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August 11, 2014


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Hi everybody!
First, I would like to thank you, Simon, for coming up with a very insightful blog. I now regret enrolling in a review center because i think they are just getting their infos from your blog as well! haha!

Anyway, I will be taking the exams this Thursday and Saturday. Im really nervous because i only had less than 2 weeks to prepare for the tests. This will be my second time sitting for this exam. My previous scores were L8.5, R8, S7, W6.5.
My target is 7 in all subjects. i just wish this will be my last time to take it.

i just have a question. Do I have to leave a blank line between paragraphs?

Thank you, teacher. I wrote sentences but they are too long, so I cannot write them here.
Good luck Mara. By the way, your previous results are pretty good.

Oh thanks, Kamala. I think i really need a lot of luck this time :)

thanks simon.... i will try to use this vocabulary .. :)

Good luck mara!
I really admire you for your high points in Listening test.

Hi Simon,
I have a question about the sentence you used in the class below.
You wrote " However, I believe that the purpose of education should be to help children to grow as individuals". In this sentence, I wonder whether the use of "should" is subjunctive mood or not.

In this lesson, the subordinate clause" they could soon replace teachers completely" is in subjunctive mood, right?

Another question: I'm getting more and more confused about which phrases/expressions can I use in the Speaking test rather than the writing one. I can imagine that there are no short cuts. But is there any book or website that can help me to distinguish them?

Thanks a lot!

HI Simon
Thanks billion times for your educative blog.
I m a constant follower of your blog.

Here s my sentences trying to use the vocabulary you suggested:

I hope that I can pas my exam with ease.
We tend to live a sedentary lifestyle in our modern workday.
practicing sports daily comes at the expence of having a healthy body.
I attribute my longevity to living a healthy lifestyle.
I tend to stay in the library for long stretches of time.
Living a sedentary way of life increases the odds of being caught by numerous diseases.
He faced an untimely death at the age of 25 because he was addicted to drugs.
She has to engage in some leisurely pursuits inorder to forget about her problems.
Those who do not exercise reguralarly are shorthening their lifespan.
Infant mortality was at its high levels in the past.
it is bad for your health to remain inactive.
Prolonged use of computer games is known to have negative effects on brain.

I have one question: is the expression: untimely death the same as premature death?

I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Simon, I was wondering if I could use these words and phrases in both the writing and speaking tests. I am asking this as some say that we should use formal words in writing test while informal ones in speaking test to get high scores.
Thank you for your help.

Our modern workday is encouraging the society to be apart from their family implicitly...

A soar in petroleum prices increases the odds of higher fares in town.

Some young adults today are extraordinarily engaged in leisurely pursuits.

You are supposed to moderate to vigorous exercise if you have lack of energy.

Prolonged marijuana use can severly impact the brain development.

I think I can achieve my target score with ease.

Sedentary lifestyle has become part of our modern workday.

Success comes at the expense of prolonged hard work and dedication.

Improved medical treatments has improved our longevity.

I have the habit of talking over phone for long stretches of time.

Smoking increases the odds of having a lung cancer.

Drinking and smoking leads to an untimely death.

Everyone should engage themselves in some leisurely pursuits to lead a happy life.

It is recommended to do moderate to vigorous exercise in order to stay fit n healthy.

Infant mortality is on the decrease these days due to improvement in health care system.

Inactivity leads to inability to show ones talent.

Many drug intake during pregnancy leads to premature death of the infants

Lesser amount of vitamins and minerals in pregnancy leads to retarded growth in infants

Prolonged exposure to asbestos leads to hilar lung disease.

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