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July 30, 2014


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Enjoy your holiday!

Have a good time my teacher!

Enjoy your holiday Simon!!

Refresh memory sir and entertain.

Have a nice holiday!

Have a good time and just feel relaxed!
Best wishes

have fun and best wishes for you!

Enjoy your holiday!

Have a good holiday and enjoy your trip!
Best Wishes!

have fun :)

Enjoy it!

Please be luck to me on exam.
Have a brilliant holidy
Best wishes


You have a wonderful one.

Be blessed

Have a good time, teacher... Enjoy your holiday... Maybe we also must take a holiday, huh ???

Thanks guys!

Have a good holiday

you deserve taking full rest. Have a great holiday!

enjoy your vacation!

I hope that you have an interesting holiday.

Enjoy your holiday

Have a nice holiday

enjoy your holiday, Simon.

You have been very helpful for all of us since the beginning of this site.

Wish the best for your holiday, Simon!

Dear all,
Can anyone help me to explain the difference between "compared to" and "compared with"? I am very confused :(
Many thanks.

Have a pleased holiday !

Wish you all the best.

NOTE : Hi everyone,really this is a very useful and beneficial site for all of us,through this site we have the oppurtunity to interact with each other regarding everything we need to know and the problems we in the ielts exam,updated recent exam questions,feed back from friends and experts.All of us try to get rid of the barrier as we all non english speakers have in the form of english to continue our studies,immigration problems and appear in other exam.I am one of you have the problem been appear few times in ielts exam but have problem in one or another module.I m going to reappear in august again but want to know any one who experience in exam centre in UK,better and a bit generous in marking.please help me and waiting from every one if someone have a good experience in any particular exam centre.thanks every one in advance.Rauf

I do not know it, Wendy...I'm sorry I cannot help you...

Dear Simon.

I hope you enjoy your holiday!
By the way, I have just paid for ebook!
When can I get this?

Thanks :)

Hi Simon sir, PLEASE SEE MY POST which is valuable for my IELTS TEST.....
On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, you wrote about a topic "IELTS Listening: spelling and capital letters". I need clarification on 2nd point.
you stated that "Capital letters, on the other hand, are not important. You can write all of your answers in capitals or in lower case - it won't affect your score."
OK, al-right.
But my question is, can I use lower case when writing names of the people or names of the places? like John Kennedy as john kennedy? and places like David Street like david street ?
and another doubt my dear Simon, somewhere in the exam we need to write names of the courses like Geography. In that case too can I use lower case?
Waiting for your valuable reply. Thank you.have a happy holiday

@Simon: Enjoy your holiday and have fun!

@Wendy: "compare with" applies when there are two entities that can be measured by a common standard. For example“particles are small compared with the wavelength of the light illuminating them" because "particles" and "wavelength of the light" are measured by the same standard. When a common standard is not used to compare the entities and they have essentially different natures, use "compare to"

@Dinesh Kumar: I think in any other language, either English or Hindu or Chinese or Vietnamese...etc,the rule is applied to all - the basic principle for proper writing is to write the proper name "properly" such as John Kennedy, or Dinesh Kumar..ect

Enjoy it , have a fantastic holiday !

@Hannah: So, what about places? should I follow the same rule as in case of names of people?
Tell me where should I use upper case and where at lower case.give me clarification please.
or ping me at [email protected]
thanku for your valuable reply

@Hannah: Thanks very much for your answer. Here are some examples from Oxford dictionary:
" 1. Individual schools compared their facilities with those of others in the area.

2. Total attendance figures were 28,000, compared to 40,000 at last year’s event."

That means, in 1st sentence, "facilities" and "those" are the same . I understand. But in 2nd sentence, I think although "28,000" and "40,000" is diferrent number, they are still "figures".
So, can you give me other example?
Thanks you very much.
My Skype ID: khoanguyenht
or email: [email protected]

poor me ! i just got ielts result:
L: 7.5
R: 7.5
W: 6.5
S: 7

But I need at least 7 each. Try again then :(

@Wendy (are you from VN? are you VNmese? just curious by your name:))

As you can see the first sentence it said the schools compared their FACILITIES with THOSE (they use it to avoid repetitive word)==> compared with = compare 2 things that the same

In second sentence if you read closely you'll see they compare the 2 different number which is 28,000 and 40,000 even though they both are simply number/figure etc;)

Just tell you what I know - hope you dont mind, I am just one of you you;) still trying to learn English as its not my mother's tongue and of course I still make lots of mistake in grammar, spelling etc...so we are all here to learn and Simon's ebook and his website is a fantastic source. I strongly recommend his Ebook.

@Dinesh Kumar: as Simon and other teachers advised in IELTS exam, when you write ALL UPPER CASE (like this) or all lower case (like this) it doesnt really matter! HOWEVER, if you want to make it properly (even in your own language) it is suggested that we should write like this:

Dear Dinesh, how is the weather in India today? Vietnam is too hot but Scotland is too cold! You are taking IELTS so am I.:))(this is just an example) - have fun

Wish you have a great holiday, Simon! :)

Have a nice time sir :)

NOTE:Hi friends can any one tell me who has a good experience about an IELTS exam centre in the uk which are more generous and kind in marking in writing and speaking module than other centre.Rauf

Hi Simon,

Thank you for such a great and useful website .This was my prime source of learning for IELTS and was really of great use.I gave my test last month in Ireland and have scored band 7. Thank you again and have a great holiday.

@Hannah, please ping me on my facebook or gmail.its my humble request.
fb: www.facebook.com/venkatanagadineshkumarkataru
gmail: [email protected]

@hannah, i wrote my fb link wrong.
actually it is


@hannah, oh man I went wrong again.
please excuse me. this time it will be correct.


@Hannah: You are amazing, you know? I am Vietnamese exactly :)
Anyway, it seems to understand by your explanation. I have followed this website for a long time and extremely thank Simon for it. I am taking Ielts exam on Sep 20th. Hope that I will get all your help.
Thanks again. Nice to know you here :)

I am yeasmin. I took the exam 5 times but every time my score 6 .i am really frustrated.my writing score not good.my recent score listening 7 reading 6 writing 5 and speaking 6.5.i need at least 6.5.last time i studied hard my result almost same as previous.please give me some suggestion.I again registered.next September please help me.

@Rauf. As far as I know the listening / reading is marked by computer, the S/W is marked by the examiner. All exams and centres have same set of rules. I've never heard or known of any places are better/more generous than the others. I myself attempted twice and didn't get the scores that I wanted. The best advice is keep practising and keep trying as I'm applying that to myself too. I understand your frustration though.

@ D. Kumar. I don't mix my personal FB with IELTS sorry.

that's K. NP.
Atleast in gmail?
[email protected]

Have a good holidays,Simon :) by the way 4th August is my B-day 8D

have a nice holiday!


I'm a postgraduate student, and i'm studying in NSW.

Is anyone also in Sydney, Australia?

my skype is eyanelee

@ Yeasemin

I had the same problem, but I have a document from my friend. Really amazing and when I read this document, my writing's score increased from 5.0 to 6.5. but how can I sent it to you?

@RAED: is it a book you bought online? I bought one myself from a blog called SIMONE BRAVEMAN, i read it but i still didnt get the score i need. if you have a better one would you mind to share? i can share mine to you as well? my email is [email protected]

thank you

Tuan Anh

Hi friends,
Can you guys also help me??? I've recenty started to learn IELTS...Which books you recommend ???

Hi simon

have a nice holiday.

You website is very helpful for self preparing IELTS candidates. Now, I have a question about IELTS writing hope you can point the direction for me.

For example, in the task it states "parents thinks advertising only tells information about snacks and toys to children".

Can I rephrase it in the essay as parents claim that commercials are detrimental to children.

Thanks in advance


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