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August 08, 2014


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Thank simon it was my question.

Is it possible to mention about outdoor activities like football or basketball?

On the other hand, it seems to me that I can talk about chess, jenga and taboo game.

which one is more suitable?

I think it's acceptable. People use the concept 'Games' in many big sporting event such as Olympic Games or Winter Games. Talking about sports can broaden the topic and get more ideas.

1. Badminton and football are ones of the popular games in my country. Tourists can see people usually play badminton in the park and play football in the yard any time.

2. I can play many kinds of games such as chess and badminton. When I was young, my father taught me to play them. Playing badminton can help me enhance my health and chess can improve my memory.

3. It depends to the purpose people play games. If it's just for entertainment, people can learn from friends or from the internet. Some people want to become a good player for competing, they can learn from teachers at schools or centers.

4. Playing games is essential for people at any time for 3 main reasons. Firstly, people play games to relax and get rid of stress. Secondly, games can improve memory and health. Last but not least, games can connect people and people together. People can make friends or even create many relationships while playing games.

Thanks, Simon. Your web can help me improve my English a lot.

1. There are a few but the most popular ones I would say are football and badminton
2. Yes, I do play tennis when I have free time or over the weekend. I used to play badminton when I was student
3.Most of children in my country learn to play games while they are in schools along prive lessons outside school hour.
4. Absolutely, I think playing games not only help people stay fit but also its a good way to relax after a hard working day.

This is how I would answer in speaking exam if I am asked....

I think that it is acceptable to talk about sports like football, shuttlecock kicking because every childred in my place enjoy these games everyday.
in my opinion, chess is a game that can e a bit hard to describe, the vocabulary resource is limited and it is very long time I haven't played chess.
in brief, I agree that we can mention chess as a game that few people enjoy, I believe we should dicuss sports in this subject.

Hi Simon. I just want to ask is it ok if I speak in American-English in the Speaking test? I'm really confused!

1. well, you can see people play football and badminton anywhere in my country especial parks and schools.
2. I like to join martial arts like karatedo as well as play chess in my free time. Karatedo helps me improve my health and self-dense.
3. We can join clubs to be conducted by friends or coach.
4. In my opinion, it is necessary to play games in free time because it is not only useful for our health but also helps us release stress after a working hard day.

1.a range of ball games are extremely popular in my country such as football pingpang badminton and so on.on the weekend,you can see a muber of people play football or badminton on the playgound of schools.
2.yes, i like playing badminton.every i do alot of experiments in my lab, so when i feel depressed, i often play badminton to relax my body and mind.
3.it depends on their purposes. if people play games just for fun, they tend to learn from their friends or the video material on the internet.however if people want to be professional players ,they often learn from the coachs by receiving professional training in schools.
4.playing games is pretty essential for people. to begin with, palying games are a really good relaxation for people to relieve their stress or tension from work or study. besides this ,playing games can not only teach people how to compete, but also tell them the importance of cooperation.

In my country,cricket and badminton are very popular games,You can see matches held in grounds and even in streets with a crowd of onlookers gatherings around it.
Yes, i like to play badminton with my friends and sisters whenever i have spare time.and i am keen to play other games too.
well,there are sports clubs and also at education level,there is inter school and inter college match events held.
Its very rewarding for people to play different games for their health,to revive their lives and for brain relaxation from daily chores of life.

Hi everyone and my dearest teacher Mr Simon!

Well, In my view it is challenging to say whether is it acceptable or unacceptable in as much as it seems that it is depend on examiner .
Why I am arguing this? because Game is a really general word,and it refers to all kinds sports or also it might be used for specific items such as most of Online games.

I am not sure how may I may response this,but as for am I am thinking right now I will prefer to talk specially about Games not generally about sports.

What is your point Mr Simon ???
please share with us, so as a result we are gonna be ready for answering such questions.

thanks a ton!

Hi Simon!I don't know much about this that what should i say but i tried. Here is my ans.

1.there are many games to be played in my country but the most popular one is cricket. you can see in my country that people play cricket in every next ground.Especially boys make arrangement for cricket on saturday because sunday is off so everyone likes to come and play.
2.I used to play badminton when i was in school because at that time i had time to play with my friends and sisters.
3.Because cricket is a most popular one game in my country and it is played on international level so people usually join centres to learn it. In this way they would get chance to get into the team and play on international level.
4.Yeah,it is v essential for people to play games because people can have relax and release their stress. it also makes people healthy and improve their memory.

1. What games are popular in your country?
I think it should be football because I see my college friends going out for playing that every weekends. But the things is that we can not play soccer in park sponsored by government. So that we usually go to park for having badminton. It's absolutely that soccer and badminton both play a important role in our society.
2. Do you play any games?
Not actually. I just play for fun and losing some weight. It's depend on weather I will go out for swimming public pool or playing badminton with my younger sister and brother and some kids in my place too. I mean If it's a rainy day, I absolutely will go for swimming. But if it's a sunny day, I will go to the park and doing badminton.
3. How do people learn to play games in your country?
As I said before, I usually go out with some kids and that how we learn to play things. Going out with our parents, siblings and friends , playing games with them and then they will teach us some skills, movement technics or even experiences. Besides, physical subject is one of the marked subject in primary school to high school and also university. So, we can be taught by people surrounding or teachers.
4. Do you think it's important for people to play games?
Yes! Absolutely. There must have some reasons for government put physical subject in school curriculum. Playing some games regularly can strength your health, inspire your mind which help you have a good start for every day. And the most important thing is that games can bring people together, increase their relationship and even their moral.

A note from Simon:

I agree with Kate (second comment from the top of this page) - sports are very often referred to as games e.g. a game of tennis.

Remember that this is part 1, so it's not supposed to be tricky.

Hlo simon ,
I got my result and I got 7 bands thank you so much buddy.your website is a boon for people.

1. Well, maybe football and badminton. My young er sisters play badminton every afternoon and my brothers going out for playing football on the weekend
2. Actually, I don't like sport much. I just play for fun and to relax. I usually go jogging or play badminton with my friend when i feel depressed
3. It depend, If you just want to play for fun, you can learn from family, friend or even on the internet. However if you want to play professinally, you can join in vocational trainning in school.
4. Absolutely yes. Playing game not only help people keep fit and stay healthy but also bring people together,increase their relationship

Hii Simon Sir

Tons oft hank you for this site, I have given my exam on 02 august and now waiting for my result.

The examiner asked me questions on MAPS and weather. Its my humble request to all ielts candidate that have confidence and be prepared.

Good luck for exam

1. Well, there are many games played in my country, but the most popular game is chess. we can meet this game in everywhere in Viet Nam, i think that everyone can play it.
2. yes, absolutely yes, i can play some game like football, chess, volleyball... but my favourite game is football, i often play football on the weekend.
3. oh, i think people learn how to play some games in many ways, forexample from their friends,family members or colleagues or from their tutors. if a person want to play footbal in my country, he could enrol to become a member of a football club. after that, he could be learned how to play form his coach.
4. yes i think that. game is one of the most important thing in our lives, when we have a stress we can play some games to relax. if without games we will feel bored.


People often take game and sport as to be the same one. However, game and sport are entirely different. A game involves more than one person and a sport pertains to only an individual’s skills and performance.A person participating in a sport is called as athlete or a sports person. A person who participates in a game is known as player.

1. Cricket and Tennis are the most popular game in my country though Hockey is our national game.
2. Yes, I play Table Tennis. I was trained during my school days and participated in city zonal level matches. Nowadays, I am playing Table Tennis in offices during tea breaks. It is one of the recreational facility provided by our offices to relax ourselves from work.
3. Mostly, they will learn from schools as part of extra curricular activities. Also, parents may also send their kids for additional training courses outside schools to nurture their interests.
4. Games is one of the quickest way to ease out the tension from work life and also fun way to keep fit and stay healthy.

I think it is acceptable to talk about sports and games such as chess,cards,puzzle etc. Both types of games have their own importance.
In my country, people love to play all most all types of games, but cricket, hockey and football are more popular than others. Even these games are popular among those who doesn't play, but enjoy to see these games. You can see children to play these games even on street sights.
Yes, i was a basketball player and played a lot of games. Even i was a state level player at school time and played in first 5 members of the team. I also like to play puzzles and chess and some time badminton at home with my family members and friends.
Nowadays, there are many ways to learn about anything. People learn games through internet, from friends or personal tutor. Its depend on their needs how and for what purpose they wanna learn games. Chess, Puzzles and other such types of memory increasing games can easily learn from internet and if you wanna enjoy outdoor games for entertainment you can learn from your friends. But if you adopt games as your career you should hire a personal trainer to learn every technique. As in my country, there is an opportunity for every child to learn about any game from school level.
Absolutely,it is essential to play games because they improves memory and also keep us fit and healthy. It also helps us to build new relationships between people and then countries. As we can see Olympic level games helps to make countries relationship stronger.

Hi teacher and friends,

I think it must be acceptable, because 'game' is a common word, which includes all kind of sports like chess, tennis, football, badminton, etc.
1. Football, volleyball and martial arts are the most popular games in my country. You can see people, especially school children playing football and volleyball everywhere even in the streets.
2. I used to play volleyball when I was one of member in our school national team. Then I had not play almost 4 years because of my lessons. And now, I do yoga, one of scare sport for my country.
3. In general, football and volleyball are taught us when we study in school. Recently, hockey and basketball are also added this line. But you can learn how to do martial arts you have to attend sport centers.
4. Regarding me, it is one of the best occupation to be busy with. Firstly, it makes us healthy, secondly, we do not spend our free time useless, we are among our friends, teachers, so that we can learn something new from them. And I think that playing games can also prevent some people from their bad habits, such as drinking alcohols too much and so on.

It is my first writing, is it ok ?
Please, tell me if it is not good. Thanks in advance.


Just to confirm for those who are confused: part 1 of the speaking test is supposed to be easy, and it won't affect your score if you talk about a sport.


I'm afraid the English language is more confusing than you suggest - games can be played alone (e.g. computer games, card games like 'solitaire'), and we say 'tennis player' rather than 'tennis athlete'.

If you're still worried, just answer like this: "Well, if we can consider sports as games, then football is definitely the most popular game in my country, but we also love board games like chess."


Congratulations ritu!

Hi Simon Sir,

I agree with you and thank you for your comment.

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Games is an activity in which people can compete with each other according to agreed rules.
1. football are ones of the popular games in my country. footballers can s play football in the park and play football in the yard and road and stadium and wherever there is an area to play in , it will be used to play.

2. I can play many types of games such as chess and football. When I was young, my father taught me to play Chess. Playing Chess can help me improve my thoughtfulness and football improve my fitness.

3. some player has a motivations to become a great footballers all over the world and others wanna to get WORLD CUP and some footballers gotta be rich and any one has its own purpose .

4. Playing games is key for people at any time for three main factors. Firstly, people play games to relax and get rid of stress. Secondly, games can improve thoughtfulness and get fitness , and finally Games can erase borders between Countries.

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1-In my country, people are palying many outdoor games, but in particulor, cricket, football and hockey are most populor.
You can see children playing cricket even on the streets, and some other people even they do'nt paly they love to see the event.
2-Yes, I play games like table tennis and cricket on my day off. I used to play cricket as an opening batsman for my college team when I was a student in engineering college.
3-In my country people learn play games mostly by tuning themselves into live telecast on tv. There is a good example of this is a great Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. Befre starting his debue in cricket, he used to watch cricket on tv.
4-Yes, I think we all need to do some sort of sport to reduce the anxiety, work stress and to have a active life style. If we don'nt work out, the chances of living longer would decrease at a greater extant.

Sir I wanna sample for sport that you like to play or watch..on cricket..what is it.its rules nd why it is liked by you


hi,simon sir i want improve my english please help me as i am giving my ielts exam on next month 25
october 2014

1)Cricket and hockey are once of the papular games in my country.outsidercan see peoples usually play cricket in park.
2)yes I can play many kind of games such as cricket,hockey and football.because such kind of game enhance our health.
3)people learn by watching match on t.v.and joining clubs which is in their own region.
4)yes,because every game creat spirit of team member and enhance steamna to face difficulties during the game.

hi,How to do the speaking task?please help me?

1. The popular games in my country are football, badminton, volleyball, martial arts, chess, and so on.

2. I play a lot of games, but I often spend my time playing football and practising martial arts.

3. People in my country learn how to play with their acquaintances, their friends, and their coaches. Another recent way to learn is via internet. People could get access to internet, search google or find videos on youtube to practise on their own.

4. In my opinion, playing games is very necessary because it could boost up your health, help you to overcome stress resulting from work or study, and even improve your memory.

1. There are many games in may country which branches connect to sports and street games. When I was said 'sport', I thought football. Turkish mans and also females really enjoyed when they was watching footbal games.

2. I played football between 6 to 20 years old. As well as my father is ex-professional football player. They pressed me about football therefore I really love it. I still play with my friends almost everyweekend.

3. In my country little bit different another countires. I observered, childs learned football at the street. They make up to area with using cars and walls which decided their game lines. Some families also prefer to private courses. But I thınk street s best school for the beginners.

4. Football is one the most stressor object in our life. Even we break up our relationships for this issue. Sametime football is so good activie for relaxing. If I need to summarise, ı want to give a example. In Turkey, people open last page when they want to read newspaper beacuse football news end of the newspapers.

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