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October 06, 2014


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Thank you Simon!
I study daily with your lesson and I can feel that my English skills have been improving. I hope you have a great night.

Thank you so much Mr Simon for your profitable collecting.

i m new student ielts i m weak in Reading .listning nd speaking so tell how to imporve my all modules..nowadays my score listning 15 marks and reading 12 so plz tell i need ur help

I daily study you lesson sir it really very useful ,

Hiiii vain dear where r u come from plz tell me??

Thank you so much Mr Simon

Thank you Mr. Corcoran ,it's very helpful,i gotta daily new vocabulary from your lesson.


I have found your website extremely helpful. Thank you)

Please, can you give feedback on my essay and assess it honestly?:-)

Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives.

Which viewpoint do you agree with?

It is no doubt true that advertisements have become an inseparable part of modern business. While overwhelming majority of people hold an opinion that advertisements manipulate people, others claim that this way of marketing has been extremely beneficial for human beings. My opinion is more practical and worthy of being paid attention that will be known within the scope of my essay.

For a variety of reasons, advertising might be harmful for us. Firstly, advertisers aim their marketing at children, because youngsters can easily be influenced by adverts. As a consequence, every single child can put pressure on parents to buy them things that are unnecessary. Secondly, we are encouraged to follow the latest trends on a constant basis and therefore, we live in a consumer society. Advertisers use glamorous and successful people in order to attract customers. Finally, people are persuaded to associate certain brands with a higher status. Consequently, our culture is becoming materialistic day by day.

However, there do seem to be certain benefits that can easily outweigh its potential pitfalls. One must note that companies need to tell customers about the products they have. In this sense, advertisements help us to be informed about the choices we have. In addition, advertising is a creative industry that employs many people and hence, it helps to reduce the number of unemployment. Ultimately, adverts are paramount parts of free market economies, because they create demand for products. It has become a form of modern art and people enjoy adverts.

Having considered all the arguments above, it can be concluded that advertising is to be regulated and the advertisement aimed at children should be restricted or even banned. Governments should only censor false information or products that are harmful for humanity.

40 min.

I tried to use your suggestions and ideas from your ebook...)


I want to improve my communication skills, how it can be improve any suggestion. please....


Sincere Thanks

ple send me all ans. bcz today my test in uk ple send me reading listenig ans ple.

ple send me ans on my emmail. i need 6 band, ple somebody help me bcz my english is not better. anybody help who give exam in aus or any cuntry. im in uk i need help ple. ple send me ans on my email ple.

ple send me ans ple

my test start on 9 o clock. i m waiting ple help me

ple give me response

ple send me ans on my email.

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