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August 14, 2014


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This is absolutely a valuable advice.
Thank you so much, Sir.
I always follow what you said and try to learn everyday. You are a brilliant teacher.

Hello Simon !
The shopkeeper's not cutting is the prices.
shopkeeper is ?
is it possible to write :
jack's happy = jack is happy .
I know it should be avoided in the test, but is it fine for informal writing ?

But my teacher always tells me to use SOAR, PLUMMET, ROCKET since INCREASE, RISE and FALL are too common, Sir.

Hello everybody!
I have been memorizing such words for a while in as much as my teacher advised me but you are arguing that we should not use them.
Now I am gonna be a little bit confuse that which one is the right way.
As you have thought me more than my own teacher so I may prefer to opt your advice than his.

any feedback is highly welcomed!!!

Thanks excessively Simon .

Hi Marry,

Short form can be used in informal writing such as e-mails between friends but should be avoided like plague in formal writing, particularly in IELTS.


Hi Simon,

If we only use common words, then how can we get high score in lexical resource section?

There was a significant increase of strengthen in eastern sea situations.
my english skills rose slightly in 3 months ago.

Hi Simon,
Can I write "The cost of homes saw a significant rise in London" ?

Hi guys !
today I got speaking test and this is the topic .
Keeping a pet is a responsibility for everyone . what is your opinion ?

hi saalin,
Thank you for your share,
wow, this is a new topic,is this the topic for writing or for speaking?

please just give me some points for this queation.....

Some countries achieve international sports success by building specialised facilities only for top players instead of for everyone? Discuss the positive and negative of this approach.

Hello Simon,
My result arrived today. I'm over the moon right now:
R: 8.5
L: 8.5
W: 7.0
S: 7.5
Overall: 8.0

I couldn't express my gratitude to you. Just know that there is a little girl in Vietnam that wants to hug you and say 'thank you'.
You are a good man, Simon, you are.

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