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July 18, 2014


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Here are some my answers for these questions.
1. Do you like reading?
Absolutely yes, I realy like reading, I read all kinds of things, including newspapers, magazines, books and specialized materials.
2. Do you usually read for leisure or for work purposes?
Oh, I realy read for my job, especialy read for my studying. And sometimes for my enjoyment.
3. What was your favourite book or story when you were a child?
well, i always remember that when i was i was a child, i read funny book all day, I liked it so much, i couldn't put it down.
4. Do you think it's important that children read regularly?
Yes, reading is realy good for children, they should read more and more if they can. reading help them could broaden their horizon.

Thung, I think you should say: 'I READ ALL KIND OF THINGS'. I would actually formulate the idea this way: I read many different things...
2. I read mostly for my job, but some of the books I read are related to my studying. Sometimes I simply read a book of my choice to relax my mind.
3. I believe you better name the book you read. For example: I remember that when I was little I was fascinated by the story of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. I even forgot how many times I've read it.
4. Reading helps them to broaden their horizons.

Sorry, I misspelled your nickname. I meant to write TTRUNG.

Could someone help me please??? Yesterday was my listening, and i don't remember topic in part 2. I just remember that there was a word "read". I was nervous and just looked at card gor few second and started to make tips on paper about magazine and answered about my favourite magazine, too. And now I don't know what to do:( It is my last chance to pass IELTS for masters program. Could you please give me some advice? Is it not bad if question was about book, and i described magazine...

"I read all kinds of things" was correct Liliana. "I read many different things" is fine too, but it isn't better than the other phrase. In fact, "all kinds of things" is a phrase that native speakers use a lot.

I read all sorts of posts that you wrote in this website everyday. However, some are repeated again and again. It would be helpful to all students if you use a wide variety of topics without repetition.

1:Definitely ,I really love reading and I usually read lots of sports news wherever they are for instance newspaper,magazine,online and so on.
2:well as a student I have to read more materials which are related to subjects in university,but sometimes I read for leisure too.
3:Actually,when I was a child I really hate reading,but My parents made me to read and many lovely books were bought by them for me,as well as the mere book that loved was the THE SENILE FORMER WITH HIS WIFE that was written by Abdullah Jaihon.
4:Absolutely reading the key the open all education's door for all,but for kids reading should be a part of their life. However it would be a mistake to make it

Dear Simon I wrote in previous version that I could write
afterward I will use your expressions .
Thanks excessively

Dear all!Can you explain me the meaning of the phrase "on the go" and give me more than one example . Thanks so much

hoanganh- on the go.... 1, whilst travelling/ on the way to somewhere

Every morning when she leaves for work she eats a banana on the go.

He left this morning without having his breakfast, but I'm sure he would grab a snack on the go.

2. Always upto something , busy
He is so energetic and full of life, he is always on the go.

1. To be honest, i'm not really fascinated by reading. I usually watch videos or listen to audio books but sometimes I also read books, newspapers or magazines.
2. Actually, reading's not my favourate so i read book for my studies at school or when there are stories that I really concern about
3. Uhm, let me see... You know, the first novel I read was "Ps. I love you" and that's also the most memorable story i've read. That was about the beautiful and emotional love.
4. Of course, reading is the key to open the doors of all aspects of education so that should be promoted in children

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