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August 24, 2014


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There are several things which cause inconvenience for the passers by.But,the most drastic and unsafe problem people of my area are facing is the improper lightening system especially at night.The street is not well lit, even sometimes it may also arise reasons for theft and robbery in my locality.people avoid to go out after late evening hours and it's also life threatening.

Can anybody correct this??? I m not good in writing :-(
Please help... My exam is on 6 sept n i need 7 bands

Simon sir can you please tell me how much i need to improve for 7 bands...

simon sir,
ps give us a sense of word root,prefixes and suffixes so that they can facilitate in reading and increase vocabs.

Well, I'm writing something like this first time. I'm not even sure how must I write, but I'll try.
Hi, my name is Kamala. I live in the Bunyad street, where there is a problem which disturbs all citizens living there. There's a pipe burst in the sewage near our building, so we cannot breath because of the smell coming from there. Even some children get sick for that. We all please you to hepl us to solve this problem soon.

Hello Rose,

You made a couple of mistakes in your paragraph.


The city Councillor,
6343 N Bernard street,
Chicago IL-60678
Respected sir,
my name is john Marshall and i live in Chicago-city at 6241 N maplewood ave , i am writing this letter to describe you about the bad road near my house.The road has too many pot holes and due to that its pretty hard to walk and drive the cars and its affecting the tires of all the people cars who are passing through the road.i kindly request the city Councillor to fix the road condition by putting a new road on top of that or fix all the pot holes or cover them with iron racks . I would really appreciate and will be very thankful if the road is fixed as soon as possible

john marshall

please see my writing and let me know what are my mistakes ..i am taking on sep 6 2014 from usa ...comment me about the writing

I am writing to bring your attention to a problem with the road in front of my house.

My name is Sarker and I am a resident of Tejgaon in ward 32. My house is situated besides Park Street which is the main road in this area. I along with all residents in this area are using this road to go out and come back home.

For the last 3 days, I have been seeing an open manhole in this road in front of my home. The hole is still unattended. The hole is exposing great risk for the passerby of this road. Today, a serious accident happened in front of my house due to this open manhole.

In this situation, I would like to request you to take immediate action to fix the open manhole with cover. Also, please establish monitoring mechanism to solve these sorts of issue with different roads at your areas before the situation worsen.

I look forward to resolution of the issue.

@ mh... Yeah mh i feel the same i guess its in 2nd and 3rd line... Please help me to correct....thanks alot

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am John Smith,resident of Smith street,London.I am writing this letter to bring an inevitable problem of my area to
your kind notice.

I am residing here from last 20 years.There are several issues which cause inconvenience for the passers-by.But,the most drastic and unsafe problem people of my area facing is the improper lightening system especially at night.The street is not well lit,dark roads can probably arise reasons for theft and robbery in my locality.People avoid to go out after late evening hours and it's also life threatening.

As a solution,I would recommend to replace the dim and expired lights and install some new tubes.So that people can safely commute without any fear of theft and accidents.

I hope you will promptly establish relevant solutions in regard to this matter.

Yours faithfully
John Smith

Please chk my writing friends.. Mh please u too

Ohh, I got the concept wrongly. It must be the problem in the road((((( Anyway, it is too late.

Dear Mr Councilor,

My name is Kelsey and I am currently residing at Lot 2 Block 3 Norfolk Ridge. There has been an open manhole right in front of my house that is still unattended until now. We already have reported this matter to your assistant a week ago but no actions taken as of this writing. I'm afraid this may cause further fatality, which we want to avoid for my neighbourhood, especially for the children. I hope you could do something about this the soonest possible. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in regard to the problem on Rochester street.

I have been living at 50 Rochester street for last 10 years. My grandfather bought this villa for my family 50 years ago. It is a calm and beautiful street with excellent roads, pavements and lighting system.

The problem is that after the thunderstorm last week one of the trees next to my house was damaged. Moreover, now a big branch of the tree poses a threat for cars and pedestrians who pass by. It seems to me that this branch might fall at any moment.

I would like to kindly ask you to remove the branch or even the tree. I am concerned about the safety of my neighbors and my visitors. In addition, this tree is very old and it might be an optimal solution to plant a new one instead.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at your most convenient time.

Yours faithfully,
Alex Kim

Dear Mr Smith Jaon,
I am writing this letter to you to identify the problem on Circular road.The pipe line for dirty water collection damaged and too much water spread everywhere.

The problem was occurred since one month ago due to the leakage of pipe since long time .Moreover,the use of road by heavy vehicles consistently cause a big hole on the site.In addition the cement material and big blocks used for road spelldown on the pipe .Firstly a small amount of water is pouring outside but after some days the pipe broken from one side completely.It cause accumulation of huge amount of contaminated water all over the area. Furthermore,it cause different type of diseases in the nearest community.

Being a vice Councillor I would like you to pay attention to this matter and take necessary action toward Municipality of the city .In my opinion better to changed the whole pipe line.

I look forward to hearing from you.
I am thankful for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,
MR Kamal hani

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to bring to your notice the under repair lightening system at Blue Cross street.

I reside in Sunway Apartments on Blue Cross street which is far away from the main street. I usually get home after 8PM in the evenings by local bus transport and have to walk for 10 minutes to reach my place.

Since last week, the street lights are under repair which cause inconvenience for people to take that road. Also, their safety is endangered. With no street lights, burglars might get chance to get into apartments and loot personal belongings. I, along with other residents of Sunway Apartment, tried reaching the concerned department to haste the repairing of street lights but the response was poor.

Hence I request you to please take necessary action as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Sheetal Sharma

The council
Dear sir
I m farah jeba from kallayanpur,Dhaka.I like to mention that there is road infront of my house which is almost broken due to construction of many buildings and for heavy rain.now its almost impossible to walk.
Hence I request to u to take necessary action for repair this road.

Date 08/26
Dear Mr. Councilor:
My name is Johny Quest, I live in Block Q, near Darkwood Street.
There is a problem existing in the road that runs though our quarter. The lights for the road has been turned off too soon, and by that many car accidents have occurred that upset me and the neighbor citizens.
With my all due respect sir, I would like you to fix this right away.

Hi Simon,

Could you please let me know how would you rate my letter?

Link - http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2014/08/ielts-general-writing-local-problem.html?cid=6a0120a5bb05d8970c01b8d05d073d970c#comment-6a0120a5bb05d8970c01b8d05d073d970c


Dear Mr. John,

I would like to complain about the road condition at front of my home.

To begin with, my name is Rob Reaper. I have been living in Charles Society since last three years. My home address is house number 23, Street Sunflower.

In previous three years, I never faced any problem in society’s facilities. However, I regret to inform you that road condition at front of my home is below the standard, which you have committed in the initial agreement. Due to this pathetic road condition, we have faced lot of obstacles in the spring season as rain quantity was more than expectation. Additionally, I had notified verbally numbers of time to your secretary but unfortunately no positive response is observed from your office.

In conclusion, I want your personal intervention to accelerate the issue on the first step. Secondly, I strongly recommend the use of quality materials for the new road construction. Not only, it would be beneficial for the community’s people, but also for your society’s reputation.

Yours Sincerely,

Rob Reaper

Dear Councillor,
My name is Wei. My house is near 24,St Mary's Road. I am writing this letter to report a situation outside my house. The thing is a hole,caused by construction a week ago, in the middle of the road.
Many people cycling fell down when they rode through it. Some had injuries because this.
As our Councillor, I hope you can sort the problem out. In order to prevent more and more people get wounded, the hole must be recovered as soon as possible. The warning sign has to set until the problem is fixed
You prompt action will be appreciated
Many thanks

Eagerly waiting for your answer and appreciation simon sir!!! :-)

Hello Rose,

Some comments on your letter. Send an email to

[email protected]. But I'm afraid I can look at one letter only.

Thank u so much!!! :-) sending u in just a moment

Hello rose, this is your rewrite letter
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you of a problem that I am currently facing.

I am John Smith, a resident of Smith street, and I have been residing here for the last 20 years and I am also a member of Local Community Center.

There are several issues which are inconveniencing passers-by .One of which includes the improper lightening system which I believe is insufficient especially during the night. The street is not well lit and dark roads can encourage theft and robbery. People avoid going out during the night because of this issue.

I would recommend replacing the dim and expired lights and install some new tubes .So people can safely commute without any fear.

I hope you will address this matter as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,
John Smith

sorry typos(rewritten by NTC)

Thanks NTC...!!!
I did alot of mistakes:-(
But i am learning from your reply... Thanks a lottt from heart... May god bless you...
I hope i will be able to make my self score 7 ;-)

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is John Smith at 46 Grout Street, MacGregor suburb. I’m writing to inform you of a damage on the Grout street.

As you know, there was constant and quite heavy rainfalls in our city for several days of last week. It caused a mild flood in our neighborhood, particularly at areas of low lands which my house is located. It was known that the surface of the road had some small holes previously. However, on my way to work yesterday, I discovered these holes were expanded and deepened seriously which could cause danger to cars and drivers. The diameter of the largest hole was approximately 0.5 meter in my estimation. It appears the hole could grow larger since the cement had been wiped away and soil was exposed.

Would you please send people to fix this issue as soon as possible? I think it is urgent to install warning sign and fences surrounding these holes to prevent any potential harms to passers-by. You should be able to locate these holes near my house address as given above.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Sir

My name is Aman smith . I live in 22 street in east mohan nagar i want to share with you a problem which is faced by everyone in society these days . You may be aware about the matter situation that the public parks in the street are so dirty the gardener is not care for the plants in the park all the plants are need water and minerals he watering after approximately a week kids are not allowed to play in the park we go there for refreshing our self but the situation of park is very bad it cannot upto mark many people are stopped to go for morning walk in that parks they choose other healthy situation which are fully lived and refreshing them

check my work please as soon as possible mr.simon

Dear councilor
Good morning.
My name is ayman elshiekh .i'm a physician working in ministry of health and living in rehali district .
I'm writing to you regarding the problem in our district which is the traffic jam. Which is international problem making a lot of delay in our traveling to work and to the family as well,
I suggest if we can make some roads for one way only and the other roads for the opposite direction . Also we can prevent the big trucks and van from crossing the district especially in rush hours.
We can also encourage bicycling and make a special slots to bicycles for rapid path.
Thank you for helping us in treating this big problem.
Yours ayman

Hello Kiran,

Do you wish anything else? what if Simon cannot check it out on time?
excuse me but Simon has no free time to deal with any essay sent here. If he did it he would go for all the rest.


Dear Sir Or Madam,

My name is Ola Olamide , I live on Brown street just off Lewis Avenue. I like complain on the deplorably state of the major road that links my street to the motorway , there is a very large and deep pothole at the center of the road. This has been a major cause of traffic jam on the motorway and also the surrounding areas .

We the resident have been having difficulties getting out of our streets on to the motorway because of traffic jam , going to work and running errands now take me twice as much time because of the the traffic congestion . Also a lot of cars that were not aware of the bad patch and did not reduce their speed on time have had nasty accidents that resulted in them be hospitalized because it and there is no notice of the bad patch .
I kindly appeal that the road be fixed as soon as possible and pending the time it is fixed the council can put up a notice to warn motorist of the danger ahead of them .
I look forward to an action been taken .

Yours Faithfully

Ola Olamide

Hi Simon,

Could you please rate my letter too?

Link - http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2014/08/ielts-general-writing-local-problem.html?cid=6a0120a5bb05d8970c01b8d05d073d970c#comment-6a0120a5bb05d8970c01b8d05d073d970c


Dear Sir or Madam,
I hope you are fine. I am Sam living in union council 13 which is under your management. My house is at main university road. There is issue of bad road in front of my house.
As I try to call many times to local street maintenance department but no one respond it and they didn’t took any majors to resolve the problem. University road is one of the roads which connect to the main city center. Due to the patch of road uneven surface front of my house which real cause of accidents. Our whole community faces this issue every day. It is very hard for kid to get their school buses and for us office delay.
Kindly, resolve my issue on priority basis. Please send some staff to barricade the patch and repair it.
I hope you will consider my request and take some serious action to resolve it.

Best regards,

Dear Mr Patrick,
I am Mr James Smith and live in Grace Apartment while is alongside Cambridge Road.
I would like to bring to your notice the poor condition of this road. After the last snowfall during which the grit was layed out on the road, several potholes have come up on the road surface. This is causing much inconvenience to the commuters on this busy road which acts a main connection to the city centre as well as the local school. Firstly, the travel tends to be very bumpy and uncomfortable on this road, secondly some of the vehicles apply brakes suddenly and sometimes cause an accident and finally it results in long traffic jams.
I request you to arrange for urgent repair of this road so that people are able to effectively use it without inconvenience. It would also be helpful to have traffic warden in the meantime to supervise the smooth flow of traffic especially during peak hours in the morning and evening.
Thanking you ,
Yours faithfully
James Smith

Dear Mr Smith,

My name is Anthony James, I am the resident of unit 6, 189 Dorset Road that come into your jurisdiction.

I am writing this letter to complain about a situation that I and my family are facing with the smell and pollution that is coming out of the garbage and waste accumulated near the road outside my residence. I have been noticing this accumulation of waste near my house since the past three months and I was urgently waiting for someone to carry out this waste to proper recycle or garbage disposal area, however, got disappointed. I have tried to call many times at the local council but got unlucky to connect with any of your staff.

In this regard, I would suggest that if you could organize the waste removal trucks that would help to remove this build up of trash which will not only help us to breath healthy and pass by the road properly but also adds a good deed to your personal account.

I look forward to the problem being resolved

Yours sincerely,
Anthony james

Dear Councillor,
I am writing to you to bring to your notice in respect to the road issue we are facing in our street.
My name is Juliet James, I am an occupant of flat 13a Jackson Street.
We have been having issue with road at Jackson street due to the big pothole situated in the middle of the road. This has cause a lot of accident due to the pothole because as soon as it rain the hole is filled with water, this result to accident to drivers especially to new or strangers who does not know about the pothole. This accident has also involved my neighbour too.

In respect to this issue, the council should come to our aid to resolve it by covering the damage part of the road with quality materials as soon as possible.
Thanks in anticipation of the resolution.
Yours Faithfully,
Juliet James.

Please check my letter and suggest me how many bands I can get from this kind of writing.

Thanks in advance

You have heard that the local authority is planning to build a shopping mall in the centre of your town. You do not agree with this decision because there are already a lot of shops.

Write a letter to the planning department. In your letter.
- say why you are writing.
- give reasons for your objections.
- explain what you think would be a better alternative.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I read in a newspaper that you are planning to build a shopping mall in the center of the town. I don't agree with your decision and therefore I am writing this letter to you.

There are many reasons why I disagree with your decision. First of all there are already many shops in the town center. So why build more? Only few of them are in use and a majority of shops are closed.

I think building a shopping mall is not a good idea at all. On the other hand, I think that it would be better if you could build a leisure center in that area. You knew that we don't have a leisure center in the town. I think this is the best idea because people won't have to go far to do exercise and to use the swimming pool. I think it will be good for our people if you built leisure center instead of a shopping mall in the center of town.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Yours faithfully,

Please check my following letter and suggest me that how many bands I can get from this type of writing
Dear Sir or Madam
Planning Department
I heard that you are going to build a Shopping Mall in the center of the town. I am totally disagree with your idea because in our town, we have already more shops than the requirement.
The proposed site is been used for children play ground since years. We don't have any alternative place for kids and elders for there physical exercise, which is the basic requirement for healthy life. So it is better to build an art of technology play ground for our young generation in order to keep them healthy.
Thanks in advance for having time to read my letter and seeking your proper action

Best Regards

Dear Mr. Olson,

My Name is John Doe and i am resident of Block C Victoria Housing Scheme. I am writing this letter to bring your attention to a very important matter which is causing me and other neighbors in the same street many issues. As you know our Housing society is under development, there are lots of new constructions in each block and block C is leading them all. Every day you will find many heavy vehicles passing through our street carrying the building material to their construction sites. As they pass by they leave lots of annoying noises which are making us uncomfortable living here. As you already know that streets are 20 feet wide in Block C and they are not designed for heavy traffic and it sometimes blocks the two ways traffic in our street.
Considering the above situation i would like to request you to take some actions and ask the builders to take an alternative route which is beside the housing scheme park and which was designed for this particular purpose. I understand that taking that route would take them more time than the one they are taking right now but it will bring some peace to our area.
I hope you will give this matter your utmost attention and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
John Doe

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing this letter to express my concern about the issue that is affecting my family in my local area. There is a big breakage in the road just outside my apartment and which is causing a lots of trouble.

I live on King Street and since the new road is made, there has been a path hole created just outside my residence. It is very difficult to sight it when it is full of water. This is a serious issue as my children often go out for cycling and I am worried about their security. Furthermore, just last week a biker fallen down into this path hole and got multiple fractures in arms and legs. When I tried to contact you by phone, no one could offer me any sensible solution.

I believe that this matter needs your urgent attention and would like to insist you to fix this problem as soon as possible before monsoon arrives. I also urge you to take disciplinary actions against local authority and builder for their negligence and let them know that this is simply not acceptable.

I look forward to a positive outcome on this.

Yours faithfully,

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to express my concern with the decision taken by planning department to build shopping mall in the city center area. I think this is not a wise decision and department should rethink about their decision.

You may know that there are plenty of shops already in this area and which has created a lot of traffic and congestion on the roads. Any new commercial construction will not add any value to the area and in fact, will worsen this issue.

Instead of shopping mall, people need open space in the busy town where citizens can feel relax and get some fresh air. The nearest garden is 3km away from this area. Therefore, a park would be idea utilization of this space as it offers plenty activities for a range of people.

I believe that this matter deserves your urgent attention and look forward to have a positive outcome on this.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that the street near my house has many problem.

My name is Vuong Hong Linh. I live in 171 Tran Tat Van street. My family have lived here about 10 years old.
Before, this road was wide and surface of it was good.But now, there are many people move here to live. They use sidewalk in front of their house to sales. So many people had to walk on the roadway. And they put off the trash the sidewalk. Besides, there are many over weight truck passing on this road. So surface of road was destroyed. there are many big pit in the middle of road.It made transports are very difficultly pass, so sometime it made street was traffic jam.
As a solution, I would like you ca delete shop in the sidewalk to people can walk on it. You should fix the surface of road and prohibit heavy truck to pass on this road. This is my opinion and solution.

I hope you will promptly relevant solution in regard to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your faithfully,
Vuong Hong Linh.

Dear sir
I have to write a letter on traffic logging in front of my school " M.P.G.S." IN MY HOLIDAY HOMEWORK.
Please send me a letter on this topic..please send me letter here only I have written the wrong website

Dear Councillor,
I am writing to ask you to do an emergent action regarding the problem in SouthHill Road. I and Azita Ahmadi a resident at 24th block in Caper Avenue next to the mentioned road.
I realize you are so busy with all your responsibilities, but for sure you have heard about dangerous accidents recently happening in second half-part of the road exactly after Rodwith junction. Ground has been frozen in the previous days and this has made the ground extremely slippery over there. Therefore, we had several continuous accidents last night and the night before. It is directly in front of my window and so i can see how serious some of the incidents are with plenty of injured people.
Hence, please do something as an emergency because this is threatening citizens' lives extensively. You may cover the slippery land with sand or install some signposts to inform drivers of probable danger in the place.
Awaiting your prompt action.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I writing to inform you that regarding to deactivate for the traffic light which is near my home in DARA road ref: 10/320 Amman and place near.
I’m Bajess S., living near the traffic light which is mentioned above were its make troubles and traffic for all area which affect the walkers also.
In fact, I have call the related engineer in councilor with provide to them all the related details and the risk during to this deactivate for the traffic light.
I’m looking forward to resolve this issue as soon as possible.



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the current issue in front of my house on Little Charles Street.

My name is Simon. I have been living in this area for more than four years. It has always been a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. That was also the main reason I moved here.

On the opposite site to my house, there is a constructing site for some new apartments. It has been there for a couple years. Recently there was a road work alongside Little Charles Street to connect the gas and water pipes to the new buildings. I was told that the work will be carried out during the weekend and all traffic would be back to normal by Monday.
By the start of the week, the workers seemed to have finished their works. However, the part of the road from outside my house to the corner which connects to Gipps Street was in very bad condition. Furthermore, there were fences and large wood blocks left behind. I was not able to move my car out from the parking slot.

It has been days since the workers left and I am forced to use public transport which costs an hour extra every time I travel from house to workplace. I do not know how to contact the workers or the organisation in charge for the pipe work. Therefore, I would like to send you this letter and hope that you will take further actions to resume the traffic on Little Charles Street at the earliest convenience.

Thank you,

The essay is for reviewing purpose only, please do not copy.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Good morning! I am writing to bring to your attention some issues with the road outside my house.

My name is Maria Gay Cruz. I have been a resident in D. Mariano Street for over three decades, and I have never had reason to complain to your good office until now.

Two weeks back there was an accident which caused a big crack and a hole on the road. This is becoming an eyesore to all the residents and I find it unsafe because when it rains it fills the hole and it appears to be invisible to the drivers.

I would like to request that you address my concern personally and ensure this will be treated a priority by the road maintenance department.

I look forward to receiving your response and the problem being actioned.

Yours faithfully,

Maria Gay Cruz


Dear Sir/Madam could you please help me to correct this letter. Many thanks in advance.

Dear .......
I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue we had on delayed of delivery of our purchase which you could find out all details in table below:

According to this issue we had to pay the employer's money back and the fine of delayed which charged us £……….GBP what we had already informed Mr...... about the matters of this case. Due to the fact we would like to pay for our new order by the money which we have sent includes the extra charge of our purchase which we mentioned above.
We are looking forward to receiving our new order.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Please help me with this answer?letter to the local government chairman Complaining about the problem and suggesting ways in which this problem can be tackled.

Please help me with this, i was instructed to write a letter to the local government chairman of my area and informing him about a collapsed building beside my school

please help me with this,write a to principal about installing the lighting system in campus of collage

please help ,write letter on accident due to absence of traffic light in dwarka

Please help, write a letter against my neighbor who has illegally taken some place from public road and also gave obstacle on government work

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