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August 27, 2014


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Hi Simon

I really really learned a lot from your blog, which I think is really natural and standard English.

Could you tell us about how to use " be of + Noun" as a substitute of adjectives and give some examples? As far as I know, few students, especially in China, often use this in English essays, but I saw a lot in native speaker's essays or e-mails.



It is not clear what you mean. Please provide an example in a sentence.

Hello Simon,

I need to ask u if the WT1 involved 2 qs, shall i make 2 paragraphs clearly discussing each of them, or i can respond to both qs in the whole topic? I hope u got what i mean.

@salma... Hi salma check this... Hope you are asking for this...http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2014/08/ielts-writing-task-1-two-different-charts.html

I think Francis means the sentence like " it is of importance that candidates should practice a lot in speaking."
And he is wondering how to use this properly.


As Bill said,it is what I mean.

I mean there are some cases that we can use 'be of + noun' to substitute adjectives, such as 'I am of great interest in doing something'. However, actually, we don't often use it, due to worrying about mistakes.

Hi Francis,

I found this on the internet which might answer your question

A form of "to be" followed by "of" and a noun is usually equivalent to "to be" followed by an adjective of similar meaning. It is an idiomatic use of an "of" phrase. Here are some other examples.

to be of use = to be useful
to be of help = to be helpful
to be of importance = to be important
to be of significance = to be significant
to be of consequence = to be consequential
to be of interest = to be interesting
to be of assistance = to be helpful (because there is no word "assistanceful")
to be of worth = to be valuable (because there is no word "worthful")
to be of good quality = to be good with respect to quality (because there is no word "good-quality-ful")

However, I think not all noun can be used in the structure above. Most often, the noun used has to be an abstract noun.

Some are considered idioms and I think we should learn and use them correctly, not all phrases.

For more info, you can check here

Hi Simon,

This is to thank you for all your hard work and contribution.

I have just received my IELTS result and it is wonderful. I've got a 7.5 overall. To some people, it might not be a high score; however, I'm glad I made it, especially when I thought I messed up my writing task 2 a bit. My writing was very close to be lower than 250 words and if that happened, I could not achieve higher than 6.0 in writing.

Having said that, my speaking score is still pretty low, 6.5, which is why I think I need further practice.

Anyway, thank you for your helpful and simple pieces of advice. I realize that we don't need scary and complex English to achieve a band score around 7.5.

I don't see the ideas to address the second question (factors to achieve happiness) in the list extracted from the ebook. Maybe we should have more for this.

Many people keep striving in their lives for a long-lived state of happiness but often feel struggling to reach it or fail to meet their expectations. This essay will attempt to examine why a definition of happiness is challenging and what are essential contributors to achieving it.

Happiness is an elusive notion to grasp due to some major reasons. Firstly, it has a purely subjective and relative meaning. For example, winning a prize of 500 dollars may be a grand victory to a person but only a mediocre event to some others. Secondly, it evolves over time at different stages of life along with one’s maturity and life experience. A young male, for instance, may regard travelling and parties as life dreams; however, he would expect more time to spend with his family and children when he is in his marriage life. Overall, there is no rigorous or universal definition for happiness as a recipe of life.

However, psychologists pointed out several common factors which could help us find happiness in life. One simple view is that happiness could exist in any forms around us, not necessarily be associated with a grand event or massive success. It could be a sunny morning, a blossomed flowers in the backyard, or a positive comment from friends on Facebook. Another vital element of human happiness is self-rewarding and positive thought. It is advised that we should be less harsh to ourselves and find ways to relax and praise our little achievements in daily life. As an example, some people enjoy a party with friends at weekends after a tiring working week.

In conclusion, while people have different views of happiness, I believe an optimistic lifestyle could help us in attaining a simple and happy life.

hi Francis
I remember earlier I saw some comments about your question, and it was like 'when you are using be+of+importance, that means it is publicly known that it is important'. So I guess others could be the similar way, hope it helps you.

Congratulations Hellcha, it is quite good.


There is really no benefit to you of using this structure. It is rarely natural in English except occasionally in very academic or formal contexts.

In IELTS we are looking for clear, natural and error free language, not this structure.

@bruce... Really nice essay :-)

Thanks for the advice, Sjm.

@Kamala: Thanks.

@ Bruno,

Really nice well written essay. I think it is 8.5 band essay.


Some people believe that mobile phones should be banned in public, especially on public transport, in restaurants and cinemas. Others think that mobile phones should be allowed to use anywhere. Discuss both views and give your opinion

hi everybody plz write ans of this essay if anybody can.....
Some people believe that mobile phones should be banned in public, especially on public transport, in restaurants and cinemas. Others think that mobile phones should be allowed to use anywhere. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Happiness is a vital element for human life and various means to different people that’s why this is hardly to define what happiness is. People have been trying to figure out what is happiness, what factors are affecting on how to achieve happiness for a long time. Nonetheless, there is still no absolute answer.

Happiness can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment. Some people feel happy when they are spending time with their family and friends. However, some people may feel more relax and enjoy when they have private time. Besides, hobbies, sports and games can be a source of fun and enjoyment. Everyone have different factors on achieving happiness. For example, my hobby is soap-making and driving which I really enjoy some own time. In another way, my mother enjoys Tai-chi and chatting with her friends. Moreover, more and more people view money as an important source of happiness because money can buy most of the things in the world.

In another hand, some people define happiness as something deeper. They need to feel that they are doing something useful with their lives. They may get a sense of achievement from their work which bring them fame and fortune. Contribution to the society, such as voluntary work, is also a common factor for people to gain happiness. Others find happiness in enriching their next generation like bringing up their children or being a teacher.

happiness.... :( really tough concept.... sorry simon sir but i need your guidance on this topic.. will write after reading yours.. :-)
i wrote another essay .. please friends recommend some amendments if possible...

Some countries allow its population to keep guns.what are the adv. and disadvantages of keeping guns at home?

Guns are legally permitted in few nations for safety measures but are strictly prohibited by other countries for the same reason.After considering there two opposite regulations it is demonstrated that it is a positive rule and has few drawbacks too.

On the one hand, Guns are being used as a life saving equipment in war fields,even in self defensing operations also.People who live in dense forests and are surrounded by animals are also advisable to keep guns, riffles so that they can be independent and can live a secure life by protecting their self from wild animals.Last but not least,in some cultures, from ancients times guns are the symbol of status and power,and are being transferred from one generation to another.So, for cultural aspects also people do not prefer to surrender their ancestral guns and govt. also respect their cultural beliefs.

On the other hand,there are few reasons which are responsible for the prohibition of guns.Firstly, it encourages crimes like suicide,murder,theft,robbery etc.People behave fearless when they have weapons.Secondly, these are harmful for children also as they can use them in the absence of their parents.Thirdly, easy availability of non licensed guns is also a culprit, in some cases criminals killed police officers while defending their selves with non licensed guns.And this type of accidents question the nation's security.

In conclusion,I would say guns are made for protection but using them for bad deeds should not be acceptable by any law.

happiness ....... :-)

Basically,it's a natural phenomenon that every human being wants to live a happy and happening life.However,happiness is essential but it is recognized with different names and frames in our society for some its money for some its self satisfaction.

Happiness has various definitions,it can be divided as a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.Some people achieve happiness when they spend time with their families and share valuable feelings and precious time with each other.For children, happiness lies in a moment when they wear new dresses on their birthdays and receive their long awaited presents.But, for some these all small moments are not enough and they see their happiness in money and professional achievements.Success is considered as a desired thing in this era of competition.

As meaning of happiness differs from person to person its achieving styles also differ.For a family oriented person happiness can be achieved by bringing up his children with rules and regulations with do's and don'ts and by serving them properly.Others praise their self when they feel that they are doing something valuable with their lives.There are also people who get sense of achievement from their work.

In conclusion, I would say happiness is different and its name also changes for every human being with different age and achievements.
( i guess for conclusion i m not able to demonstrate what i actually want to .. like i m not getting right words for this..) .... any corrections would be welcomed......

completing this essay is a real feel of happiness for me today ...: -)

Congratulations Helicha!

please give answer of all ielts book task 2..

Hello guys, here is my answer.
I'm taking my ielts on saturday, please give me some feedbacks about my grammar (any error, mistakes...).
I need to grad 7 in writing.

Nowadays happiness is a major preoccupation in life, everybody talks about it, lures to be happy but no one really knows its true meaning. I admit that it is a thorny issue to identify the related causes of this well-being.

Firstly, I think happiness is so hard defining due to the incredible diversity of definition existing. As a matter of fact, some people contend that they need money and a good job to be happy whereas others argue that being healthy and being surrounded by their loved ones are enough. In my opinion, there is no cut-and-dried answer in so far as all the great thinkers of humanity have left happiness in the vague so that it could be defined by each one of us.

Secondly, there are certain states of mind that are conducive to this flourishing, to this well-being. If we are not tired, healty and doing something useful with our lives, we would undoubtedly experienced happiness even if it is not something radiating outside. Hence, its main source has to be searched from the inside.

Finally, other people find happiness in shallower things such as material possessions, earning a of lot money, or travelling. Although, it is understandable in the sense that the inner well-being depends on one’s perceptions, I deem that these type of activities only give a fleeting emotion of happiness. For example, a chocolate cake is mouth-watering, first serving is delicious, second one not so much, then we feel disgust.

To conclude, despite the fact that a universal definition of happiness is impossible to provide, everybody agree that it brings a feeling of joy and fulfillment which can be experienced in various ways.

Happiness is considered as an aim for every humain on earth. It is indeed a shared goal, yet still defficult to define because it means different things to different people and there are many contributers in achieving a sense of it.

Happiness has a relative meaning to each one of us. Some people relate it to being wealthy, so they spend their entire lives stuck in careers which provide a lot of money but very less means of rest and recreation. while others relate it to a deeper meaning like being healthy and having a supporting family with successful children. others may draw a sense of happiness from having a feeling of excitement when practicing their favorite hobby like: exploring the world by traveling, learning new languages, reading novels or going out with friends. these are different forms of happiness which makes it a very wide concept of life.

while it is hard for people to come to a same conclusion on the issue of happiness, a range of common needs are considered to be important in achieving happiness. First one needs to see the joy even in small things in life in order to be satisfied. For instance: we need to have money which is affordable for a living and for our needs, to have a loving surroundings, we also need to think wisely about the way we care about our health and to practice what we love most in our free time. another important factor should be dedicating a small portion of our lives to the sake of helping others and drwing a smile in desperate faces.

In conclusion, even though it is hard to define happiness in one simple way, one can still consider a balanced combination of ideas which can make their lives happier.

Hi, my name is Ana, I will need a 7.5 score , so here is my answer, will be great to have some feedback. Cheers.
Happiness is subjective as it involves the personal point of view of each human, the reward associated to certain stimuli is different depending on the association and expectations created about the word.
That’s why it makes it difficult to define; as happiness for a boy could be having a piece of bread in his mouth, for another that bread is part of the breakfast and his joy consists in a new toy. But assuming happiness just as possession or the owning of material things, is a narrow point of view. The materialism created around the word has increased in the last centuries as the consumption associates some products with a picture of success. The spiritual side of it has been banished as there is nothing that can be illustrated or showed to the others as a victory.
We don’t have to forget that the brain biochemistry plays an important part in it, doesn’t matter that your family is alive and functional , even you own a home and a job , if there is a serotonin and dopamine imbalance all above mentioned isn’t relevant and a feeling of sadness and anxiety prevails.
That is why there is no recipe for happiness at all , but being grateful for the people who surround us and having the sense of belonging as the coverture of the common needs for a living, allow to experience that feeling in most people.

These essay are very help full for ielts students

I need the essay of other topic of writing task 2

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