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October 08, 2014


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Dear Simon,
it is excellent,i extremely enjoyed it and i learned a lot especially about the time management ,before that i don't have any idea .Actually i don't have enough time , my exam will be on 18/10/14

Brilliant!! Your explanation is super clear. Thank YOU!!

Thanks Simon. It is realy helpful. I have a quick question. I know that you will explain them later but as I have exam next week I would be thankful if you respond me. You said we need very short conclusion. But I usually write my own opinion in the conclusion and it is about 5 sentences. In your way should I put my opinion in the main paragraphs please?

Just an amazing lesson. Very useful! Thank you, Simon!

Thank you dear simon.I found it marvelous. This is exactly what I need to learn to improve my writing.

thank you such a good explanation

Thanks dear simon it is superb and excellent helpful for us.i am following your website probably since 1 month and I am improving my writing. looking forward your next lesson. Thanks again for ur great work.

Really very impressive way to explain the task.thanks sir

Hi, Simon. Thanks for sharing so much valueable information to all of us. I just have two expression questions for you.

Firstly, I often see some people using "vicious cycle" and "virtuous cycle" in written English. But sometimes they use "vicious circle" and "virtuous circle" instead. I wonder is there any difference between them?

Secondly, I wonder is " far better " and "way too" have the same meaning? Are they both for written English or oral English?

Dear Simon,
You're the best trainer ever. You drive me crazy, Simon.

thank you very much , hope I get good score , it because very clear

My first exam on 18october. What a loss i cant watch all your videos before my exam date.
Peace from saudi arabia

respected sir
thank you so much for your tips and ideas.this site is a blessing.
please will you answer my question about writing module for ielts,does it make any difference to write with a pen or pencil?one of my friend told me to always write with a blue pen because the examiners are not happy with your writing if you have written it with pencil.
i always write with pencil because its easy to erase and correct your mistakes,and always scored 6.5.will it make any difference if i write with pen this time?

hi simon
it was very nice video. i have just three questions.

firstly, can you tell me that you will upload your videos every day, every week or every month? just i want to know that it will be regular uploading or irregular uploading. because if you upload your videos every day we will be very happy, but if you upload your videos every week or irregularly, it will be time consuming .

secondly, i want to know about its fee. how much you will charge us ?

finally, do you have some videos for speaking test as well or no?

i want to attend an ielts course, so if i find your videos suitable (uploading regularly and affordable cost ) for me i will not attend a course and i will wait for your video lessons, otherwise i should find a course for me.i am waiting for your kind response.

i really appreciate your knowledge, helping students and great humanity .

Thanks alot,simon it is very useful


I'm glad you like the video lesson. I intend to upload one a week for now. If I get faster at making them, I'll try to add lessons more regularly in future. I'll have to charge for some of the videos, but no more than $10.

Thanks a lot Simon! I really enjoyed the video and certainly you will help a large amount of students with your next videos. Im just a little sad because my IELTS test is on next Saturday and I will not watch your new videos until my test! hahaha

Thank you very much and congratulations for your video and website, in particular the website really helped me in the last days. Best Wishes. :)

That is brilliant, thank you so much Simon, My friends and I really appreciate the work you have done. Thank you. I personally think that you can upload this video to YOUTUBE or some other vedio websites where you can gain a secondary revenue from the hits.

Thank you Simon! That was very good lesson! I am looking forward to watching more lessons very soon :) and you are very hand some Kiki.

Thanks for your video. Its really helpful for us. You help the global education system reduce the distance for studying equally.

Thank you Simon for your video lesson. Its very useful. We're waiting for your second video -2 sentence introduction-

Thanks for your video. I hope to see your second video soon.

Could someone please post a task 2 question (Academic) for the coming Saturday test as soon as they done with the test ?please

thanks for your video Simon.

Hi everyone,
Could anybody assess my writing of task 2 (General Training) below?

Writing - General Training – Task 2

Children today spend more time watching television than they did in the past. Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of television for children.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Task 2

Today’s children watch television much more than the past’s. This issue gains some advantages to children and brings some drawbacks together.

The speed of reaching necessary information and easiness to learn bacause of audio and video features of television are the essential advantages for children watch TV. When a student in childhood goes home after school and watches TV, she will definetely learn some information easily. Bacause an action includes an audio and video is an effective way of learning. It is also so fast to reach that information, she needs only remote control of television. Another benefit of watching TV for children is an opportunity to share common subjects in the following days after the TV watched. A child will probably talk about her opinions of the program she watches. This will give a rise in social relationships between the children.

On the other hand, watcing television more causes some disadvantages besides its benefits. One of the most important drawback of this issue is decreasing the children’ ability to imagine. Even if a child watches television less, her imagination ability will be affected in a bad manner. The violance on some television programs such as news, movies is another disadvantage for children. The children are easily affected from violance, especially at the ages between 7 and 16. The last drawback of watching TV is about the time left for reading books. If a child spends more time watching TV instead of reading book, she will loose some more valuable information that can be gotten from the books.

Because of the technology and its products such as televisions are commonly used, the children are affected in good or bad manner. All people should take into account of advantages and disadvantages of watching televisions for the children. Bacause our future is our children.

(302 words)

Thanks for the video Simon. You are explaining the facts clearly.

Dear Simon

I am a big fan of your blog ....

I just wanted to mention that you are damn sweet :D modest and good-looking, besides being a fantastic teacher

Thank you tonnes for the videos

hi, can any one assess my writing task 2 GT
TOPIC:To what extent will migration from developing world to the developed world become a social and political issue in the 21st century?


It is an undeniable fact that migration from third world countries to developed countries is increasing day by day in this modern world. Several social and political problems of twenty first century would be related with this.

On the one hand, migration from developing to developed countries directly related with many social problems, such as communication, collision in cultures,and increment in waste. Firstly, language is an important source of communication,sometimes the people who migrate from one to another country do not understand he native language. For example, if a person, who never speak and listen German go to an any German speaking country, it would be too difficult to survive him with German surrounding. Secondly, each country has his own culture, while due to migration, many different cultures meet same time at same place and can creat a mix culture. Although, culture is the identity of the nation so migration could destroy different cultures. Finally, migration process also bring waste and pollution due to large number of people with their surviving needs.

Furthermore, social problems due to migration not only related with developed countries but also developing countries face some health and education problems because of migration.For instance, if the doctors or teachers leave their countries, then health and illitrecy problems of developing countries automatically increased, because those countries have no enough numbers of doctors and teachers to provide health-care and educational facilities.

On the other hand, political problems are also related with this migration. Peoples of different nations and religions come to a country and live together, they would creat political parties to secure their rights as minority. At the result, many political parties would be there. It could be definitely affected on country's peace and resulted in crimes. How would government control those crimes? Undoubtedly it would be a difficult task for government to control that critical condition and maintain national peace.

In conclusion, rise in migration from poor countries to rich countries would be a critical social and political issue of this century. it has several negative aspects for both developed and developing countries.

please tell me how many band score i deserve and please check it precisely if someone can. please inform me about my mistakes i would be very thankful to you for your time.

this essay has almost 342 words, i do not know how i manage it in 280 to 300 words. please tell me any solution, i have my test on 18th october i am too much frustrated

First Para = Intro (2 Sentences)
Second Para = Main Para-1 (4 Sentences)
Third Para = Main Para-2 (4 Sentences)
Fourth Para = Conclusion (2 Sentences)

Your first and last paragraphs are good, but you may need to convert your middle 3 paragraphs to 2. You can reduce or remove the examples.

Fairly speaking, you need to work on some of your sentences and grammar, (if it is not because of some typing mistakes), e.g. "If a person go to" should be written as "If a person goes to".

Similarly, "if the doctors or teachers leave their countries, then health and illitrecy problems of developing countries automatically increased" should be written as "if the doctors or teachers leave their country, then health and illiteracy problems of developing countries WILL automatically INCREASE".

@ mohsin
Thank you so much for your time, I'm really depress because only few days remaining in my test pyar for me, some one tell me how many bands this essay deserve

pyar = pray , sorry for typing mistake

Task 2 question for yestaday exam 11/10 is most customs and traditional ways of behavior are no relevant in modern life we should keeping to what extent do agree or disagree؟can some one how we should answer this question

Hi Simon.

I need to get a 9 in writing. Does the above apply to candidates aiming at 9.


I am not able to see the video....is there any other link


Yes, definitely!



Try using a different browser, or try updating your browser software (for example, the video works on my Safari browser which is up-to-date, but it doesn't work on my Firefox browser because I haven't updated the software for a long time).

Hi Simon and others.
I have written an introduction . I need feed back please.

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. to what extend do you agree or disagree? what other measures do you think might be effective?

while petrol is one of the important resources for generating traffic and in turn pollution air in the megacities, but I am not in favour of Increasing the price of petrol as the best solution to decrease the traffic and pollution problems. in my opinion there are another factors for solve these problems that i would say in my essay.

thank you

Thanks Simon

Looking forward your next Workshop

Thank you for your work. I guess, it' really interesting and usefull.

Thank you for your video. It's wonderful.

Thank you Simon for all your efforts. I bought your ebook and started following your website recently. To me it's even better than Ielts courses I have been to and a private tutor who didn't have an organised approach to writing task 2 ,compared to you ,which is obviously my weakness point. Thanks very much you are a star in Ielts world.I regret the time I've wasted before I know your website but never mind it's never too late.

Best regards,


Thanks again for your positive comments guys!

Hi everyone.
I took my ielts exam yesterday. Speaking part 1 all about hometown. Part2 cue card. Describe a near water that you visited?. Part 3. Is it important to teach kids how to swim? Difference between water in metro and water use in rural areas? Importance of water to people? Are people nowadays are aware of the eater they are using? Follow up question was all about water,water,water....

Sorry thats water not *eater..
Writing task 1.
Expenditures of male and female in three year period in uk.
Writing task 2. Is it important for the goverment to spent money on library or its just a waste of money?
Discuss. Give reasons.

Did you provide some idea regarding writing task 2.

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