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October 12, 2014


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Hiiii all my friends my exam will on 18 oct plzzz forward me writing task and reading ,listing plzzzz as soon as

I will waiting for u help till last movement I belong to IIndia I m in tenson because I belong to very poor family..

hello Simon
I wonder that could i write task 1 like this, examiners minute my score??
My structure in task 1 : Introduction-->2 Paragraphs-->overall/conclusion.( I write this because I don't write enough words in 2 main paragraphs, just in case)

Hi Simon,

These are my ways of explaing the word 'parapharasing'
1. To organize your idea using different words and structures.
2. To make your opinion easier to understand by saying or writing it in other ways.
3. To express the same idea but use synonyms and parallel expressions.

Any comment is welcome!

Hello Simon
1. To make easier and understandable structure with different words
2. Molding statement with different synonym

- To use different words expressing the same meaning.
- To make it clearer with the other ways.
- To give the more specifice overview on one issue compared to the original.

Hello Simon,
Here is my answers:

1. Rewrite sentences but do not change meaning
2. The way that some words in an original sentence are replaced by synonyms or/and family words; or structure of sentence is changed, but still keep the same meaning.

Hello Simon,
Here is my answer.
That is the way we do to rewrite sentences using synonyms. We do not change the meaning of the sentence.


Hey, I'm afraid you've mixed the meaning of paraphrasing with other ideas. Your sentence number 3 is correctly defining paraphrasing. However, the other two doesn't belong to the word paraphrasing. Thanks, hoping to hear soon from you.


- changing the structure and words of a sentence, but not meaning.
-other ways of saying the same thing

Hlo frnd my exam will 18 Oct in INDIA plz forward reading passage as possie ......plz plz plz

to rewrite something in many different ways :)

Write the topic in different words but have the same meaning.

Hi Simon,
I have a question about writing.
My ex - teacher taught me that I MUST use 'to recapitulate' instead of 'in conclusion' because this is much academical word and examiner would have impression from it.
Is this true?
While I am following your lessons, I felt that I should consider and use 'natural word' rather than 'difficult word'.
Thank you very much in advance.
Dan from Brisbane in Australia.

'paraphrase' means to explain and rewrite the word or the sentence in a different way, using simpler words, so that you can understand it better.

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Well, I agree that paraphrasing has greater impact in all sections of IELTS.
Paraphrase means to put in another way by using synonyms of a word.
example- Artificial intelligence- Computer
Awealth of knowledge- an idea
A financial aid- a funding
the way people interact with each other- communication
What consciousness means?-what our brains do?


That is complete nonsense. 'To recapitulate' is an unnatural expression and would not help you in the test.

@ arslan saeed

Hi and many thanks for your feedback. Anyway, I think the first sentence might be questionable but the last two seem to be fine to me.

In the first sentence, I think it will be more precise if I use 're-write' rather than 'organize'. The word 'Organize', in this case, can confuse the others to think that s.th new is being made, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I can't find where I was wrong in the second sentence so if you can point it out for me, it will be great.



Paraphrasing doesn't mean to describe your idea/opinion more clearly(As you've written, to make it easy to understand). However, the second part of your sentence does seem to make sense which is: to describe an idea in different ways.

If i were to describe paraphrasing, I'd say:
1). The representation of an idea in different ways.
2). Using different words to express the same idea.
3). The description of an idea in various ways that doesn't alters its literal meaning.

Mr.Simon asks that how will you make yourself clear to a person who doesn't know what is paraphrasing, so I should therefore describe only 'what is paraphrasing'.
The three sentences which I have written above refers to the paraphrasing. You can clearly see that in all the three sentences, I'm stating one idea(paraphrasing) but have used different words and structures.
I hope you may get it!


Yes, your sentence number 2 is correct. I'm such a fool. It means to present your idea to achieve clarity.

Paraphrasing means that rewrite a paragraph or text in different ways but does not change the meaning of the original one, by using different vocabulary, kind of words as well as structures or gramma.

I would say Paraphrasing is a way of repeat the same meaning of a sentence or text but in different words

paraphrasing is one of the strategy to change the wording of any sentence without changing its meaning.

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Paraphrasing is to express same thing in different way.

Paraphrasing is a method of breaking down the sentences of specific topic to convey the same message by changing some vocabulary and additionally to explain things in a better and easy way. Cheers guys

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In order to make your ideas clear to audience. Along with a great knowledge, I believe that speaker has to stay calm. Most cases of language leaner including me is the phobia of anxiety as every time we face foreigners, not to mention emergency situations like exam or interview. Create as many chances for yourself as you can to practise and you may end up more confident to express what you really mean. My key is 'staying calm' and 'plenty of practising'.

Paraphrasing means how can you explain a topic or ideas with the same meaning with the different word.

paraphrasing is the way which we change the word, the words order or the grammar of the original ideas but the meaning then doesn't change

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