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August 20, 2014


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thanks once again
it is very important lesson for all students .
now i understand how to write balanced openion essay.

but my biggest problem is about nouns, singular , plural, countable, uncountable, countable uncountable .

i think many students have this problem .

please teach us the commonest nouns in task one, when they are plurar and when they are singular.or at least common rules for that .



Thank you, teacher very much for advice. I do not know much about IELTS, so I'm learning here, but still I have lots of questions. I'd be glad if students writing here help me.

Hi Simon,

My tutor said to me that I should practice to writ an essay for 300 words. Do u think is helpful to practice in that way? Thank you for your further advise. God Speed.

Hi Simon and everyone,
Today, I have meet the writing topic as following:

During the 20th century, the world has big development thanks to air travel and telecommunication.
What extent do you think about that societies benefit from increased contact and closer relationship with foreigners through international tourism and business?
Give your reasons, relevant examples and your experiences?

I think this essay belongs to the type of question "Agree or Disagree". Do I think exactly, Simon?
In the test, I answered that I only partly agree and therefore, I had one paragraph to analyse a little about negatives (pollution to environment and global epidemic). However, this paragraph is shorter than the paragraph that give reason and examples for advantages of international tourism and business in general, air travel and telecommunication in particular.
In the part conclusion, I remind that international tourism and business have brought huge development although these have some drawbacks, and the benefits outweigh the negatives if people can well control the drawback.

Everyone, please share your thoughts and ideas?

Dear simon and all,

i want to share with all of you today IELTS paper held in karachi, Pakistan.

today Writing TAST2:
advantages of spreading of English as a "global language" outweigh the disadvantages.

Hello Simon,
There seems to be some dissent among IELTS tutors regarding the inclusion of an opposing point of view in this kind of essay. Many (some of them IELTS trainers & examiners) believe that a fully developed essay MUST examine the opposite viewpoint first, in order to discount it and then strengthen the writer's point of view in the 3rd paragraph. I take it you disagree....

I definitely disagree Helen, and there's no confusion among the examiners that I know.

hiļ¼Œsimon, i have a question about writing task 2.
The topic is "Crime is a problem all over the world and there is nothing to do to prevent it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?"
I'm confused by this question, my thoughts are as follows, which one is right?
1. think about why crime is a problem all over the world(one paragraph); whether there is any method to prevent it(another paragraph)? Then, I could write"I agree that crime is a problem, but there exists ways to prevent it"
2. "crime is a problem all over the world" is just the background of this topic, then I should focus on whether there is any method to prevent it? So my opinion can be "some of the crimes can be prevented, but others cannot"

Hi Simon
I will take ielts on 6th sep. I want to know about agree and disagree question.When I was doing ielts courses, teachers told me I need to write both views thats means agree and disagree. Then in conclusion I need to write which views I am supporting.Now I am confuse. can you give me the suggestion PLZ

Hi Simon,

I read your another lession http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2011/10/ielts-writing-5-sentence-paragraphs.html .

In this lesson, the opinion is agree. Then the first body state why you agree, but the second body also use the expression of " some people believe".

It is controversial to today's lesson. Hope you have time to answer it.


Hi Lynn,

In the lesson about "5-sentence paragraphs" I was giving 2 separate examples of how to build a paragraph. The first example could be for an "opinion" paragraph, and the second example could be for a "discussion" essay.

Hi Guys,
General Training Module, first week of September 2014 in Bangalore. India
I had my listening/Reading/Writing tests on 06 September. I posted my Speaking test topic earlier
part 1 was about discussion between 2 people who want to choose the right camping offers to go.
Part 2: seminar on recycling and discussion between two students where one student was giving tips for another student about seminar topic.
Part 3: forgot sorry.

Part 3 :was passage about crocodiles
Part 2 :was about discussion about the prerequisite preparation for seminar presentation. another passage forgot sorry
part 1 :not sure it was reataurants/clubs it was true/false/Not Given session

Part-I letter to write a teacher about a course you are interested to join and how
i)this course will help you ii)how you came to know about the course iii) question you what to ask about the course to the teacher.

I just hope I receive the required bandwidth score and all the best for all who will attend the IELTS exam.

Hi Simon, today I practice a topic of writing task 2 but i don't know how to read this question:

In modern worlds, the friendships between countries becomes much more importantthan before, because we should confront with a lot of affairs together. to whatextent you agree or disagree?

I'm not sure the emphasis of this question is the friendship or the reason that each country should confront affairs together? Or both?

Thanks a lot!

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