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November 16, 2014


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Dear Mr.Smith,
Iam writing to inform you that today is an appointment for my daughter's vaccination in farwaniya clinic at 10am.
As it is a peak time there can be a possibility for traffic jam and therefore in place of 5-10min it may take more than that to reach clinic so I request 30-40minutes of time off.
I have arranged my assignments with my near by assigned staff moreover I finished my all work till 11o'clock.
I would be extremely grateful if you provide me with time off.
Thank you for all your help and support.
Yours Sincerely
Shoby Shajan

Let me give it a try.

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing to ask a half-day off at this Friday afternoon.

My daughter is 7 years old and this year is her first year in primary school. Last week, she took the middle examination of the term and told me that there would be a parent's metting on this Friday. My wife will be on a business trip in BeiJing at that time so I will need to attend this parent's meeting.

I am in charge of a Mexico project, IUSACELL. We already finished all IUSACELL's requirement and now waiting for IUSACELL's confirmation and provide our support when necessary. Figo working with me about IUSACELL project currently, I told him to support this whole Mexico project this Friday afternoon. I will also give him my on-line support when he cannot support alone.

I am looking forward of your response.

Your Sincerely
Lincoln Xiong

Dear Mr. Vinny,
In the past 3 days till now, my daughter is having a very bad laryngitis, so I had to take her to the city Hospital for inpatient treatment. My wife is now sick after 3 days taking care of my daughter and she is unable to continuous doing her task, she needs time to rest and I have to take over the caring task.
As the prescription of the doctor, my daughter has to stay in the hospital at least 3 more days. In that period, I will be leave for taking care of my daughter until she completely recovers. So I need you approve my leave in next three days.
During that period, the HR department will help me to solve the casual stuffs, if there happens trouble stuffs that need me to solve, I will return to the office immediately.
Awaiting for your approval and thank you in advance!
John D. Nguyen

Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing to ask for vacation. According to our agreement on the time of summer holiday, I attended in the office where as all workers were on holiday. Now, I have planned a program with my family members for a travelling around the Europe, which seems fascinating for me and my family.
Basis on the itinerary, which I am given by the Tour Agency, we have a 14days journey. But as you know for such these long travelling 2days vacation before as well as 2days after that is necessary to provide necessity and resting and becoming ready after that; therefore I need a 20days holiday.
There is no doubt that I will pursue all my duty in distance, I have prepared everything, I acquired distance access to all information banks which I need as well, though I have done most of routine responsibilities in these days and just 2analysis report is left which I will send by email to you in ahead week.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Linda Reki

Dear Sir, Madam

I am writing this letter to inform you that i wish to take some time off from work as
i need to gone back to my native country for some financial commitments.

I need leave from 3rd Sept to 14th Sept.My insurance Policy documents are to be submitted before the 7th for which I need to be there at the Insurance Company in person. Also there are few loan amounts that i need to take care of so i will have to go back to make certain arrangements to clear that off.My dad is alone back home so it is difficult for him to manage these pending issues, therefore he has called me to help him out.

I have completed all my pending works and submitted my project reports before the said deadline date. In case if there are some updation required with regards to the project, my colleague Jack has promised to take care of it till i come back. I promise you that there will be no hassles while i am away.

I would appreciate if you could consider my request for leave.

Yours Sincerely,


Let me try one time, I am extremely hopeful to receive feedback from you, Mr Simon.

Dear Mr Michael,

I am writing this letter as to ask your permissions to have some days off in the company for me dealing with some of my personal matters.

My sister suddenly passed away because of her serious cancer of stomach. Moreover, because of her death, all members in my family seem to be feeling extreme sadness, disappointments and darkness and so do I. Therefore, I cannot face working at the moment and having a good mood at the workplace. Additionally, I do have to have good preparations for burying her.

I wish I would have three-day off from Monday to Wednesday in next week in order to stabilize my emotions and feeling better.

In spite of having some difficulties right now, I am pretty sure that I will get all my jobs done well before being absent in the company. Moreover, I also assign all tasks to my employees properly as well as giving supports to them by many ways such as via the internet or video conference to ensure that there is no effects on the company's working processes.

I am looking forward to receiving your confirmations as soon as possible and do apologize for bothering and wasting your time.
Your Sincerely,
Hoang Nguyen

Dear Mr Edward green,

I am writing to ask about whether I am able to take time off next week.I think I have to go to my country in order to help my mother's work during a specific period.

The reason Why I need to time off is my mother has recently opened a new restaurant in my county.

The restaurant is located in the Incheon Airport so that most customers are foreigners. However,
My mother not only cannot speak in English at all but it is also difficult to employ people who are able to speak English.Thus, My mother are now struggling to take an order.

I think that it would be enough for me to take time off just one month and I have already requested one of my colleagues who is Mr. Darrains will be in charge of my several jobs when I have time off. I could also deal with some urgent issues at night while I am absent. I hope that there will be any inconvenience during my time off.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr. John

I planed two weeks vacation to pay a visit to European with my family half a year ago. I am wondering if I could get your approval for my time off request from Nov 1st to Nov 15?

My colleagues have agreed to take over my work assignments during my vacation and here is the detailed backup plan:
1. Jim will continue my code implementation work. He is not only a seasoned Java developer but also a domain expert in the field of J2EE. I do believe that Jim is able to do the job well.
2. David will be my backup for leading daily scrum meeting and reporting the project status to you weekly.

I will have limited time to access e-mail, while I will try as much as I can. Please do not hesitate a moment to reach me through cell phone xxxxx for any urgency.

I am eager to get your support and approval, and I am looking forward your response.

Thank you
Your sincerely

Dear Mr. Smith,

I'm writing to have your approval of three days off for my last subjects' final examinations which are held from 3rd to 6th of December.

I communicated with Daniel who is currently working with me in the "Lucky" project which is due by 3rd of December. Only having confirmation from the VIP clients must be done, I believe that he is willing to give me fully supports while I am away. However, please feel free to give me a quick ring if you have any inquires. Otherwise, I'm unsure to attend or access my e-mail as usual.

Thank you and appreciate for your supports.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr.Smith

Please accept this letter as a formal request for taking my leave in the next week. I planned a vacation with my girlfriend from 10 Nov to 17 NOV.It has been couple of years since we have had a vacation. As you know, a good way to make productivity improved is to take a refresh after a while of hard working.

I am ensuring that all my current work have been completed.I will also make certain that all of my pending work will be handled in advance of my leaving date.During my absence, I will liaise with my colleagues to make sure all of my tasks are taken good care of.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance of this request.Please let me know if the requested is approved at your earliest convenience so that I can schedule my trip.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am writing to inform you that i am planing to consume work off break from 21 Nov to 30th 2014 because my mother will visit my house next week for 10 days.
I planned to do a detail checkup for my mother, she is sick since long time.As you know that i am only the child for her so i would like to be present with her in that moment. Moreover, i want to spend some work off time to refresh myself for my job.
I am ensuring that all my current work have been completed.I will also make certain arrangements that all of my pending work will be handled in advance of my leaving date.During my absence, I will liaise with my colleagues to make sure all of my tasks are taken good care of.

Thank you for your kind consideration and supports.

Best Regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dear ms sando,
I am writing to inform you that i may want you to give me time off from 3-15 December to attend to My morther illness in My native country Sierra Leone West Africa.
My uncle who is taking Care of my morther as falling sick and am only person to take over the caring not only for my Mum but also my sick uncle now. They dear my compainy and finance support as well. As am their only hope when it come this type of times in their life.
My assignment with our recent clients will come to collusion before the stated date above. And i have put in place necessary arrangements with my co worker John to take over. I have given him my contacts both email and mobile to keep me in touch.I hope my absence will not cause any inconvinece to the company and my clients.
Thank you for your help and support.
Your sincerely,
Joe .

Dear Shuvo,
Today I am having a doctor’s appointment around 10 AM. I am writing this letter to request you the work off for some time.

Yesterday was a sleepless night for me because of the severe cold and cough. NHS walk-in centre was not available at that time. So today morning I called them and booked the appointment. I got the appointment around 11 AM. I have to start from office at 10:30AM to catch up my appointment. I guess, it will take nearly 2 hours to complete all the check-up and to get medicine from pharmacy. So totally I need 3 hours of work off.

Pradeep will cover my support activities during that time. I have given enough handover to him about my pending tasks. Also I will cover-up these 3 hours, after 6PM tomorrow, so that billing wouldn’t affect for our project.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Sheik Abdul Kadhar

Dear Simon please let me know what is more appropriate in General writing letters.
To introduce urself first then write a reason of writing OR vice verca?? When it is not mentioned in the question task.

I have my exam tomorrow.

Let me give it a try even i'm not really good at vocabulary kkkk

Dear Mr.Phil

Today i'm writing this letter to inform you that i will off work from 1st December to 30th December .

I have to prepare for my appartment where we live after wedding in my native country ( Brighton) and honeymoon in abroad (Greece).
I am a older sister in four sisters is getting marriage ( all my sister is still single). Moreover, my mom and dad are quite old and they are very excited and extremely happy when i told them that i will get marry. They also help me making a plan more special and perfect than ever!
I'm so so happy about that !

My hometown is just take an hours from London to the South by train but i have to preapare all of stuffs like creative an ideas for my wedding party on the beach and customers list and choose a funiture and arrangement for our new appartment in London and plan for the Greece honeymoon...Yes there is so many things i have to do .

And about job. I did done some reported for last 2 weeks and i will presentation in next meeting at the end of this week. And about the reserch for Au Pair i will try my best to achive it as soon as possible ( in fact, Au Pair process take 4 months to be done in contract)and i will not absenteeism in the meeting every week . Please just send me email to infrom time and day for meeting . We will performance of work via Skype.

And by the way our Wedding is start at 5pm 9th December in the famous Restaurant next to the beach which call Brighton Hotel and Restaurant. Please come to join us if you have time ! that would be nice ! We hope to see you my good boss

Hope to hear from you soon !

Your sincerely!
Emily H

Dear Mr.Ahmed,
I'm writing to you to inform you that Ineed time off , actually for a period of 2 weeks starting from 1st December till 15 December.
I'm really trouble-some with my mother sickness abroad in khartoum last month. My mother is an old lady on her late sixteeth and she is chronic hypertensive patient that need consistent care and follow up , I'm preparing to bring her here to London as soon as possible , worth to mntion that i've planned hospital admission on arrival so I need enough time for such arrangemen as matter of fact planning for financial issues , checking bed availablity which was so hectic and annoying to searching for day nursing that I consider is amust and would consume alot of time . During my abscence my colleague Ahmed will hold responsible for my possession and work .
In respect to all other assignments I reschedualled it until my return.
you would consider this urgency and I appreciate your cooperation.
Your sincerely ,

Dear sir,
I also wish to write my answers and to get feedback from you regarding my writing task for ielts examination.
What is the procedure for that?
If you could help me out to meet my ielts target, I would be thankful to you .

Dear Sir,
I am lettering you for seeking a work off. I want to inform you that my daughter’s birthday is coming in next week which needs a lot of preparation such as decoration of house, organizing meals menu and most important things to pass her birthday so adequately because of her 1st birthday with us and I require 2 days work off, first day for preparation and second day for birthday celebration.
For your consideration, I have completed all of my tasks which are assigned to me and also got confirmation of user acceptance from user panel .I also discussed with another programmer who assure me to give support in absence of mine. Either he will support my user in my absence or I will try my best to keep in touch always. There is no doubt to pursue my all of duties in distance. I will return in my duty as soon as possible after completion my program.
I am eagerly waiting for your response which will help me to abide my duty as a father.
Yours sincerely

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to ask for some time off the work.

As you are aware of the face that in January of this year, I enrolled for a University degree course on Business Administration and have been taking classes during evenings,in the weekends and online. The schedule of my First semester examination has been posted online today.

Considering the overall length of examination (which is about 10 days) with my preparation time, in total, I would need leave for 14 days; from 15th-29th April, 2014.

I had a talk with Mr. John regarding the work management and he agreed for it which is strongly fortunate. Since we have been working on the same project, he has all the details of my work. Before my leave, I will discuss all my updates and work plans with him. Being in the same city, I will be reachable anytime at my email or phone, in case of any urgency.

I will resume working from 30th April, 2014.

Looking forward to your approval,

Shannon Gill

Dear shark,

I am writing to this to inform you that I will work off for the period of 10th december to 15th december to attend of my brother wedding celebrations.
Apperantly, I have compleated my primary responsibilits of my project and also, there are some miscelanious work for the project, that I was assigned to my junior kell, who will able to compleate the work. on the otherside,I have some leaves, which will expires in the calender year are more than I applied per this.However, I was not appointed for the future project, which will coming in the new year.

So Please consider my letter as leave letter and kindly sanction the leave for the proposed period.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(please strickly fix my wrong grammar and vocabulary, Thanks so much)
Dear Mr Jan!
I write this letter to infrom that I may want you to give me one month unpay from 1st to 31th April.
My sister have a big surgery about her skin on 2 legs and she need me taking care of her untill she is recovering from an operation. As you know, ther are only two child in my family, my parents are old and not well enought to take care of her so that I am an only one person can help her.
Ms Loan SGB used to work at Room Service as a food order taker and i recomment her to take over my work during my time off.
Looking forward to your approval.
Your sincerely.

Dear Mr.John,
I am writing to ask some time off this month.

The reason,I have to visit my ailing Grand-father.His health condition is in severe situation,and towards the middle of the last month he fall down from the staircase and injured his knees.Fortunately he is out of danger,however he is unable to move due to severe pain.

I am very much aware of the fact that this period is quite important for the organization as we are in the verge of expanding our business;but it is dire need for me to take a leave for one week.Rather than to take leave as i discussed earlier for the next month,I was wondering if it could be possible to take by this week.

I have listed all the details about how the work will run while I am away.Already shared to Smith who is assisting me with the same project.I am not too worried about the tasks as he assured me to give a hand you can count on him.

I await for your prompt response.
yours sincerely....

Hello all, here's my answer:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to ask for some time off work next week.
The reason for this is that I need more time to work on my master’s degree dissertation which I must deliver after one month, I have managed to complete most of it as I planned. However, my estimations regarding the programming part were not accurate as predicting time for such tasks can be hard.

I think I need at least two weeks so I can dedicate more time to the programming part, besides, such type or work requires longer sessions which I can’t handle during weekdays.

I have already talked to my colleagues about this, and I think they can handle all of my tasks with no problems, I have already shared the source code of all projects I am working on, and I will leave my personal phone number and email with John so you can call me in case of emergencies.

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Adams.

Dear Mr. Robinson.
As you may know I am getting married in two weeks time. The main reason of this letter is that to ask you if I can take a week off work?
I would really appreciate your understanding.
I am planning of taking my future wife for a honey moon at Caribean Islands.
This period of time I believe is far for both of us business and me. I can firmly say that my job will be safe as I would like to suggest my Supevisor to take over my place whilst I am off.
He has been training for a year and I think it would be a good time for him to put into practice everything what he has learnt.
Yours sincerely,

Wil Smith.

Dear Miss Jones,

I am writing to you to ask for a time off this coming Friday.

You see, my mother was in a minor accident few weeks ago and twisted her ankle. Because of what happened, she is currently wearing a foot cast. On Friday, she is scheduled for her cast removal and the first session of her physiotherapy. My Dad's supposed to go with her, however, he had an urgent seminar and have to travel out of the country and will be back next week. Hence, I am the only one who can accompany her to her appointment.

I have spoken with my colleague,Sandra, and she is willing to cover my shift. Fridays are usually not a busy day in the clinic so I am confident that she can manage. Plus, she is a very good and experienced nurse. In case she needs some advice with the vaccine schedules, I instructed her to phone me anytime.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Emma Packer

Dear Mr. Jan,
I am writing with regards of the excuse for few hours off this Monday.
Last week my wife had a car accident and since then she is still renting another. the car had to be dropped at the garage for repair.

Indeed I managed to book an appointment this Monday in XPRESS Garage which is almost 1 hour far from my place; that's why, I kindly request three hours off from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. I trust it would be enough to reach them, drop the car and returning back directly to office.

Monday 10:00 am, a scheduled meeting with Mr. Kim was previously booked to discuss his retail sales. Sara (Sales Manager Assistant) is completely aware about Mr. Kim's current status and meeting's agreed points. I already arranged with Sara to attend the meeting on my behalf and she will summarize it to me once I reach the office

I highly appreciate your cooperation in this regard and looking forward to receiving your confirmation.


Could anyone please rate this---Thanks in advance.

Dear Mr. Frank,
I request you to give me some time off from work on this Thursday as i have to attend a function at my daughter's school.
My spouse was supposed to attend this function however she is not keeping well for the past couple of days, hence cannot make it to the school. The function is for couple of hours so i will be absent from work during 11:00 to 14:00 hours.
The deliverables that were due in my current assignment are ready to be shared with the client and my team member John has been briefed on the same. The session with the client should go well as he has shouldered this responsibility before me joining the project. Also John is known to the client for the past 3 years.
Please do let me know if you have any concerns so that I can address them before today evening. Looking forward for your cooperation.

Bradd Pitt

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am writing this letter to advise that I will be away from 10th May to 20th May as my annual leave and will take my son travel to China.
As you know, the school holiday will begin from next month, my son has been keen to have a sightseeing in China for long time with me, which I had ever promised him. By taking this opportunity to travel with him during my 10 days off time, I am quite sure that I can relax myself, and enjoy the journey.
I can guarantee that I will be back from 21st May, since 10 days off is enough for this holiday.
I have already communicated with my workmate Jason what he need to do during my absence. He can manage all the tasks belonging to me and could run the plant every well by himself because of our mutual cooperation and my dedicated training in last 5 years.
I sincerely hope that you can approve my annual leave request, would you have any concerns about my leave, please feel free to let me know.
Yours sincerely
Jian Liu

Dear Mrs Phyo,
I would like to inform u about my substitution time.
I would like to take one hour on tomorrow becoz I have to go Ma Mon’s Birthday Donation Party.
So, During My taking hour , I’ll hadover KST for promotion area renting and advertising rental income receive for Ma Moe.
Yours Sincerely,

I need more hints for General letters and essay writings

Hello Nader,
I hope you are doing well!
Kindly be informed that due to work stress, I’m plan to take a few days off and I looking forward to have your approval for this request ASAP.
In fact and as you know there’s a lot of stress in our works, starting from the delay of materials, drawings and shortage of workers while make a lot of problem with consultant and work owner.
I’m looking to take 2 weeks off and my plan to leave the KSA and travel to Jordan with the following address: (Amman – wadi seer, mobile number: 05936488).
I coordinate with Mr. Ali and he will cover me and do the necessary works during my leave, and I had provide him all the contact number of the suppliers to follow up with him for the delivery of materials and to coordinate with the engineering manager for the readiness of drawings and to follow-up with CS engineer for the approval of materials submittal and shop drawings.

This is kindly for your information and approval.



I need to write a letter to my director I need to change my current shift ( late) to early one. I have to take my daughter from her school at 3.30. I preferred 7.00-3.30 shift.

Please i need to write my boss asking him to allow me to be resuming to office at 10am and close by 5pm due to where am packing to (relocation area)is far to my office

leave letter

Hi I would like to write a letter to be absent 5 day, to attend my brothers wedding wich will be held in Bolivia, I haven't missed one day of work.

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Dear Mr.Smith,

I am writing to ask you a half-day off at this Friday afternoon.

My son is 5 years old and he got fainted in his school due to fever three days before. As i was out of station on that day due to business assignment, So my wife had taken him to the doctor for check-up.

Now, we have taken the appointment from doctor this friday at 2pm. As doctor suggested us for the blood test of my son due to infection So, i along with my wife has to attend the clinic. I have completed all of my tasks which are assigned to me and submitted the report to HR manager. Being in he same city, I will be reachable at my e-mail or phone, in case of any urgency.

I highly appreciated your cooperation in this regard and look forward to receiving your confirmation.

Yours Sincerely,

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