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July 07, 2014


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The package is exclusive of laundry service and meals.

my older brother have used all his tact in order to show his mastery in convincing my father.

The only pitfall of this brand new camera is taking only static images, exclusive of movie clips.

Anybody who has given ielets in manchester on 19june ?any of u have got results yet online?plz help

We decided to send him to the acting technique school as he could mimic other people perfectly.
Teaching requires knowing ground rules of Pedagogics
That was a really cognitive movie>

1) The ground rule to score high marks in reading is improving vocabulary.
2) It is very hard to mimic like a IELTS 9 band scorer without obtaining it for actually.
3) The likelihood of getting high score in IELTS reading improves a lot by improving vacabulary.
4) My brother went outside of the building to pick up the signal of his mobile phone.
5) A pitfall most of IELTS test takers encounter is taking Reading test without improving vocabulary considerably.
6) Getting mastery level knowledge in vocabulary is not that much hard if one put required efforts.

1. The vacation package is exclusive of meals arrangement.
2. She dabbed her friend at the shoulder.
3. He tried to mimic the magician’s tricks but failed.
4. This printer can make this static image into a 3D object.
5. Her mastery of singing has made her become one of the most popular singer in the world.
6. Read the instructions carefully or you will get stuck in the pitfall.
7. These are the ground rules of soccer.
8. There is a strong likelihood that it will rain today.

-exclusive of his manner towards me, he has good nature
-he dabbed his shoulder with his finger
-this tool mimics the use of power of PCs.
-A static image of economy never gives real information of the nature of economy
-a master degree does not mean that you have a mastery of a specific field
-the approach towards people should be cognitive not just pragmatic way , emotions also play an important role in human relations
-the pitfalls of being in middle east might be exiting
-the ground rule of being alive is that stay away from all prospective blowish places
-the likelihood of reliable future's networks increase every single day thank to advancement of technology
-this girl , i guess, sends me signals but sadly i am too shy to pick up her signals

1.is the total exclusive of service charges?

2.I dabbad my friend at his chest.

3.I tried to mimic my friend voice,but i failed to mimic his voice.

4.some of my friend congnitive functions have been impaired.

5.there's is a video that tells new students about pitfall to avoid.

6.these are the ground rules to score good band in IELTS.

7.i am having strong likelihood that i will score good band in IELTS.


Dear Simon,
I would like to ask one question about speaking
part... Which is better in 1-part of IELTS speaking .. Directly answers or (eg. Well, i suppose if i had to describe about my neighborhood the first thing i would say is that....)

Please Guys i am really confused ... I hope you can help me

• Hotel’s offer is exclusive of swimming Pool facility.
• She dabbed my face to express her love.
• Kids are misbehaving elders via mimicking their action.
• Painter can easily forfeit a static image.
• Her extensive knowledge to play musical instrument reflect his Mastery in music field.
• He is a famous Psychiatrist because of his cognitive style.
• Another pitfall is that he has invested lot of capital amount in new businesses.
• They cannot play baseball game without knowing the ground rules.
• The TV news caster shows the likelihood of Rain fall in different provinces.
• Try to pick up my signal during game for proper guidance.

Good vocabulary and some good homework for us!

1. The room rate is exclusive of breakfast.
2. I am dabbing some medicine on the wound.
3. He has a dab hand at mimicing the famous singer's voice.
4. Through the static image to record the fascinating moment.
5. Dr. Lee has a complete mastery of negotiation.
6. Her some congnitive abilities were damaged since the severe traffic accident last month.
7. When going on a diet, the biggest pitfall may not be yourself but your friends.
8. Let's lay out the ground rules before I marry you.
9. Thy goalkeeper must try to reduce the likelihood of the ball into goal.
10. It could not be picked up a signal in the underground car park.

exclusive of: This holiday package is exclusive of meal arrangement.
to dab; Everyday after shower, Mary will use her hand to dab some lotion on her face.
to mimic: I tired to mimic the cooking receipt to make a dish.
a static image: This is hard to capture a static image from a movement.
mastery: George demonstrated his mastery of cooking.
cognitive: Drinking alcohol will temporary reduce human's cognitive function.
a pitfall: The method to get a good result in exam is try to reduce step on pitfall.
ground rules: Let set the ground rules for this house!
the likelihood: The likelihood of Kevin go fishing after work is very high.
to pick up a signal: I can;t here you because the phone did not pick up the signal.

Germans were playing confidently against Brazil in the semi-final, exclusive of the fact that the venue itself was in Brazil.

While Germany scored goal against Argentina in the final, I dabbed my eyes with a hand kerchief.

Mimicking the football commentators' speech, especially while it’s about to score a goal, in one of my favourite pastime.

The golden boot award is a feather on the cap of Lionel Messi's static image as the best footballer.

David Beckam's mastery in free kicks are accepted among many football followers.

The cognitive skills of players matter a lot, especially in a football game.

The defensive play was the pitfall for Argentina in World Cup loss.

Basic ground rule for winning a football match is better coordination among team members.

The likelihood of Argentina's win in World Cup's final was bleak, as Germans were playing extra ordinarily in all matches.

The longer you practice with team members, the faster you pick up signals from each other on the football field.

- all prices are exclusive of taxes
- use an alcohol swab to dab off the excess blood.
- it is a very important step if you want your parrot to mimic your words properly.
- A 1 second video contains a series of 32 static images at frequent intervals.
- that player has attained mastery over this game.
- cognitive behaviour is a very well researched subject
- if that guy continues on this path, he is headed for a pitfall.
- to make sure we have a fair match we need to setup some ground rules.
- the likelihood of an earthquake in this region today is 25%.
- I accidentally picked up a signal from the two people sitting at opposite ends of the room.

Hello friends,

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1.The room rate is exclusive of government tax but it is inclusive of breakfast.
2.I rarely dabbed baby lotion to my daughter’s skin because she has allergy.
3.John mimicked his wife accent to learn about Australian dialect.
4.Sculptures prefer to use a static image rather than a moving object.
5.Michael Jordan was mastery in basketball due to his eagerness and hard work in the early years.
6.John’s cognitive capability was better than his brother although he has physical limitation.
7.Every business man must be careful in doing the business to avoid any pitfall situations.
8. The students have some ground rules that must be obey.
9. There is a little likelihood that Holland will win the football tournament although they have many experience players.
10. The detective searched the whole room to pick up a signal of crime

exclusive of= the meeting is exclusive only to the iol employee

to dab= the lady simply dab her eyes with tissue

to mimic= some stage comedians are tying to mimicking mr. carey

a static image= the static image of paint is beautiful

mastery= he mastery the situation
cognitive=Some of her cognitive functions have
been impaired.

a pitfall= the man pitfall in a huge crowd

ground rules=In all relationships a few ground rules have to be established.

the likelihood=that is every likelihood that jobs will be lost this coming year.

to pick up a signal= in a remote area is difficult to pick up a signal.

The package is exclusive of transport facilities.

He dabbed his mouth with the napkin.

So many people are trying to mimic their favourite heroes.

A static image is captured easily than a moving image.

He showed mastery over his profession.

Due to stroke, he had cognitive impairment.

Greed was her biggest pitfall.

There are some ground rules in playing basketball.

The likelihood of scoring band 9 in writing section of ielts is less.

I had to go out of the hotel to pick up a signal in my phone.

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