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August 06, 2014


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on the other hand some people beleive that that family history is very important medically especially in the medical field because of genetic transformation of some triats from generation to generation.for instance some genetic diseases and syndromes have the ability to carry the affected gene from one generation to another.futhermore,the pursuit of family and origins gives us the sense of responsibility and motivation to preserve the past for the future.in addition some have the view that knowing the past is significantly important to preserve the values and culture of their ancestors.

Thanks teacher...

Hello Simon!
I hope you notice my comment.
I wonder if you could answer these
I just took the Speaking test. When we're
saying goodbye after the test, the
examiner asked me : 'Why do you have an
English accent?'
That's exactly what he said. I'm confused.
Was he saying that my accent was weird
or was he complementing on my accent
because it sounded 'native'?
Also, I did OK in the first 2 parts but
screwed up in part 3 since I didn't know
what to say. I just beat about the bush
without giving any idea. I tried to
provide an example but he stopped me.
I'm worried.
Would he reduce my score just because of
part 3?
Please answer me.

I have heard test centre matters a lot for ielts score. Is it true? If yes can anyone recommend good test centre in london please

"it has become so much easier to carry out genealogical research using the Internet."

I am curious why there used "easier" other than "easy".
My teacher taught me when use comparative adjective, the sentence must includes two compared items. Herein I can't see another item.

simon sir please check these two paragraphs that i wrote and tell me what is missing for high score or is it ok?,,please reply

For various reasons, people are interested more in family history or family tree. First and foremost is the inquisitiveness to know about themselves and their roots, origin and native place that their forefathers owned. For example, in Punjab (India) many people discover that where their family members were living before the bifurcation of 1947. The second reason is the internet which, makes easier to do this research, we hear about others who have done it and even the advertisements relating to this encourage us to do this. Besides this, it is not merely a curiosity; I think we might secretly hope that we have famous or wealthy ancestors and start to delve deeply into past generation’s life.
I think it is a fascinating hobby, nice way to spend leisure time and a good talking point with family and friends because one has to talk in family and with different people when searching for a particular ancestor. It is also a good way to keep the children attached with the bloodline and teach them that how past generations lived. We may even find a long lost relative. So, all in all, it would be a positive development.

Hi quynh chi,

Don't worry! That sounds like a compliment to me!


Hi Kk,

Test centres should all operate in the same way.


Hi Lynne,

The comparative is implied e.g. "so much easier that it used to be" - we do this a lot in English.


Hi Gurpreet,

I'm afraid I don't check students' work - I would receive hundreds of similar requests if I did. Sorry.

Hi Simon,
Thank you for your reply. It really cheers me up!
You website is extremely useful to us. I am grateful for all you've done.

Hi Simon, I just recently had my speaking test. For part 2, the question that was given was "talk about an important building in your country". I had a lot of hesitations as I couldnt think about enough points to elaborate on. I saw the examiner writing down "24" for that section. Can I know what does that mean, sir?

Why significantly important? I thought that significant is similar to important?


The examiner is making a note of the time so he or she knows when your two minutes is up. For example it could mean 7:24 minutes into the test.

Hi everyone, i am preparing for ielts general.i took my test already and i got 6.5 overall band.Individually i got L 6.5,R 7.0,W 6 ,S 5.5.
I need really good practice for speaking and have to score high.So any body who are preparing for ielts general add me on Skype.My id is drk940.
Thanks in Advance

I think it will be helpful for both of us,Please add me

In couple of reasons,why people tend to research their family tree.Firstly,people might want to know about their ancestor where they have come from or is there any similar personality traits.secondly,the usage of internet has made it so much easier for people who would prefer to do this research, even there are advertisements that are encouraging people to use genealogical websites,as a result,to become aware of their descents .Finally,people may would be curious to know all about their forefathers whether they were wealthy or famous.

Hi Simon,

Many teachers suggest to write 3 sentences in first and last paragraph. I found that if I do so, there would be no words and time left for me to expand two main paragraphs in the middle. Could you give me some suggest on this?

Many Thanks,

Thank you sir for your informative teaching. Can we start introduction with the following sentance
" Apropos of given statement....." Please reply

thanks a million for your website, its really been of great help. pls i have a pressing question of which i would like you to verify for me as i'm taking ielts this Saturday(16 August). My question is that do I have to leave a blank line between paragraphs or how do I leave a paragraph. Thanks

hi, Simon
why do you not introduce how to develop a body paragraph in an essay by using Counter-argument ?
thanks alot
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

This topic came up on my IELTS exam 10th of July 2014. I thought I did well, but I was unhappy with my score--I scored 6 in writing :(
I will be taking the test again on 4th of Sept and I wanna improve my writing and I just found out about your blog.
thank you Simon!

Hi Simon! I will be taking the IELTS Exam for General Training on 30 May here in Sydney. I was wondering how we should manage the 40 minutes writing time for Task 2. If you say we should plan and then write. How many minutes for planning? For writing? and for some editing?

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