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October 31, 2014


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It was fantastic
Thank you Simon

Thank you Simon.

I have a question: when I was practicing this question, I chose "jumping rope" and I did mentioned that I did it even at home when the weather was bad, but I guess is more of an outdoor game rather than an indoor one. Would I be penalized? (If this is not the right place to ask question, where can I post my questions?) thank you again

Very excellent. Thanks Simon s

Thank u very much sir.
But is it a little bit too long?
I guess I can hardly finish these sentences in only 2 minutes.

Dear Simon
I would like to thank you very much for your valuable methodology of teaching in this blog,I got 6.5 (L 7.5 , R 6.5, W 6, S 5.5), your website had the major influence on me.
Thank you again.

It's very useful. Thank you Simon.

I would like to speak English fluently, this is very useful for me. Thanks, Simon

It's great. Thanks, our teacher Simon.

It seems that there is a grammatical error in the following sentence from the text.

"the aim is to defeat the other player by taking his or her pieces"

We know that any word after "other" word is plural. Am I correct?

Hi Jabin,

It's completely correct to say "the other player, the other day, the other one, the other person" etc. After 'the other' you'll often see a singular

Be careful with 'rules'!

To Jabin.
I think because the number of players in this game is 2, "the other player" here is correct, that means your opponent.

Thank you very much, Simon,
Could you please tell me why you use" made onto the school team" and "on the team"rather than "into" and "in the team"?


Hey everyone,
I have problems with speaking and looking for someone to practise everyday on Skype.
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Dear Simon
May I ask if it's ok to ask the examiner to repeat a question if it wasn't clear in terms of accent , for example. Is it allowed?! If yes, how many times is acceptable I mean if I asked twice would it affect my score.

Best regards,


Hi Simon
Your webiste is indeed very helpful. My target band is 8.5 overall with 8 in listening. Please provide some listening tactics to improve it. I have a exam on 22nd
Secondly, let me know is it suitable to speak on table tennis as an indoor actuvity?


It's absolutely fine to ask examiner to repeat the question in case you are not clear. And you can even use this opportunity to show your vocabulary and English knowledge like -

I'm sorry I did not get you, Would you please re-phrase the question?

oh !! You mean ....?

What an useful guide here!

HI simon
I am not sure if we can consider games like Hide and seek as indoor games but we sometimes did it inside my Grand mom's house where was a large one and there was lots of hiding places there we could use so i consider it as an indoor game .
we used to go to our grand mom's house and get to gather with my cousins for playing games such as hide and seek we had great time while playing we got exited when we found that we can hide in such strange and funny places and that was more exciting than other games for us at that time.

To Jay

Thank you.



Thank you Simon ,it was so helpful to me .

Your answer is brilliant. Thank u so much :)

Thanks Simon,
However, I feel this talk is quite long. Hardly anyone can finish this in 2 minutes and have enough time to think like your answer, except native speakers who have a rich vocabulary resource.
And here is my answer (I am not a native speaker of English)

I am going to talk about a game that I enjoyed playing when I was a child.
So I guess I could begin by saying something about the nature of the game. Actually, it was the Chinese chess which is played by 2 players using a number of pieces. The main idea is to trap the King of the opponent by moving those pieces.
(pause here and finding next content)
And regarding where I played this game, if my memory serves me correctly, I often played Chinese chess in my bedroom with my brother, although sometimes I also played in my classroom with my friends. There was also a chess club in my city where they sometimes organized tournaments of chess between members and I won those competitions several times.
(pause here and a bit of thinking/hesitation)
And finally, if I have a few more seconds, I'd like to add some explanations of why I enjoyed playing Chinese chess. Perhaps, the most important reason was it helped me think in a logical way and encouraged me to strive for success. Both these factors may be found in a number of games but what makes Chinese chess special is it is quite simple to practice those skills. Besides, for me, Chinese chess was also a good way to make friends, for example I often played with new members of our club and after that we felt closer.

This is short, but when practice I found it it was about 1:40 minutes and in a real exam, taking into account our nervousness, I think it will be 2:00, because non-native speakers need sometime to think, to find words, and even some hesitations like eh, er...

Hi all,
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My ielts exam was on 22 november and topic of speaking was country you would like to visit.....nd discussion questions were about tourism

haha Simon, I really like your answer to why you like playing chess. It is very smart!

Dear Jabin, i detected your case as follows :
-We mostly apply 'plural form' for word following 'other'.
-In occasions, esp. we are talking about two-player game. It makes it possible and allowable for us to use single form.
Hope this helps.

Thank you simon

Hi, is is ok to answer indoor football I played during childhood as an indoor games?

Yes, that would be fine ulysses.

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