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October 17, 2014


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Hi, Simon.
Thanks a lot for your superb answers.
I have a question. What if I'll keep my part 1 answers long and direct, but speak faster. Will examiner interrupt me?

hi Simon,
if I had to choose, I'd say the living room, why you used had to not have to???
is it wrong to say if i have to choose....
thanks in advance

Hi simon
What about other questions in
In part 2 speaking
Thank you for your collaboration

Dear Malek,

He wrote 'had' cos he is talking about the past when he actually got that house and if had a choice or had to select one but at that point he just didnt give thought to it, thats why, he just mentioned up there, if he had to :)

I got a question about part 2. Should we use any transition words like "moving to next question" or "answering next question" or just give the description as a whole.

Best of luck to my friends.
Thanks sir for u r help and suggestion ........

Hi friends I m vating

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'had to' could be used as a polite form by changing the verb's tense.

I am looking for many friends with 6.0-6.5 speaking level to improve our speaking skill with sharing our knowledge

Hi Simon!
My exam is on 19th November.So,can you please abke to give the answer of following questions od possible??

1)Do you have lof friends?
2)do you prefer few or many friends?
3)do you have lots of shoes?
4)do you like comfortable or fashionable shoes?why?
5)how often do you buy shoes?

Please reply as soon as possible!!!!

Hi Simon!

i just like to ask regarding question no. 2
what's the difference if you say
"if i had to choose..." vs
"if i were to choose..."

Thanks in advance!

Hi friends

I have given my exam today on 03 February in Melbourne australia

I come to know about 3 topics are ( cue card)

1- talk about your ambition

You should say what is your ambition
How long ago you have decided your ambition
What you have done to achieve your ambition
2- talk about an important conversation you had with your friend
What was that
When did you have that
Why did you have that conversation

3- talk about something you have borrowed
What do you barrow
When did you borrow
What was the importance of the product you borrowed

I hope it will help many people going to give the ielts speaking test through IDP , good luck all

hi friends ,
i recently attended ielts test , on 9 feb 2015
my speaking question is
thing you borrowed form your friend
. what is the thing
.when did you borrowed it
.for whom
. why did you borrowed it from your friend

im planning to take my exam on april 18..could you please help me get band score of 7 please..

Hi Simon,
I am going to take Ielts Test (IDP) on 13th August .i heated that IDP is tougher than British council .?please help me if you have any idea about that?

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