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October 29, 2014


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thank you very much it is very useful , and easy to understand .

thank you so much simon ,it is very useful.

thank you a lots.

Thank you Simon. I love to watch your video lessons. Have a lovely day.

Thank you sooo much ..have a good day

Thank you so much Simon

Dear Simon,

Could you possibly let me know what kind of extra materials you give those who buy your ebook?

Thank you so much, Simon!

Dear Simon,
1 got 6(R-5.5,W-5.5,L-5 & S-7)...thanks a lot but i am sad ...:-( i need 6 in each..

Good day Simon,

What in your opinion are the main differences between the general and academic writing tasks 2?


Hi Simon. How are you. I always visit your site this is really helpful for the students who want to do ilets. Actually I also need to do ielts and I need 6 in each. I did my ielts exam in last September and I got 5.5 in writing, 6 in speaking, 4.5 in writing and same in reading. I was really disappointed
So I need your help. Help me in writing and reading.

Thank you so much teacher Simon.
Have a nice day.

Hi Simon,

Can you upload your free video lessons on youtube or dailymotion?

If anybody else from the students can do it ?



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