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August 15, 2014


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Hello Simon,
My result arrived today. I'm over the moon right now:
R: 8.5
L: 8.5
W: 7.0
S: 7.5
Overall: 8.0

I couldn't express my gratitude to you. Just know that there is a little girl in Vietnam that wants to hug you and say 'thank you'.
You are a good man, Simon, you are.

Congratulations, Quynh Chi. Your score is perfect.

Please, give more sample answers for part 3

Wonderful scores Quynh Chi, congrats.

Thank you teacher for this Lovely lesson!

Congratulations, Quynh Chi! Could you please share your IELTS experience to me. Thanksvery much!

Quynh Chi. Just let you know I'm Vietnamese and I'm also want to hug you too :3

Hi simon sir,
can you please tell me, in agree / disagree essay if we partially agree, which body paragraph should be about agree, 1 or 2 and please also tell me can we describe that we partially agree in introduction , can any one help me
Thanks for this wonderful website

Hello Simon sir,
I have recently got my IELTS score as
W- 6.5
R- 7.0
L- 8.0
S- 7.0

I need atleast 8.0 in S and L and 7.0 in W and Reading . I need your help. Can I achieve that score? What do I have to do for that ?
Do u provide some online coaching ? I need if you could correcty writings .
Please oblige .

I need your help if you could correct my writings .



Hi Jatinder,

Could you please share your reading techniques?
[email protected]



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Thank you, simon. Your post is perfect. By the way, congratulation Quynh Chi, i hope can get as a similar as Quynh Chi's score in someday.

Hello everyone, I am taking exam tomorrow in the USA. Plz pray for me . If any body is taking exam in the UK or any where can u plz update writing both task asap so we can get idea before enter into exam. Every body knows that in there is timing difference.
Plz wish me luck simon sir I know when teacher send good luck to students that comes as blessings.


Thank you guys :)
I didn't take any IELTS classes at all. This website is my main material, especially for Writing. I printed all the Writing lessons, underlined all the phrases and colocations that sounded good such as 'open the door to better employment opportunities', things like that. Then I tried to write the essays using those phrases and I have written at least 40 essays in about 25 topics. When reading Writing task 1 essays, I always noticed 4 things: 1. How Simon paraphrases the question (you should be able to do so because it will give you confidence to start the W test) 2. What information he chooses to include in his overview (2nd paragraph) 3. How he organises the 3nd and 4th paragraph, what info he chooses, in what order does he present the info 4. Nice phrases that could be used in all task 1 questions.
My W score is not too high but 7.0 is ok since I did not received any feedback from a teacher. Did it all myself :)

You should, of course, do all the Cambridge books. The real test is pretty much like them. I did the maths before even starting to study for the test. I needed at least 7.0 overall, and I knew my S and W were not as good as L and R, so my target scores were 6-6.5 in S and W, 7.5 in L and R. I did as much L & R tests as I could, knowing that I need at least 33/40 to get a band score of 7.5. I loved doing tests, it was thrilling. I do the full 1 hour R tests and 30 mins L tests, wrote my answer on a separate sheet, not on the booklets, to familarize with the real test and get the most accurate results to assess myself. That's why I got 8.5 in both. I also did what Simon suggests: after doing the Cambridge test, I read the passages carefully, looking for nice words& phrases.

And finally, my tip for the Speaking test is: be natural, be yourself, the examiner wants to have a good, interesting conversation, he/she wants you to show that you are able to talk to a native speaker in a natural way. So you don't need to, and shouldn't, use phrases like 'to be honest, I suppose I would have to say that' in every sentences. Take a look at Simon's S lessons for more information.

arhh I spent 30 mins to type all this on my mobile phone. Good bye to you, fellow test takers. Wish you good luck. And bye bye IELTS, I'm done with you, for real.

Hi simon,
could you please share your answer about speaking topics by videos to listening . I think it will be useful, espeically for beginner students to improve thier accent

Thanks, Quynh Chi. You has inspired me a lot :).
Best regards from a 16-year old Vietnamese girl.

good job Quynh Chi

Thank you CHI for your valuable information...

Hi simon, Thanks for your lessons. I also bought your ielts writing task-2 e-book it is very helpful in my preparation. I have a doubt that, sport itself is plural in british english;Am I right?

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I think children will teach them to play games at a very young ages, so that their ability will develop as time they grow and aside from that be more aware in sport.

Yes it's important, especially for children. They learned how to engaged and develop their ability to cooperate with others. Aside from that develop team work and trust to each in everyone.

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i don't have enough time to play in theses days ,you know studying ,preparing for ielts exam
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children teach each other

YES it is very helpful to play sports to all aspects of your life.all of us need time to relax , enjoy our self, get out of stressful life


Hi Simon

Is it fine if I ask the examiner to explain the questiom?? Will I lose me score??

Thank you.

Welcome everyone
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I find this video is useful for this topic


Hi guys i am gonna take ielts next mont i need speaking partner

Thanks for your post Simon, it help me get 6.5 in Speaking for IELTS
Thanks again!

please give me sone reading tricks

Please help me too,,so that i can score high bands

Hi simaon.... Plz help me to score 7778 in reading listening writing and speaking....

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