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October 24, 2014


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i actually dont play indoor games now a days because i dont have enough free time and when i have free time i like to do reading and cooking .but the one indoor game which i used to lpay when i was child .this a do tricks and guess game i actually dont know exactly the name of game .i played this gme with my parents and my brother .we used to play this game at weekends especially when my parents have free time .i enjoyed this game very much because we used to play in 2 teams .one member of one team has to made different gestures or do some movements and other team members have to guess it.at the end of each game a choclate pack was given as gift .so i like this game very much firstly it makes us sometimes laugh so much because my mum used to make very funny gestures sometimes .and secondly to get choclates after wining the game.so it relaxes our mind and we enjoyed very much.

plz sir simon score my speaking

baby foot

monopoply, risk, cards ...

Id like to talk about one of the old and popular children’s game mostly know as Hide and seek. In this game one player closes his or her eyes for a brief period (often counting to 100) while the other players hide. The seeker then opens his eyes and tries to find the hiders; the first one found is the next seeker, and the last is the winner of the round.

I used to play it when I was a child, mostly when we went to my grandpa house, as we all gathered there at weekend as kind of hanging out, and all my cousins who were at my age, liked to do play this game, as that house was big enough to place us all, and we had enough room to hide.
I remember that I won many times, as I was small , tiny and could easily go into wardrobe so that no one could see me. There was a wardrobe, in fact, that had a shelf in high position where I used to hide there, then run back quickly to home base and that made me winner all the time!!

Yes ! Great time .

sorry mostly known as is correct


what the game was
- where you played it
- who played this game with you
- and why you liked it

I remember when I was a child me and my siblings are playing card it was called "Lucky Nine" together with my father. This is our bonding during weekends and we do these after our lunch. There are no certain people need to play these kind of game. these game is easy to play which king,queen,jack and 10 are usually counts as ten or zero,and the highest number is 9. usually when we do these game we involve a certain amount of money. I remember I always loss and always pay money to my siblings.I love these kind of game because its easy to play.

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When i was a child me and my siblings are playing football at street we sepaeate the group to two team and play for long time dosen't matter how long we play and how match time we have been playing and wow lon time we spent i like football becuse it is very intresting and energetic game and cintan alot of copetation

Describe an indoor game that you enjoyed as a child. You should say
- what the game was
- where you played it
- who played this game with you
- and why you liked it

A (board) game I enjoyed playing as a child was Monopoly.
I usually played it at home with either my parents (at weekends) or with friends (weekdays) if the weather was bad and we couldn´t play outdoors.
For many years I remember it was also a tradition to play it as a family on Christmas Day after lunch.
Essentially, players throw a dice and move around a board buying and trading properties
of different values. They can then develop their properties by putting up houses and hotels which increase their value.
You then collect rent from other players who land on your properties
Although there were other facets to the game the objective was to bankrupt your opponents. The person who ended up with all the money was the eventual winner.

The problem, as I remember was that the game could go on for hours and it was a lot more fun if you set a time-limit or played in pairs.
The appeal (for children) was playing with large sums of (pretend) money
Arguably it educational too as it teaches counting, strategy and, if you play in pairs teamwork .. decision-making.
To be honest, I haven´t played it for years but reflecting on it now I would have to conclude it is probably a slightly immoral game, given that the objective is to leave your opponents (family and friends) penniless
Perhaps it would be make an ideal present for a modern-day politician or banker.

I'd like to talk about one of the old and popular game which I have been addicted to it from my childhood till now. However nowadays I am playing its mobile application, my sister and I used to play it on board.
Backgammon, is an indoor game consist of a board, two set of 15 checkers and two pairs of dice.
It may not be considered as a children's game, but as our parents used to play that all the time we were curious to learn how to play well it from our early ages.
The rule of the game is that playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a players wins by removing all of his or her pieces from the board before his opponent.
As we were going to school at the same scheduled time, we were playing backgammon in our spare time in our backyard family home every evening, besides eating junk food.
I liked the it as I believe there are distinct differences between this game and others, although luck is one of the determining factors in the outcome, strategy plays a more important role in the long run. So we have though how to an strong tactics, as well as all probabilities after each movement. It was like our first real choice in our lives which we had to accept its repercussion.

I took IELTS exam on 25th October with exactly this speaking cue card.

i wanna give comments about one's paragraph. i think u should give some reasons why u like that games, such as "i love this game because some reasons. firstly, it is a happy childhood memory that i've never forgotten. secondly, it was the last time we all gathered because afterthat one of my cousins went abroad and we haven't meet each other for a long time.

i'm not sure about the way i use present tense. can u help me?

I would like to talk about snake and ladders game which was very popular game that I used to play while I was a child. It is played by two or more player using game board numbered, gridded square. It is commonly 10x10 board with using single dice. The objective of this game is reach final point from bottom point by using game point which moved by steps according to a number on dice roll. This point movement will be helped and hindered by snakes and ladders respectively.
I usually played at home or my friend's house with either my father or my friends if we wouldn't go outside because of rain or heat.
Arguably, this game was about luck so it was easy to play for children. Another benefit from this game is morality teaching. The artwork on the board teaches a morality lesson, the squares on the bottom of the ladders show a child doing a good or sensible deed and at the top of the ladder there is an image of the child enjoying the reward. At the top of the snakes' tail, there are pictures of children engaging in mischievous or foolish behavior and the images on the bottom show the child suffering the consequences.

I would like to talk about our family game that we call Movie Movie! In my childhood i was addicted to this game,not me also the all members of family. We used to played it just every weekend at home when all my family includig aunt grandparents, uncle and et cetera. The rules of game are very easy,and really requared diligence to show you talent. There must be only 2 teams, and the representer of certain team should explain to his team movie without no words, using only gestures just like mimes. And at the end wins teams that could find the more films. I do like this game because when i play it now with my friends, it makes me rememember these feeling in the past, when we used to laugh with non stop, to every hilarious moments.
Thank u a lot for this opportunity Mr.Simon.
Today my teacher said u r not able to achieve band 7.0 ,and i've said nothing,due to of my humility. I swear myself that i'll do that with any ways.

Hi everybody I have exams in 22 November can any body
Tell me the write task 2 I'm from UAE

In my childhood, I enjoyed playing a cat and a mouse game, in which a child being the cat would chase the other child who'd be mouse. It is a very interesting game, so much so that still a few friends of mine enjoy playing it right in their adulthood!

·When I was a child I enjoyed time alone,working with my building blocks and created a world where I was the master. It's a game that you use dozens of toy blocks to match and stack them up into any shape you want.Most frequently I made it a wonderful house equipped with kitchen, bedrooms,yard and garage.
·Very occasionally I had some little visitors who were normally the children of my neighbors. Then we would lock ourselves in my bedroom and spending a whole afternoon playing house in the virtual world we just formed.In the cabinet next to the door of my bedroom, I stored up a set of Barbies.Once we finished the work of building, we dressed Barbies into princess and simulated a home living scene according to the scenario we made up with.
·I liked this game because it enabled me to participate in dramatic life stories which might just existed in children's fantasy.And in the process of discover various ways of forming building blocks,my imagination and creativity were powerfully activated.

and the ending is to be finish tomorrow...zzzzz

Would you write about chess and also the reasons to like this game

i am talking about my favourate game when i was a child named dominoes game. it is avery popular game and every childeen like to play it. the domino has two sides every side has a no. from 1 to 6 like a black dot. i usually played this game in my home garden with my father when he had a free time on a white table any we sat one opposite the others and especially when in the warm weather in spring season. i enjoyed very much in this paly due to i won many games in addition to that i love my father so much and he was the person that learn me to play it. it is agreat game!!!

It's really good to teach students at home

When i was a child i had used to play all the time carrom board this game is for four people and in this game we have to hit the sphere with the striker and there is one sphere which us known as the queen in them and if some one won that queen he or she then have 50 score and for black sphere it was 10 score and for white one's it was 20 score and at last who have the highest number of score that one won ... this game i used to play in my sitting room and my parents and my siblings played this with me...and i like this one because i have to many memories with it that how we often used to play when there was no such type of video games

Thanks for giving such a wonderful cue card. I am going to talk about an indoor game which was ludu.As far as you may know its a one of the popular game especially in countryside. It was 16 years ago when we lived in a village. So that my mother did not wamt that we embrace with outside boys. Any way only that time we played this game either with my mother orbrothers. Yher were some rules and regulations to play this game. maximum four members can play and minimum two players.There was a dice which any player can throw a time step by step. afterwards who can took 6.they can withdraw a bottom...

Thanks for cue card.

I haven’t thought about this in years. Erm, I did play games inside quite a lot as a child, everything from board games like snakes and ladders to hide and seek, but that was when I was a bit older. However, I think probably one of my favourite games – or things to play with at least – was when I was really little. Maybe about four? Let me tell you all about it.

The game involved playing with a set of simple, pale wooden bricks. I’d had these for as long as I could remember, there were maybe fifty or so differently sized rectangular (cuboid) and square (cube) blocks of wood, and they were stored in a dark green canvas duffle bag which had a white rope handle. I don’t know what the wood type was, but it was pale and they were quite light, so I could manage them even with my tiny hands. The bricks provided me with hours of creativity and fun, even though they don’t sound at all promising. From an early age, I’d toddle over to the bag, find a spot on the floor at home, and just upturn all the bricks in a messy pile on the floor. The ‘game’ was simply to build things. Sometimes I might make a tower as high as I could before it toppled over. Other times I’d create creatures or whole worlds with different bricks perhaps representing a different building or animal. I just used my imagination, the bricks could be absolutely anything I wanted.

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