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July 12, 2014


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Hello sir, I need help in writing .my exam is on 26 july .

Hi Simon,

What makes the difference between each vocabulary band? For example, what's the difference between vocabulary of band 9 and band 7?

that's helpful phraces. thank sir


The main difference is in the level of error. 7 contains some evidence of natural collocation and idiomatic use while 9 would be that this use is sustained with no errors. Individual words do not really fit into a band because the way they are used plays an important role.

Basically a 7 uses some high level words or expressions appropriately, an 8 can do this over a long period and a 9 does this like a native speaker.

It is very difficult for anyone who is not at the 9 level to assess vocabulary scores because at the upper levels it is often a question of what sounds 'natural' or not.

Can anyone help me for speaking

Thanks, Sjm.

So the difference here is about how natural, flexible we use the words or collocation

Hi Simon. Please I need a help.I got 5.5 6 time I just need 6 I don't know what happened with me every test I felt very good sometime I expected 7 .in speaking section I saved all ideas all the time the examiner gave me 6. Please help me

Great post thank you for sharing.

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