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August 21, 2014


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Thank you, teacher. It looks really easy.

Dear sir,
I hope you will have a great time at new place.

Ohh, I just saw it. I do not know what people say such situation, but hope you will be happy at your new house, teacher.

all the best dear sir

thanks a lot. That's definitely helpfull.

That's right, it is really exact for 2 separate charts. But, if these charts are related together, we have to compare some things between 2 charts.
Thank a lot for your advices.
You are a good teacher for everyone on around the world.

Best wishes at your new home

Hi Simon.i would like to say thank you to u.today I received my ielts result in 6.0band.it was my first time though.i didn't take any tutorial classes except following your suggestions in this site.I hardly have time to prepare though only7 days. Thanks a lot Simin for all your kindness help! I will keep practicing my writing by following your methods ! :)


Congratulations! enjoy your new home and hope you settling in quickly.

congratulate Sunny, just 7 days for preparing ielts examination.
i really admire you a lot.

all the best teacher.

Congratulations, Sunny. Its really good score for a week preparation.

Congrats sunny.All the best.

Hi Simon.
What tense should I use for the overview paragraph in a chart including both past and future years?
Thank you.

Thanks guys!


Congratulations Sunny. I'm glad my lessons helped!


Hi Hoang Minh,

Have a look at the essay linked below. I think it answers your question.


Thank Simon.
But in the overview of this essay ( http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2013/05/ielts-writing-task-1-full-essay.html ), you used present simple. It means this tense can also be used in such types of chart, right?

Yes, that's right Hoang Minh.

Thank Simon. Now I'm clear.

Hi Simon
I just find your website and I have read all your Task 1 "line graph" lessons, they are really hekpful and great! :) thank you a lot for all your works!
But I haven't seen any lesson about "single graph" essay which always confuse me ... can you tell me how to compare such line graphs?

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your sessions .. i got below score for general Training
Listening :8.0
Reading :7.5
Writing :6.0
Speaking :7.0

Is that true that i should get above 7 in all the sections to get Band 7.

Hi,simons. I heard that in writing session of the task 1,conclusion is not so important.

Can you let me know that,conclusion is requried or not.

i have the same question.is conclusion not required for task 1

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