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July 11, 2014


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I'm always love the way that you connect your ideas, it's simple and comprehensive. Moreover I feel familiar with my big brother's wedding, I think that only thing I do is to rewrite your ideas and make a little change for my speaking structure. I really really appreciate your contributions.
Thank you, Simon!

thanks simon very much. I checked my results today at the British council web site I got 8 overall with 9 in listening, 8 in reading, 7 in both writing and speaking. you helped me a lot in my ielts journey and end up with what I dreamed of. good luck every one.

how many times did you attend ielts exam.
and tell us little bit about your experience , i mean 4 to 5 key Technics,

hi Nee
I took the test nine times but I think I was rushing to take the test with out building the confidence which is required to pass.
practice a lot especially for lis. and reading.
read paper, new scientists magazine.
writing : follow simon advice as well as Collins book for writing and try to get someone to check your writing and highlight your weak points and work on them to improve it. I this way , you will be aware of your mistakes which you used to do and try to avoid it.
speaking: I followed Sam maccarter book, improve your listening and speaking.

Build your confidence before you take the test.
all the best.

Hi ,Hibba congratulations ... I Need band 7 in each .. Plz kindly share ur tips for academic reading ... I m going to give my exam at Easton university .. Thanks ...

Sorry at Aston university ..

ooo wow hibaaaa . em ao happy to hear that u have passes the test congradulationssaa

hi Veenu, when are u taking exam @aston.

Hi, Simon
I have a question regarding vocabulary. Don't I need to use some collocations and idioms to get band 7 in speaking? I'm a little confused cause I don't see them in this answer.
Looking forward to your reply or answer in your next post.

Thank you very much and good luck!

That's GREAT. Many many CONGRATULATIONS ! I'm soooooo happy for you.

Hi , rr at Aston university birmingham.


Could you please tell me the exact name of the Sam maccarter's book you mentioned? Thanks.

Hi simon

This is the first time i write a comment here.I got my ielts result today! i got a 7 in my writing!! cannot believe it!! last time i only got 5.5.Then someone told me about your website.i spent two weeks reading all your writing and marking down important suggestions!
still cannot believe i can improve my writing from 5.5 to 7 in two weeks!! thanks a lot simon!!

Wow Hibba, How I wish I could make it too. Congratulations.

Hi Veenu , I mean on which date r u taking exam

the book called improve your listening and speaking.


niw u ll be looking forward to get in addmition in ospap ..
i would also need these information from you .. you r not appearing un my skype list. . dont know

I'm new on this site, i start preparing for my speaking exam which will be held on 15 this month. hope every thing goes great.....
comparing to other site ,this site contains a lot of examples and advice i hope to cover it all.

where are you from sami?

there is no chance of applying this year . so hopefully next year I will have a chance.

Hii everyone....

Hi every one !
I gonna take my exam at 18 August, and last exam that I have taken was one month ago .
I got overall 5, but I need at least band 6,5.
Please share with me your experiences .
It might be really appreciated by me.Thanks

Great post man thank you for sharing

Hi sir, I need some help in writing section! Could you please give me some tips r information which I required

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