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October 18, 2014


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Surveillance cameras are increasingly installing in various parts of different cities in order to combat crimes. Some people find them as an intruder to their privacy , I personally believe that benefits of these cameras do outweigh its drawbacks.

It is sometimes argued that public places and other premises which are under surveillance are likely to breach human rights to liberty. As people go out whether for day to day business or just for hangouts along with their mates, they are consistently being watched and filmed. At the same time,all the database retained with the authorities for a longer period of time. Therefore, this act of keeping data have made people much more curious about their privacy as well as personal freedom. If innocent people are being photographed unwittingly it would definitely disrespect their dignity and liberty. Some people argued that these cameras are invading every part of their lives . For instance, recreation places such as pubs, restaurants and caf├ęs , where everyone would like to relax and to have a quality time with their family and friends , are being filmed and this has led to a fear and anxiety in their behavior.

Nonetheless, Video cameras are regard as a key tools that help to cut crimes and save lives. It have numerous advantages which are worth considering in terms of security. Firstly,endorsement of Video cameras in public places especially the areas of high density population such as city boroughs, help in detection and prevention of criminal offense. As a result, people feel much more safer , so the safer communities are the prerequisite to any permissive society. Secondly, CCTV footage allows judiciary to carry out prosecution as the imagery produced from these devices are required as an evidence against perpetrators. Finally, these cameras are tend to be cost-effective measures relative to a number of police officers on the streets.

Although ,there are graving concerns about people,s personal liberty , public cameras playing Pivotal role for people's security which seems to be more crucial. .


Hi Simon
In this your task 1 (link below), you wrote "14 to 24 year olds". I am not sure do you confused because as far as I know, it is "14 to 24 years old" (year --->years)
Thank you very much. I love you so much.

Today topic writing task2 social networking sites like face book a huge adver effect on society do u agree or disagree

Hi Tuan,

We can say "he is 24 years old" or "he is a 24-year-old". The plural of the second option is "24-year-olds".

For example:
- The students in my class are all 24 years old.
OR - The students in my class are all 24-year-olds.

Now I understand clearly.
Thank you very much Mr. Simon

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