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December 29, 2014


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hI sir.

i have a question related to speaking.
i am checking this website.There is mentioned that speaking pattern is changed in 2015. is it true? please check this link and clear my confusion i shall be very thank full to you.


Also check this link. it is mentioned over here.


Hi Ayesha,

I have quickly looked the link you referred and cannot see IELTS in it. I guess the test specified on that link is Cambridge English First (CEF). However it is always advisable to well know the test format beforehand. Everything, in particular regulations and rules, changes much faster than you can imagine in this innovative era. We do not want too much surprise while we enter the exam.

Thank you for your information. We need more people to confirm this change is not IELTS related.

hi ayesha
I have seen the link you sent. I think its all about cambridge english first and we have to wait till tommorow for simon's suggestion.

Thanks Simon

I am always appreciate that you would then have a hard working for worldwide IELTS candidates. Firstime, i just marked overall 6.0 from out 9.0 scores, obviously felt deperession in my first test. As far as i am concerned, if i can accomplish my aims, i am willing to donate some money for your educational contents the other days.


oh i see ,
i am afraid why i did not check it clearly .
i was anxious and did not read it properly because of tension .
thanks a lot .

it was my mistake ,...



Just to confirm: the change is not related to IELTS, it's the Cambridge First Certificate in English exam (FCE). So don't worry!


Thanks David, and good luck!

Hello Simon,

I'd would like to know what do you do at Christmas.!!! Where do you usually go and what traditions do you have!! I think we all like to know about it. Thanks

Hello simon,
Thank you for everything i learn a lot thing for 4 skills for Ielts..
I have question, you gave us website which is useful for spelling but it is not working
Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IELTS Listening: 3 useful websites below .....

Here are 3 useful websites for IELTS listening practice. Click on the titles.

Spelling Practice - If you have a problem with spelling, try this website. Choose a topic and take a spelling test. Part 3 of each test is probably the best (parts 1 and 2 might be too easy).Listening and Reading - This is not an IELTS website, but it's full of short texts that you can read and listen to at the same time. This could be a good way to work on your pronunciation (American English) and to extend your vocabulary.IELTS Tests - A website for test practice (click login as a 

The first website is not working ,,, do you have website which helps us to improve our vocabulary for listening?
Before 2 years i used that website and it is realy useful ...

Thank you

Hi Simon,

I want to buy your book but I was wondering whether it can later print because it is easier for me to learn from a book than sit in the front of the computer.

I hope that you can understand what I ask you.
Thanks for your ielts blog it is very useful.

In the keyword table above, I'm a bit confused about...

he allowed = he was willing

Does this mean "he allowed himself = he was willing"?

I hope someone will give me a help...

Hy.Pat----I found it a bit confusing too, but then I FORCED myself to realise that this confusion is because of OVERTHINKING. I was ( over) thinking that we ALLOW/ LET something to happen doesn't necessarily mean that we are WILLING or WISH that to happen. So, it was leading me to choose NG.
I'm not sure if that's the case with you..

Hi everybody, can u tell me how can I find some information about what "keyword tablets" in this website. I don't understand how it work. Thanks a lot :)

Hi Ghi,

This lesson explains 'keyword tables' a bit more:


Dear Atif,
Thank you for taking your time to give me your tips :D

thanks sir,
i started your classes yesterday .your teaching is very interesting and easy.i will follow it daily.


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