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October 22, 2014


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Thank you, Simon. :) I've purchased the new lesson. I was wondering where I could get the promotion code, though? :D

Hi Simon,

Really excited about the new video!

how long?

Hi Simon I paid for the new Video. It keeps showing loading signal without playing. could you please fix the problem?

Hi Andy,

I hope you find it useful. I'm afraid the promotion code is just a way for me (and one or two other people) to access the lessons directly :)

Hi Kerem,

Most of my videos will be around 15 minutes (this one is just under 17 minutes), but I'm teaching what would normally take me an hour in a "live" lesson. I go quite quickly through a lot of content, but you can pause and rewind so that you don't miss anything. There's also a worksheet that you can print and complete after watching the video.

Hi Brian,

Just email me and I'll help you to solve the problem. ieltssimon@gmail.com

hi simon i want to pay for your video lessons but i am living here in uk and have only £ in my account. we should pay 8 dollars for each video lesson but i dont know that they will deduct £8 or less. because pound is more worth than a dollar. on other words how much we should pay for your video lessons on pounds secondly,

can you tell me about question 9, test 1, cambridge book 9.

in listening he says, 22nd of october but in answer sheet they wrote 22 october.

i mean is it correct to write 22nd october, or shall i write 22 october .

Sir, can u pls cheek my following writing.What will be my score by this writing ?

Q: In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you things are the causes of this? What solution can you suggest?

There is little doubt about the fact that in many countries schools face serious problems in connection with the behavior of students. My view is that there are a number of reasons why this happening and a range of effective steps can be taken to deal with the problem.
By depending on present circumstances, we can discuss some of the major reasons behind the trend. First of all, it can be mentioned that parents are largely responsible for this problem. Now a days in many families both parents works to maintain a standard livings. As a consequence, they fail to manage a sufficient amount of time to spend with their children. For this reason , many children are deprive of getting proper guidelines about how to behave in different situation. In this way, they often cannot live up to expectation of other regarding their behavior. What is more, teachers of the school also contribute to this problem. Besides, lack of strict rules and regulation in the institution has an adverse effect on students
Having discussed the major reasons, we can now turn to the question of solutions. There are several pregmative solution to this which will discussed here. First and foremost, parents should be more conscious about upbringing their children. For example, they should allocate at least 2 hours a day only for their children. IN addition, the teacher should be well trained . Last but not least, the school authority can implement strict rules and regulation.
Conclusion :
To recapitulate, I think it is quite obvious in the above discussion that this problem generally results from various factors. However, nevertheless, if proper steps are adopted this problem can be solved easily.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for offering this amazing IELTS videos, which are so helpful!

I have a question about the latest video (compulsory community service).

Would that be a bit off the topic when we wrote about "voluntary"?

We are not ask to give advice about how it should be delivered, aren't we?

Thank you again, Simon!



Hi nee,

Just choose the UK from the list of countries on the payment page. The price will then be automatically converted into pounds.

22nd October is also correct.


Hi Kamrul,

I'm afraid I don't check people's written work. If I did that, I would receive too many essays, and it would be impossible for me to help everyone.


Hi Lily,

I'm glad you like the videos. You make a very good point, and I talked about that with my students when we wrote the paragraph.

The thing to remember is that "off-topic" (in an IELTS context) means completely irrelevant to the question - writing about something completely different.

For the 'community service' question, if we make it clear that we disagree with the 'compulsory' idea, it's acceptable to explain why, and to argue that community service would be a good thing if it were voluntary. Also, the language in that paragraph is all relevant to the topic of community service, and this is what the examiner is focusing on.

Well noticed anyway. Good question!

Hi Simon,
How can I join this website?
I want to check my essay.

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