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October 20, 2014


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Dear Samon,

I have to say your website is really helpful to me.

I wonder if your Writing task 2 lessons are also suitable for General Training topics, and what's the main difference between academic and General Training topics.


Dear Simon,

I am very much week in Speaking part, kindly guide me so that I can be confident in attending speaking exam.


Thank you Simon! I hope you have a lovely day.

Hi Simon

Thank you so much for your helpful n great lessons. Have a great day!

Thank you for all your help. I wonder if you have a mobile app with the same function as the website. That would be great!. Thanks again

HI All,

If some one can post answers for listening section IDP Ielts test that took on 18th October will be of great help to all and particularly to me...hahahaha....


Writing task 2 is basically the same for general and academic, so you can use Simon's lessons for either.

Hi Simon,

could you please help me to analyse the sentence as below? thanks

"For a year builders had been replacing the lead on the roof, and by a stroke of irony, were due to finish the next day, on August 31st"


Thanks a lot for your information.


Thank you so much for your helpful lessons!

Dear Siman...

i am preparing for IELTS test as a fresher i need some guidelines please help me how can i prepare to achieve success.

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