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August 31, 2014


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Hi Simon,

No questions about it! Perfect!

Honestly, I don't think I can write as fluency as you always do in writing. Some non-native speakers may take advantage of wide range of vocabularies but fluency and easy to read are something that one can achieve when he/she lives in English countries.

its Model like always. Thanks!

Excellent!!! can't even dream to write in such a way

Simon, could you please instruct how to write a process of the formation of the volcanic island in Hawaii please? (I see it in a book but dont think I can take a photo and post in here) (its kinda 2 pictures 1 with details of the sea plate/magma spume/ hot spot; the other is a chain of islands formed...) I am so lost when looking at that one...Could you please post something like that in here before this Saturday if its possible? Thank you so much. x

Hi Simon . i'm From iran and we dont have enough experienced Teachers for learning Ielts here. i really want to say : Thank You Dear Simon. you are the best and you have a perfect way to teach

Hello simon,
Thanks for this valuable site.
I have given my test on Aug 16th 2014, my results should be released on Aug 29th. Unfortunately I didn't receive and got a mail that my results are withheld and quality analyzing is to be done for evaluation of my results. May I know what actually it means and will have affect on my scores and moreover how many days it might take. I will be very gratitude for your most useful reply for my query. Thanks in advance.

I'm glad you liked my answer. I think it contains some useful vocabulary, even for people who aren't doing the general test.



I'll have a look for a question like that.


Hi Dawood,

This happens sometimes, so don't worry. At least you know that your score will be very accurate (because your test papers are being checked very carefully).

Thanks Simon very much...

I received my ielts result of 16th August.
I failed to score sufficient bands. :'( :-(
General training ...
please help me in reading and writing sir..
i am going to retake it...

my score is L 6 R 5.50 W 5.50 and S 6.5

sir I was sure about my listening and reading that I would definitely score 7 or 6.5 at least..
but I don't know what had happened. :-(

Thanks a lot Simon..!! I feel happy with your reply..!! GOD bless you all the time.

Hi Simon

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your awesome website,especially the Writing sections. I recently took IELTS on 16 Aug and nailed it! And This is the first time I took the test -Overall 8.0 L8.5 R9.0 W7.5 S7.0
I am very happy with my results and I feel more confident to use English now as I feel like that my excellent English ability has been officially proven.
Before the test, I only took some time to prepare for Writing, which was basically going through your General Writing section and Writing Task 2 section and I have benefited a lot from it!

I really appreciate your writing resources on the website and I wish you all the best!


Great scores Danrui. Congratulations!

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to your good office to bring the issue of the road maintenance near at our House in South West Avenue.

I am Lhey Lean a concern residence and I had been living for almost a decade in this town and so far this is my first time I encountered an issue with regards of road maintenance.

Apparently, theirs a huge hole in the left corner near in our house. This hole can be cause accident in our children, motorist and aside from that when its raining the water smell stinky and we felt bad that this gonna be a big problem in our health.

I Have called several times to your office to report this situation but until now we didn't received any feedback nor assurance that when they are going to fix this problem. Hopefully by this time they gonna get full attention and treated as a priority by the road maintenance department.

Thank you and I look forward to resolve the problem.

Yours Faithfully

lhey Lean

can anyone check my letter hmmm so worried also about my english im going to take ielts on nov 1

Simon, nice one! Thank you!

Can you please explain why:
"I look forward to the problem being resolved" but not
"I look forward to the problem to be resolved"?
"Being" leads me to believe (Pr. Continuous) that it is in progress, however, I came to conclusion, that they haven't started fixing the pothole yet?


Hi Simon,

I have a question regarding to the introduction of the letter.

Should the phrase "bring to your attention a road maintenance issue" be changed to "bring a road maintenance issue to your attention" as the idiom structure is "bring someone or something to someone's attention"?

Thank you,

Good afternoon all, I Need your advice please what is the Letter M in my Result for my ielts Reading

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