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August 09, 2014


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Thank you for answers, teacher. I also have a question. I want to learn some difficult words, can you recommend any book? Thanks in advance.

Dear Simon,

Thanks for your advice!

However, I want to ask you a question quite similar to the number 5:

In the listening test, the question may ask about occupation, can I write down just 'student/clerk' instead of 'a student/a clerk'?

Sometimes, I see questions asking about means of transport, I just write 'minibus', but the answer is 'by minibus'. Might I lose 1 point in this case?

Hope to receive your reply soon!

Hi Kamala,

I'll write about 'difficult words' in tomorrow's lesson here on the blog.


Hi Tran,

You don't need the words "a" or "by", so you won't lose any points.

Thank you so much, teacher.

Dear sir
I would like to join your program online to progress my English. How I can do that ,
Thank you very much .
Mohammed Humran

Hi Simon, hope you r doing well. I am taking exam in the USA on 16th August. can u suggest me so far i have taken 3 exam in England i don't know if i write british spelling in listening will they penalize me.
Can u plz tell me few common words which make difference in
( s and z).
I would appreciate it

I'm in a problem I got 16 august ielts test date but the condition of Pakistan is very bad now and imran khan has strike on 14 august and everything will be closed at 14 august I want know that it possible for the examiner to cancel the test ??

Dear teacher
I'm going to take the exam soon..I want you to pray for me please please.. so that you can be proud of your student At Last....will you ??

Thank you for your great help!

dear teacher,
If I want to get a 9 band score in speaking test, can i use american accent? I dont know if i can use american resources or just use british resources.
Thanks for your help!

Thank you for your kind response, Simon.

By the way,

To Maya: I think this lesson can help you yourself clear your mind. I personally think that accent and 'resources' will not affect the Ielts speaking score?

Hope that this finding is true :)


Hi Simon,

Could you 'stick' some of the most important tips for each skill test? For example, a sticky about steps students should follow when doing the writing test.

That way, new comers can save some time looking for old posts.

It's just my idea for you to consider.

Helo erpvert ody, i got one more queston, could you guys or Simon answer this: in speaking task 2 you will be given a card with some questions about the topic you have to speak, is it possible to speak without answering directly to thiese question. For ex, they ask about how, when, why but i just answer when and why, and who, is it right ?


There is no score for content in part 2 so the questions are only there to give you some ideas. Don't worry if you don't address each one.

hii simon I'm little bit confuse because my teacher said to read some particular lines in task2 like in advantages and disadvantages task in intro she said me to write ... everything has its pros and cons that is rightly said that "all glitters is not gold". is it right to write these kinds of lines however examiner know about all these kinds of tricks.

Hello Simon,

Is it ok if I write into the answer sheet Y/N/NG instead of YES/NO/NOT GIVEN?

Hi Simon,
I did IELTS academic test and got R:5.5/W:5.5/L:7/S:6.5.but for my university programme they want me to get 6.5 overall and 6+ for the each section. have another option.I can do their english programme which will cost $2500 in australia.but too expensive.what should i do?do the ielts again?PLEASE HELP ME

in listening how to put any birth date with two words? i found in my ielts exam tht "NO MORE THEN TWO WORDS" answer was "AUG/15/1988...SO how to write this birth date with two words?

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