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October 19, 2014


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Thank you Simon for your useful and practical phrases,
We are waiting for such new and less common vocabularies

Dear Simon,

The only thing that I can say "Thank You". You are fantastic. We could do with your help, surely, your kindness.


Hey guy!

I took the ielts on 18th October...

Reading and listening section were quite easy..

And writing part was apparent and clear to answer as well.
I wrote the writing section 2 with great confidence, but 2 minutes before the end of the writing.... I realized that I was wrong... It was completely out of topic....

So now I amd very frustrated now...

My speaking test will be on the following Tuesday....

I'm so disappointed to myself, and I'm too tired to start it again...

The one that I want to ask about is... Do I just need to give up my speaking test ? Because I already know that my writing section has been spoilt, and I do not expect that I can get more that 5.5... I need 6.5 as overall score....

Too tired.....

Hi guy,
"Don't waste a good mistakeā€¦ Learn from it" - Dom

Sorry to hear but don't give up please.


Hello susie,
Let me get straight to the point,it is very likey if you didnt go far behind the topic you would get good score as far as you went there with good strucures n less common vocabularly, so then stop worrying n sit for speaking exam.


Hi friends
I am going to appear ielts on next first of November Someone seriously interested in improving speaking with me ,I am very happy to join .

could you tell what was the topic in writing task2

hi guys
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Dear Susie, is that the "culture learning" question? How come you got out of the topic? Don't fret. I do believe you will still get a good score if you have decent writing skills.

Hey guys! Thank you for all of your consolations!

Let me know the topic of writing task 1 and 2.

Task 1was smoked fish, and the task 2 was 'traveling other places to learn culture of different people is not necessary because we can learn it through books movies and the Internet. Do you agree?'

It was clear and easy task...

I could do with an expert partner .
I could do with a taxi.
I could do with a new raincoat.

hi friends
I want to ask just about Mr Martin ...
he always share his excellent views on this site
but since may 2014 he is not seen ......
Mr Martin I really miss your expert opinions regarding different topics....

Hi Simon
I have two questions.
1. I am always worrying about the tense that I should use in speaking test.It is difficult for me.
e.g. if someone told me that "Italy is famous for its coffee". Although this happened in the past, it is kind of fact,right? Then should I say "Tom told me that Italy is famous for its coffee" or "Tom told me that Italy was famous for its coffee"?

2. Could you tell me the requirements of different parts in speaking test? Are we expected to give long and detailed answers in part three?

Best wishes

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"I could do with"+N
That's good pharase instead of "Need"
eg)I could do with an official IELTS score to get(be) accepted Canadian college.
Is that sentence correct?

Thank you Simon for everything!
I got 7.5 in total with only two-week study. This site helped me a lot, especially for the speaking part.

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