since then. Thank you!

THANK u simon

I recommend Ted Talks videos. You can find anything that you interest. There are also subtitles for many languages. Here is the website : www.ted.com

Thanks Simon,

By the way, could you explain the meaning of the preposition 'by'? Does it mean 'before' or 'after'?

For example, if I write: by this stage, the water is boiled by the hot air from the reactor; does it mean the action happens before or after the previous stage?

HI Simon,

This is about IELTS Cambridge 9 Listening part, question 9.

Could you please explain, why the right answer is 4:30 and not 4:30 pm ? It's really strange for me because:
1) the similar wordings of Dates/Times in this column have "pm" format
2) the rule for this question says: 'No more than 2 words and/or a number' - so 4:30 pm is OK in this case

Thank you for everythink you've done

I find it very useful to listen to BBC Radio 4 every day.

Very useful video, thank you Simon!

Dear Simon, I really interested in language teaching method for young children (especially baby) Could you suggest more video?

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