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October 29, 2014


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Thanks a lot Simon. I had a question about the question of consumer society. I could not understand what this question want to write in second paragraph (main body2)..we have to write consumer society advantages or the people who are not part of consumer society as you mentioned in your essay. .plzz give me some examples
thanx in advance.

Thank you so much Simon

Thank you so much

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Dear Simon

I am a bit confused about the answer to the cctv question. It asks about my openion weather I sees the benefits outweighs the drawbacks?! So am I going to write about both drawbacks and benefits or about what critics think and what I think?!.sounds confusing to me.

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Hi Simon,

Here is my work. Your scholarly view is required.

Firstly, CCTV security system saves your home and business place from potential thieves. It would be very hard for robbers to select your home for robbery. Secondly, closed circuit television system increases detection. You can record 24 hours activity of your office, for instance, and if you are unfortunate enough to be a sufferer of crime, at least, there would be a firm chance of detection. Finally, this system offers a remote monitoring. You can keep strong eye on your home and specially workplace. You can even check your staff movement out of your office via iPhone, laptop etc.


There are many advantages of using cctv cameras. Firstly, CCTV security system protects your home and business from the burglers. If there is a non stop video surveillance, it would be extremely difficult for thieves to target your home or business. Secondly, cctv camera offer increased detection of crime. For instance, you can view and control the events occuring in your work place. Even if you are unfortunate enough to experience any robbery, atleast there would be increased odds of detection and conviction. Finally, this system enable 24x7 remote monitoring of our work place, business and home through i-phone and laptop.

Hi Simon, i find it really hard to come up with some ideas about the drawback side. The only idea i can think of are:
1. A large number of security cameras would partly expose personal lives to some unknown third party institutions or organizations.
2. Some people would feel uncomfortable being monitored all the time in public places

And i also don't know how to extend these ideas of the negative side. So could you provide any hint on this? Really appreciate!

Plzzz send me daily lesson writig task 2 ,

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